Thursday, October 22, 2009

During an interview with Thailand's Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva (อภิสิทธิ์ เวชชาชีวะ)...

Q: Have you watched any Korean dramas, or are there any Korean celebrities that you know of?

A: I had a DVD player that's from Korea, and because my daughter is a Hallyu fan, we have many Korean DVDs and CDs at home (and watched them once in a while).The Korean artists that I know of are Dong Bang Shin Ki (T/N: in Thai language) and Super Junior. (laughs) There are many restaurants serving Korean cuisine in Bangkok too that I often visit with my family.

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Beautiful Scans~
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Who is The Best kisser?

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Changmin’s Japanese book Minna no Nihon Go ended its auction period today at 4.00 pm (South Korea time) after it’s released the first time on October 16th.

Changmin’s book which contains the traces of his study along with his sign on the cover seems to be the most expensive good so far in the Season 2 Star Auction for it’s worth 1,611,600 won when sold (so far, as the ending date for each star’s auction is different).

All the proceed from this auction will be donated to, a newly formed Animal Lover Association to provide home and food for neglected animals.

Congrats to anyone who proceed to win Minnie’s book! Study hard, as you buy the book so expensive already, baby!

1,611,600 won === $1381.33 USD
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1. Jang Dong Gun on Cosmopolitan
The charming actor makes all fangirls' hearts skip a beat! Coming back after a long hiatus, Jang Dong Gun continues to shine in many of Korea's top magazines with his gentle and manly style.

2. Lee Byung Hun and American Actor Josh Hartnett on Vogue Korea
Appearing on Vogue Korea's November Issue, the hot Korean and American actors show off their cool images. They have just worked together in the movie "I Come with the Rain."

3. Jung Yunho - TVXQ on W Korea and NYLON
Leader of popular group TVXQ, he challenges himself with the recent drama "Heading to the Ground," but it seems like it doesn't show much impression on the viewers. (T/N: They imply the low rating T_T)
However, his cool image in winter fashion still makes a buzz with the fans. Please keep your hearts, girls. Don't let them beat too fast!

4. Rain with His Well-Built Body in His Latest Photoshoot
The star of "Ninja Assassin"!

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Time for some fan art fun!
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By Drawing-T:
Please Be Mine art ~ nice ~
Aww~ Poor Changmin's head is hurting from banging that gong so many times.

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By strangeness memory:

Wow, she really captured Changmin's intensity~
What a unique style! Love it!
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By creamcup:

Sweet Junsu and his homemade pizza ^^
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I love looking at all the different styles ^^

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