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Ain't that... suppose to be Pink... yunnies shirt

Product: TVXQ official 2009 WINTER Clear File
Price: 5,250 yen (tax included)

There will be individual files with each member - Jaejoong, Yoochun, Yunho, Changmin and Junsu. The 5 files can also be bought together as a set. In the past, the files have been either black or white, but this time, the files are available in other colors. I believe that they will be treasured by many fans.

Please go to this site for more information and purchase ^^

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I added a photo~ hehehe

WTF! ain't that Suit from 3 years ago maybe its a new one hahahaha.. same style from 3 years ago, talk about fashion halt

Considering the Hairstyle on Changmin... its from the same year... probably around... april of 2008, so from the same year.. do you think these clothes are new or they re-used them

i know SM likes to re-use clothes... a lot coz' i've seen SNSD used clothes was worn by zhang liyin... even having a hole mark (there was a ribbon.. then they removed it leaving holes in the dress) see here

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It has been belatedly revealed that actor Jung Yunho fainted during a shooting.

On the 12th, Jung Yunho's facial muscles contracted during the shooting and he was rushed to the hospital.

On the 15th, one official from 'Heading To The Ground' told Money Today Star News that, "As we approached the 70% mark of the drama's filming, it became apparent that stamina plays a big part."

The official also said that Jung Yunho, despite being told to rest up after treatment at the hospital, returned to shooting the drama on the 13th. The official went on to say that on top of the weeks of all-night shootings and the stress of the lead role, the controversy of his acting and the mental stress weighed down on Jung Yunho's state/condition.

On the other hand, BongGoon (Jung Yunho) and SeungWoo's (Lee SangYoon) conflict in 'Heading To The Ground' is making things interesting.

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status/title/artist/release date/company
gold/ Junen Sakura/ AKB48/ 20090304/ King Records
gold/ Namida Surprise!/ AKB48/ 20090624/ King Records
gold/ Iiwake Maybe/ AKB48/ 20090826/ King Records
gold/ TsuruGisan/ Kitayama Takeshi/ 20090121/ Teichiku Records
gold/ COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter/ Jejung&Yuchun (from Tohoshinki)/ 20090930/ Avex

status/title/artist/release date/company
platinum/ TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE/ Kanjani∞/ 20090923/ Teichiku Records
gold/ Namie Amuro Best Fiction tour 2008-2009/ Namie Amuro/ 20090909/ Avex
gold/ KinKi you DVD/ KinKi Kids/ 20090930/ Johnny's Entertainment
gold/ 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME/ Tohoshinki/ 20090930/ Avex

gold is selling over 100, 000 copies^^

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Acapella Shinki Nominated @ NTV CM Grand Prize!!!

TVCM, "Ooronamin C's Acappella Shinki", was nominated

at Nippon Television Network CM grand prize!!! laugh.gif

The votes are accepted on a special site right now.

Vote period is from October 15, 2009, through November 15, 2009.

Nippon Television Network CM grand prize (Only PC smile.gif.
Bigeast Fan Club:
How to vote:

1. Click URL
2. Find TVXQ on the right top, Click the part which writes, "投票”, meaning "Vote":
3. When the window with the word, ”CM 部門”opens up,
please click at the place on the right top which writes,

大塚製薬/オロナミンC (Otuka Seiyku/Oronamin C)
上戸彩と東方神起:アカペラ神起 (Ueto Aya & Akapera Shinki)

(please be careful to find the right words. ^^)

4. In the below, there is an open box space where it writes,

メールアドレス (Mail addredd)

write your mail address in the box.

5. after writing your mail address,
click the word on the bottom which wrtes in yelloish color

投票する (Vote)

Now you are done!
If you have more e-mail address, please vote more.

Thank you~~~!!! smile.gif

Let us get busy to show Japanese people how popular our TVXQ are! buttrock.gif biggrin.gif

Please take this news to everyone and everywhere you know and ask them to vote.

Thanks Friends!! laugh.gif

Always Keep The Faith!

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Balloon rehearsals~ and stuff

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