Sunday, October 25, 2009

More videos from Jae's sister's wedding.

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You can feel how much Jae love his sisters so much ^^ And how protective his sisters of their younger brother. It's so sweet that I can't help but smile :)

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The singers of the 35th Anniversary song, the messages from two members of Tohoshinki!

When i was young, i thought one of my relative's daughter using a pink Hello Kitty blanket was really cute. From a long time ago, it was very popular in Korea already. There are even Hello Kitty mania's in the male staff, no matter the pens or the lighters, its all pink (laughs). The Kitty who is loved by so many generations is fantastic!

This song gives people the image of "Thank you for loving me!". I reckon that it matches very well with Hello Kitty's blessing. I had also used the feel of "thank you everyone" to sing this song. This year's the 35th anniversary... Kitty sister[T/N he used the phrase that refers to 'older sister'] (laughs). You still need to be loved by the future generations, please stay young eternally!

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