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OMG! *nosebleeds* Looking HOT!

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Jaejoong perfected... the Peace.. sign like that Hottest peace sign~~

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New song frm his BGM list
사랑하는 일 - 성시경

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The secret of how one can easily memorize the song is simple yet beautiful harmony.

Pinky: Please tell us about the new songs that you both composed and arranged together!

YC: At live in Tokyo Dome, every member of TVXQ had each prepared their own SOLO performances. The other three members’s song were already decided early on, while we had not decided yet. We were both worried, “what song that will be good to be sung~” and then the process came naturally, “Let’s just do it together.”

We already have a song that was arranged by both of us together before, but for a long time never been used. Therefore we decided to carry it on.

JJ: That’s the case. There was 40 – 50,000 people coming at the Dome at that moment and my heart said let’s create a melody which everyone can sing along together! With that, we tried to create this simple but beautiful song. When the melody was fixed, the it’s fixed, that simple. We don’t have intention to make it difficult. The melody of this piece was created at once.
YC: I wanted to create a melody that is suitable for Japanese. The arrangement composition was running smoothly.
JJ: Arrangement was done by me and melody was by Yuchun.
YC: A little more fresh melody was created!
JJ: Yes! ! as I told you, when we created the melody, surprisingly we really enjoyed it a lot. However in the recording time, my voice was not in its good state at the moment, so I had to repeat the recording for 3 times. It was such an effort.

P: In the new song, you both really sound impressive. What do you think a “beautiful harmony” is

YC: You there, please answer this! (immediately)
JJ: (laughs). Well … beautiful harmony is something “that comes straight from the heart” I think that it is. Yuchun, please say something!
YC: … but being compared to the harmony that two of us created, I think the harmony of us as five members is more difficult. Gathering five individual voices of each member into 1 single voice is really a hard work.

P: Let me ask a little more bit, do you have a recipe to make a perfect harmony when we’re singing this song in karaoke?

JJ: Tohoshinki’s song is also very easy for women to sing. So I don’t think it will be that hard for male to sing too? This song starts from the main voice first singing, then the second voice comes down following (starts to sing)
YC: We have to feel the point by ourselves.
JJ: (singing and continue to explain) oh it is pretty tough to explain! !
YC: When we just started, it also felt difficult to become a (harmony of) Tohoshinki. Members began their parts by also looking at other members’ parts. To be where we are now, we don’t know already how many failures we’ve been going through. Anyhow, so please everyone practicing the main melody first to the point that other harmonizing melody will come out in the end. We are also out of such practice.
JJ: Harmony, is when the voices of five individuals have been covered by one person’s voice.
YC: Listen to CD for practicing! If the song is too difficult, then just leave it (laughs)
JJ: The following part is ~ … … (Jejung continues singing while explaining more)

P: Successful tours, Dome, and been continuing to live at a-nation, however, your dance and song performances is really very wonderful on stage!!

JJ: Tohoshinki really sweat a lot more than any other artists, but I think that’s the good point of us.
YC: If the audience is very hype, then we will do whatever we can no matter what.
JJ: But we didn’t always control our own strength, we might have this thought, “we have save our physical for the next stage, we have to control our own strength,” but in the end we always over-do our power. Therefore, at the final stage, we always become such a mess (laughs).
YC: Everytime, we look like we can die together (laughs).

P: You two seem to be mature than your actual age, it is very attractive.

JJ: Hah! ? Whom are you talking about here? ? Junsu? ? Do you mean I have an old face?
YC: shouldn’t it be Changmin (laughs)! ?
JJ: Are you talking about appearance? or image?

P: Being polite and have sense of cleanliness, it means you’re cool.

J: Oh yes. In fact, I don’t have an old face, right? (T/N: I have to hold myself not to add *fiuh!* after “oh yes” here, LOL)

P: So please tell us your most recent habits?

YC: I wake up early these days~ ♪
JJ: One day, out of chance, he slept really early because he was so tired. Then he woke up early. Since that event, he thought it was a good idea, and Yoochun’s been in that constant pattern.
YC: I get up at 7am. And then go to do a half-bath and showering while listening to music. Although at 8 p.m I already had begun drowsy, but I always try to hold it back until 10 – 11 p.m before I go to sleep. During these times, it’s heaven~ And I love beach sandals so much! ♥ My stylist got me some new ones, I’m really loving the style!
JJ: If your feet becomes cold, your entire body will become cold. Yoochun, likes being cold in winter as well… there’s something wrong with you!! If you keep wearing beach sandals, your feet are going to get dirty!
YC: Because I don’t like to wear socks. Last year, until November, I kept up with beach sandals, so this year, I will try my best again! I have around 20-30 pairs, and if I buy one, I will definitely wear it for 1 to 2 years.

JJ: What you have are already too many! Oh by the way, some time ago we went to go karaoke, right?
YC: Yeah we went, both of us. Jejung did singing while I did drinking.
JJ: It’s not like that, we did sing together~!
YC: Oh, yes! ! We sang “Saiai” and “Rainy Blue”.
JJ: It’s our stress relief! All the stress is gone!
YC: It’s different from when we are singing for work. The mood is different.
JJ: Often our friends nag us and say, ‘Sing a tohoshinki song~’…
YC: But we didn’t sing (laughs)

P: Do you dance at the karaoke?

JJ: we don’t dance we don’t dance (shy) It’s the same like normal person, we’re singing while standing or sitting.

P: Well, finally we’d like to ask you to convey last message to all Pinky readers!

JJ: Please listen to lots of our songs~ Please love us. If you see people working hard, you like them, right? Tohoshinki is the best looking when we are dancing and singing!
YC: You are good-looking even when you cry, Jaejoong. (laughs) A message from me… everyone, wake up early and take a bath!

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NINKI (for 09/28 - 10/04 releases)

01 75.30 JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起) - COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter
03 34.50 フランス (小野坂昌也) - ヘタリア キャラクターCD Vol. 5 フランス
04 33.80 涼宮ハルヒ (平野綾) - TVアニメ『涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱』新キャラクターソング Vol. 01 涼宮ハルヒ
05 28.30 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Cold Edge e.p.
06 28.10 ザ!!トラベラーズ - HOME TOWN
07 27.80 長門有希 (茅原実里) - TVアニメ『涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱』新キャラクターソング Vol. 02 長門有希
08 27.50 中島美嘉 - CANDY GIRL
09 27.20 朝比奈みくる (後藤邑子) - TVアニメ『涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱』新キャラクターソング Vol. 03 朝比奈みくる
10 24.80 真野恵里菜 - この胸のときめきを

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the boys are 1st with 75.30points, which means they are most anticipated to be #1 on the oricon chart when their single is released.
[note: this IS NOT the oricon daily/weekly chart]

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NINKI is like a prediction of oricon toppers for the week~
MY guess maybe 100k sales for the week... theres no big Competition~

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She did an Amazing Job *claps* I even LOVE shelter more~~~

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