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I'M SORRY! I failed life

*bows down*

  1. Naoi Yoshifumi {bump of Chicken}
  2. Jaejoong {Tohoshinki}
  3. Osamu Jinguuji {Remioromen}
  4. Masahiko Kubota {Beat Crusaders} (eto.... you barely see their faces...LOL)
  5. Masaharu Fukuyama
  6. Masayoshi Yamazaki
  7. ROY (The Bawdies)
  8. Kiyoshi Ijichi (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)
  9. Matsumoto Jun {Arashi}
  10. Hata Motohiro

*Throws confetti*
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(no wonder..... the list is funny.... beat crusader ---they were this mask thingy so you won't see their faces...
Matsujun -- Bambino)
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Tohoshinki members, YuChun and JeJung have released their duet-single.
On top of that, they have also participated in the special 10th Anniversary album tribute, and covered [Been So Long] which will be released on the 23rd of September 2009.

From [Been So Long], we can hear the powerful RAP by YuChun and gentle sweet vocals of lead singer JeJung. The dance version of [Been So Long] that aired in July has also received good response.

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Start: 22nd September 2009
End: 9th November 2009
Goods will be received between 20th to 24th November 2009

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This week's star is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s leader Jung Yunho, who had just debuted as an actor. "Heading to the Ground" that aired last 9th of September is a drama that he has put a lot of effort into; no matter if it’s a success or a failure, he has put in all his very best to complete it. No matter how low it started, as long as you live to the fullest, somehow it will be successful. This is what Yunho himself has experienced, and it's also a message he wanted to deliver to everyone through Cha Bong Gun.

After his debut a few years back, Yunho has always been a singer, who has now finally stepped into the acting field. He admitted that his feeling is exactly the same as his name in the drama; “Cha Bong Gun,” passionate yet uneasy. “I’m a daring person. There isn’t a thing that I’m afraid of, so this is a good name.” As a singer, he already achieved status as the top Asian group in Asia with Dong Bang Shin Ki, and as a beginner in the acting field which he is not familiar with, he is humble and had to start from scratch. His hard work and passion for acting is admirable. He once had a conversation with the producer of his drama that lasted for 6 hours when he was away in Japan, and also on the filming location. All these had shown how much effort he had put into his debut drama.

In "Heading to the Ground," Cha Bong Gun is a lively youth who is passionate about soccer, and keeps fighting hard towards his dream. This drama is filled with laughter and tears, and is a fantasy yet reality series. The strong willpower and fighting spirit are what Yunho wanted to express the most. His first taste in acting has brought him the excitement that he has never experienced before. Even if he reaches home late from filming, he's still looking forward in going to the filming location the next day. Recently, Yunho had almost become Cha Bong Gun, and surprised himself whenever he ‘behaved’ like the character from the drama unknowingly.

To date, the most memorable scene to Yunho is the one where he had to jump right into the 5-meter deep river. That refreshing yet shocking emotion is what he remembers, since if not for the filming, he would never have had the chance to do something like that. Therefore, it can also be considered as a special experience he gained from being an actor. Life is full of challenges, similar to "Heading to the Ground." “Through filming, I had learned the pain in growing up, just like getting taller. Therefore, wait until the last episode. I might have grown up with Cha Bong Gun!” "Heading to the Ground" is not only a series where he can share with his family and friends, but also a ‘documentary’ of Yunho's growth.

Lately, Dong Bang Shin Ki is in the midst of a lawsuit, but Yunho stated that the relationship among members was not affected by it. All members have supported him in his acting debut with encouragement. “Changmin already called me ‘Actor Jung.’ Jaejoong has also jokingly asked me, 'Show me your script ah~?' (laugh)”

Jung Yunho is an undeniable youth. Ever since he stepped foot onto the entertainment industry, his life, his thoughts and everything about him, have unavoidably become public. He has lived his life under a spectacle, care from others, and at the same time, criticism from people. He is always curious about strangers and meeting them. “Living in this industry, seeing something new and meeting someone new are normal. Only when seeing someone who is not interested in Dong Bang Shin Ki can I become the real Jung Yunho.” He has never thought of himself as a shining superstar, and he has always kept his innocent and pure self. He wanted to do things a normal person could, not minding all the eyes around him. If given the chance, he always wished that he could spare the time to help out his friends tidy up their houses Only that way can he really feel that he is living, something that he can never feel normally. "Guess that’s the real me?"

