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Rainy Blue & Been So Long was not Broadcasted (TT__TT)


After being in the auction for 6 days, TVXQ’s Changmin Japanese book lesson price jumped to 1,2 million won. on past October 16th began their 2nd season of “The 4th Stars’ Most Treasured Collection Auction Campaign” and Changmin’s book–just one day before the deadline day–on October 21st at 04:30 pm currently recorded 1,210,000 won worth in the auction.

Fans heard that this book was left by traces of Changmin’s Japanese study as well as his sign on the cover that seems to attract much interest.

The goal of this campaign is to arouse public awareness of the newly launched of Animal Love Action Association, while the donations proceed from the auction will be used to fund operations of providing organic animal care.

The event that is conducted together with the auction is “Thermometer of Love” event where every 50 love messages written will save 1 bag of animal food. Up until now, about 156,000 netizens went participating in this event and the sum of animal food has reached 313 bags.

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1.2 Million Won is 1020 USD 0.0
$1000 for a book...err wel.. it's Changmin's!
Will you guys buy it? I will if I'm rich ><
Guys I'm at school so sorry for late updates ><

Popular group TVXQ is currently suffering from legal dispute wherein some of its members involved, however despite of the situation, a large fan meeting tour in Japan will open early next year.

As only some of the members are involved in the legal dispute, there’s been a speculation spread like a wild fire that the group is having a “diverse opinion” situation, nonetheless through this fan meeting, all members will appear again in front of their fans as five showing their healthy appearance. The booking ticket lottery is scheduled to start from the 20th and ever since the site has been flooded with fans’ applications.

Meanwhile, on the 21st next month in China, TVXQ will open their “TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC in Shenzhen”.

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TVXQ members’ hidden story will be unveil to the public.

On the 24th in the morning (midnight) is the broadcast of MBC Every1 “The Star Secret – TVXQ part”. There will be a visit to TVXQ Junsu’s group friends during elementary school in Ilsan. The show’s commercial video had revealed undisclosed pictures of Junsu taken 10 years ago to gather attention.

“He’s so energetic in everything he did. Singing while eating is fine, but is it necessary to do the passionate dance as well? His energy was just gotta spread everywhere. When we’re walking together down the road, he could all of sudden did some dance, just like ‘thang’ ‘thang’” – Baek Nam-hyeon (U-Know Yunho high school classmate)

“U-Know is a friend of mine that has the same eyes as a Siberian Husky. He has full of passion in his eyes. While Changmin came out as pure as a rain and looked so innocent. As for Jaejoong, he’s a very good looking man to the point that you’ll say “Ooh~” when you saw him.” – Kim Kyung-wook (former SM president / TVXQ founder)

“TVXQ is riding the path as superstars. They even have power to destruct the moral culture in South Korea which other group do not have. I never thought there’s a possibility of a group that can do everything well would actually coming out. They’re proceed in singing, live performance, looks, and even become song writers so well, is that even real? Even the USA doesn’t have such a group like this in their history.” – Bang Si-hyeok (composer & producer)

Changmin debuted when he’s still in 1st year of high school. However, just the same like before he debuted, he still practiced english and mathematics lesson until dawn despite the tough time he had as a trainee. Thus the school principal awarded him special prize at his graduation day for his 3 years perfect attendance. The exceptional love of U-Know Yunho to his school before he debuted can also be seen in this episode.

MBC Every1 – The Star Secret broadcast on October 24th, midnight time.

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Title: Confirmation of movie "Heaven's Postman" airing on the 25th of November

Youngwoong Jaejoong, Han Hyojoo, Kim Changwan and Shingu acting. Director - Lee Hyungmin

The movie is scheduled to be screened at 5 CGV cinemas.

Source: [神迹域”hero-love/rockjj]
Even if the weather turns colder after November in Shenzhen, the fiery passion for live performances still hold their position. After Chinese band "Superband" held their concert, the Shenzhen Sports stadium will be there to invite popular Korean group TVXQ on the 21st of November, shouting Dong Fang Shen Qi TVXQ! This is the last performance of "The 3rd Asia Tour" in China. The organisers informed us yesterday that the 5 members of TVXQ are preparing the show with even more surprises.

TVXQ's performances in China include the three stops of Nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai, and at each stop it has given fans a lot of highlights and emotional moments. Since the Shenzhen concert is the last of "The 3rd Asia Tour" in China, the workers of company 'Dreammaker' has revealed that this concert will be more extravagant than any of the past three shows, and that in this following month, TVXQ will go through special rehearsals in closed doors. They have expressed that the Shenzhen stop must have even more exciting detail to repay the fans support and trust.

Source: [晶报多媒体数字版/Jing Newspaper]
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Yesterday evening, October 20, I went with my Japanese Tohoshinki chingus to PODO-NAMU
Two of them were Yoochun fans, one was a Jaejoong fan, and me, smiley, loves Yunho.
When one of my chingus tried to make a reservation in August, reservations up to one month was full, and she couldn’t even be on the reservation list.
This time, reservations were made approx. 2 weeks before, and we were fortunate enough to get the seats.

credit: TVXQnights4misc

Let me share some picture with you.
0:00 PODNAM Sign

(taken from the opposite side)

1:03 The sign behind Changmin

1:06 Members' Signature on the wall!

The signature of the 5 members are on the lower row, starting from left, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu, and all the 5 members together.
On the top of Jaejoong is BOA's signature, too.

Jaejoong's Signature

Yunho's Signature

Yoochun's Signature

Changmin's Signature

Junsu's Signature

5 Members Together!

"Please don't touch" was written everywhere near the signatures (Lol)
I know everyone would love to touch these

1:12 Members seats (Taken from the opposite side

Which is your favorite seat? Oh, I can’ t see Yunho’s seat…sobs.

2:36 Ornament on back wall

8:28 Nok du jur eo (Pan-Fried food with green gram)

8:49 Dwae ji an sim (Roasted pork)
(T/N The dish in the film was chicken, I assume. But Junsu was saying “Dwae ji”, I believe)

8:57 Tot kal bi (Grilled beef)

credit: TVXQnights4misc

4:10 Ice cream

Well, to be honest, we ate more than these, hahaha.
We ate till we were very full, talking all the time about Tohoshinki.
Being at the same space, eating the same dishes truly made us happy!

For your information, the price was approx. US$50 per person, including the toasts

I hope everyone can go to PODO-NAMU

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