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Tohoshinki's The Secret Code DVD is number ONE in Foreign Artist's DVD Sales in Japanese Music History!

TVXQ's new DVD,"4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~Final in TOKYO DOME", had marked 171000 in sales on October 12, 2009, ranking number one on the [Oricon chart].

It is the first time ever in the past 20 years of music history in Japan for an Asian artist to rank top in the DVD image music work including the video sales.

As a foreign artist, TVXQ ranked top after an interval of six years and three months since the release of the "Led Zeppelin DVD" by Led Zeppelin which ranked top in the Oricon chart before. It was placed on the market in June, 2003.

TVXQ is the the 3rd foreign artist to rank top at Oricon DVD ranking, along with the Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. "The Beatles Anthology" sold in March, 2003 also ranked top in the market.

TVXQ ranked highest in the foreign artist's DVD sales in Japan by selling 112,000 copies on the first day of the sales on September 29, and selling 171,000 as of October 12, 2009. Which marks the top sales by the foreign artist (T/N: Not only in Asia) in the past 20 years of music history in Japan!

Source: Oricon
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So says allkpop:
Having consoled her former make-believe husband, Kangin last week, actress Lee Yoon Ji has now turned her attention towards drama co-star, Jung Yunho.

Lee Yoon Ji has not been feeling great lately because of the consistent single digit ratings that her drama, Heading to the Ground has been getting. It pains her heart when she meets her fellow cast members and the production staff everyday at the filming site.

In particularly, Lee Yoon Ji showed her warm heart by consoling Yunho who has been the target of criticisms over his raw acting, "I hope that he forgets the criticisms as quickly as possible. 10 episodes have already been shown on tv and that's more than half of the scheduled 16. After watching episode 9, I felt that Yunho's acting has improved all of a sudden, so I gave him a call to encourage him. I also told Yunho that the remainder of the episodes will be over in a blink of a eye and made a promise with him that he must complete the series without any regrets and give it his best shot."Yoon Ji added, "Yunho has really put in a lot of effort for this drama. He is so into his role that I am worried that he might suffer withdrawal symptoms once the drama is over."

Lee Yoon Ji's previous dramas have always done well in the ratings but even though this is the first time that she is facing this ratings slump, she is cool about it. She said, "I have done morning dramas, Mon-Tue dramas, weekend dramas and now Wed-Thus dramas, etc. So I am feeling pretty cool that I have done them all before. Even though this might appear to be a setback for me, I believe that this is just a good learning experience for me."

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Dior Homme 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

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Another random Post from~ me i Lurrrrve changmins black long hair! seriously its too hot, a tall guy beside me! uuuu love especially I'm pretty tall myself (178cm I'm as tall as JJ) and yeah!! Lurvvvve!

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