Friday, August 28, 2009

[VIDEO] 090828 Cassiopeia Submits Petition + Message in KBS Music Bank

TVXQ fans submitting petitions 인권위 진정서 제출

Cassies "DONG BANG SHIN KI MIDEOYO" in KBS Music bank

Hug를 부르시는 하춘화 선생님

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[FAN] 090828 Taiwanese Fan's Activity

Message/Activity from herose:

Tohoshinki's Jejung and Yuchun has a new single "Colors ~ Melody and Harmony ~ (Bigeast Version), has also been chosen as the theme song for Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary.

An activity to support them! Let's break 100,000 in sales on the release date!

The reason why we are having this activity is because none of their albums or singles have passed the 100,000 mark on the release date before.

This time, the matter with the 3 members have made us realize that no matter however good the sales used to be, the profits diminish significantly once it reaches the members. So, if the sales for the CDs worsen, the members will be in an even worse state. In order to order, we've thought of a lot of ideas.

We are fans from Taiwan!
We are Bigeast!
We are Cassiopeia!
We are TVXQ's fans!

As representatives of the Taiwan fans, we've ordered 60 singles from Bigeast. Even though the quantity is small, but we've made the first step.
Let AVEX see how much the fans support Tohoshinki.
In order to let TVXQ continue down the road as artists, we need the support of all the fans.

The above activity will show our support clearly. This is also a method to make the company value the fans.
We want to continue growing up with TVXQ's music.

Please pass on the information of this activity to all the international TVXQ fans.
This is an activity from us Taiwanese fans, please support us. All the fans from around the world, let's use our strength to make Jejung & Yuchun's single a big hit!

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go taiwan!!~

[PHOTOS] 090828 Yunho, Changmin & Junsu - Incheon Airport part 2

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[PHOTOS] 090828 Yunho, Changmin & Junsu - Incheon Airport

Tomorrow~A-nation Osaka~
Saturday and Sunday~

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[PHOTOS] JAEJOONG - Jingu Hanabi Fest.

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[PHOTOS] YUNHO - Heading to the Ground Teaser

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[PHOTOS] JUNSU - Tokyo A-nation

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[PHOTOS] Offering Of A Sacrifice To Spirits Done For HTTG To Pray For The Success Of The Drama part 2

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[PHOTOS] TVXQ Fansites Opening

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