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So young!! XD
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The yada comment *hide away
Jejuko, you're so cute! Soulmates ftw!~

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How successful is ‘Infinitely Seoul’ CF that cost 339 billion won?

Early morning of 15th October, there was a girl named Kurosaki Ayano from Tokyo, together with three of her friends, who was shopping for souvenirs at a huge mall in Seoul station.

Kurosaki Ayano and friends decided to visit Seoul after seeing the ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul’ CF on TBS. The scenes of Dong Dae Mun market and Dong Bang Shin Ki's performance had left a deep impression on her.

The advertisement Kurosaki Ayano saw was the ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul’ Japan version done by Seoul City Council on June this year. It was an advertisement that Dong Bang Shin Ki was in. It is one of the four different versions used promoting Seoul tourism. Other advertisements include China, Japan, South East Asia and USA. These four different advertisements had cost 13 billion won, and 90 billion won go to the endless broadcast on all media of almost 20 different countries around the targeted regions.

According to related data, Seoul City Council spent 401 billion won for advertising tourism overseas, and 339 billion won this year. Marketing officer from Seoul City Council stated, “Tourism and investment are closely related which directly affect the overseas sales.”

Seoul City Council uses TV advertisements, newspapers and the internet as their promoting media.

So how successful has this round of advertisement been? Through investigations from China, Japan and Bangkok last year, Seoul comes in first for the ‘Most Desired Vacation Destination.’ According to the data from the Cultural and Education Department, the number of tourists that visited Seoul had increased from 413 million (2007) to 513 million (2008).

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This the CF the Girl WATCHED!

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The magnae of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Shim Changmin participates in Lotte’s Thermometer of Love event together will fellow artists such as Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Rain, Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye and Yoobin, Yoon Eun-hye, T-ara, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Lee Jun-ki, and many others.

Lotte’s Thermometer of Love is an event coordinating with, a Korea’s animal protection association to give proper foods for the neglected animals.

The stars will put their treasured used goods in auction and the sales amount will be donated to from There are 4 auction seasons running for Thermometer of Love and today is the start of the second season (first season ended last October 15th).

So what is the good that is up from Changmin for the auction? A dork smart guy he is, he put a Japanese learning book entitled “Minna No Nihonggo Shokyu” 2nd level for his auction good.

I dunno what has the book already experienced with Changmin. Sleeping with him, for sure XD

So far, his book is worth 260,000 won, the second highest offer after Lee Jun-ki jeans that is currently worth for 575,900 won, and it will keep increasing until the auction closes on October 22nd, 16:00.

Anyone interested to learn Japanese “with” Changmin as well as giving some love to the cutie buddies out there? ;)

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If he auctioned he's undies! buwahahah or his.... garments! triple!

*points at Yunaje*
LOL thank you fate! that Magical Draw! made Yunjae together again!

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From this picture:We get this mural:

She drew it on her bedroom wall. Cool, huh?
I love their rings! It reminds me of the Pinky commercial:
Junsu: T
Micky: V
Jaejoong: X
Changmin: Q
Yunho: ...
동방신기! ka-POW!

LOL, thanks for sharing, Amalia! Always keep the faith ^^

This e-mail was released by Kim Euna who represented Cassiopeia at a debate on the exclusive contract problem back in August. She received this e-mail from MBC Every1.

This is Screenwriter Yoon Hae Jeong of MBC Every1.
First I would like to say that I am extremely happy to be able to send my message to all of our Cassiopeia, and I am very thankful! It's nice to meet you~

At MBC Everyone, we are creating a program dubbed 'Star Documentary" that tells of the hidden stories of the stars dating from their childhood all the way up to right before their debuts, and we would like to include a DBSK episode.
Since we cannot leave Cassiopeia out of the process of making a documentary about DBSK, we are contacting you because we wanted to talk about this with Cassiopeia.

In the 30 minute documentary, we will be including interviews from fans and close friends who watched the members mature from childhood until their debut. We hope to tell the touching yet almost unknown story of how DBSK became Asia's top artiste. We would like to include their stunning musicality that has been ignored due to their 'idol' status, their overseas activities, and each member's efforts, passion, sweat and tears to achieve his dream of becoming a singer.

This is why it would be impossible for us to continue without the help of Cassiopeia, and because this program was designed to show our love and affection for DBSK, we believe that this documentary should be made through the views and voices of Cassiopeia.
That is why we are not only asking for interviews, but are also asking for what stories should be included in this program because we would like this to be a program where people will be able to feel the warmth and love of each and every member of Cassiopeia.

Although it may be a stretch to create such a documentary about DBSK, especially in such a sensitive situation, but we believe that what everyone needs right now is a documentary like this. A documentary filled with the dreams and passions of their lives... And we believe that a documentary that is filled with the love of the fans will be a great strength to the members to help them endure this situation.

The program will be as follows
Proposed broadcasting date: 2009 October 20th (ish)
Proposed interviewers: The friends of members, teachers, close people, trainers, fellow trainees, composers...and Cassiopeia!
Proposed content: Interview + never before seen footage from pre-debut and videos of their overseas activities that aren't well-known to the public in Korea+Japan, China promotions

We will make a great program. We are awaiting your replies~~

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It seems they're looking for Cassiopeia to interview...
How about international fans? Choose me, choose me!

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Uploader's note: Inspired by the „International Fansong Project 2009 we from Phoenix decided to do something similar with dancing.

I want to thank everyone who took part in this projet. It was fun to mix the video and I simply love the result. ^_^

DBSK look you have fans everywhere~

We love and support you no matter where we are from. You inspire us in so many ways and with this video we want to give you something in return.

Always keep the faith~

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Visit the official Mnet MKMF site, and a shocking message will appear.
"올해 MKMF는 없습니다"
"No MKMF this year"

And the following video is played:

Visit the official MKMF website HERE to see for yourself

I think this is some kind of advertising gimmick. It's very dramatic - too dramatic. My guess is they are revamping MKMF and introducing a whole new concept for this year. Let's wait for news from more official sources~

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Now you can listen to the complete album like a CD

Thanks for the tip, Myra!
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*goes to Yunjae heaven*
Yunjae! is REAL!!!!
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