To the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki, he is the reliable leader; to fans, he is an elder brother whom they can pour their hearts into; to others, he is still the young man from Gwangju. His feelings towards his hometown are deep. He would visit whenever he had a vacation, because that is where he started, and because it is the source of his strength. “Every single characteristic found in me is the result of Gwangju.” His responsible character started from his youth; whenever he failed, he would think that is all due to his weak points. Disliking halfheartedness and putting his best in everything is the only way to keep things in control, not messing up.

Yunho’s father is someone important, and he has influenced him in becoming a prosecutor. His father, who had always woken up at dawn for work, has not changed one bit, always giving the tired Yunho encouragement and support. From these, it can be said that Yunho will be someone who cares for his family. The rest will not be a problem, as long as he can be with someone he likes, and as long as he never expects much from her. As for his love for kids, this is something that everyone has known for a long time.

In the past, whenever he had the time, he would attempt to do all the things that he had planned for, which had slowly become a habit. Because there are so much things he wanted to do, he would normally get more tired than being at work. However, that’s something that he had to keep his mind on. For example, would he still have the energy needed for performing after his vacation. The actual purpose of his vacation is for the sake of his future work. From this, we can see that he has become much more responsible in terms of his work.

Once, he had the dream to become an upright prosecutor, but he had accidentally become an entertainer. He had commented that his character doesn’t really fit into the circle of entertainment. He personally prefers to gather with his friends outside this circle, than partying with other artists. Other than work, he has always fought hard to draw a line in between, in search of the real him.

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(T/N 130 1/2)
YH: Tohoshinki Bigeastation. Today, Yunho,
JJ: Yoochun, and …
YO: Jaejoong.
YH: Hi~~~~~~Please enjoy today’s program!
YO: Hi~~~~~~~
YH: The release date for Jaejoong and Yoochun’s new single album is approaching.
YO: Ruru~~~~~~~~~~~~~
YH: How are you feeling, guys?
JJ: Ya~~~~~~~~
YH: I think it is different from regular times. Are you nervous?
YO: Yes, it’s different.
YH: This time, only the two of you are doing the promotion. Are you busy?
JJ: We’re doing magazines, events, and programs. Whenever the photos are taken, Yoochun is grinning.
YH: Why, why?
JJ: Well, he is slightly smiling, he’s not smiling like regular times. To say it clearly, he is slightly grinning.
YH: Did you want to go to the toilet?
ALL lol
JJ: It’s so rare, that only us two are photographed. It’s a little bit lonely, well, to say it correctly, embarrassing.
YO: Yes, embarrassing, only the two of us..
YH: mmm, embarrassing..
JJ: The 3 members are missing, so it’s very embarrassing.
YH: Oh, I understand.
YO: It’s a new experience.
YH: But you two look great together, so I think that it will be a success. Yes, I truly think so.
YO: I think I am greater than Jaejoong.
JJ: lol
YH:: I’m starting to worry about you two..
ALL lol
YO: Well, recently, we…
YH: So Jaejoong & Yoochun’s single, I want everybody to check! Yoochun, please introduce the song.
YO: Ok, I’ll start!
YH: Yes, please!
YO: The new single of Jaejoong and Yoochun from FROM Tohoshinki will be released on 30th September. [COLORS~Melody and Harmony~].

YH: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, Today Yunho and…
JJ: Yoochun and…
YO: Jaejoong will be your hosts. lol
YH: In the recent Bigeast Station, the focus is completely on Jaejoong and Yoochun,
JJ: lol
YH: I want to talk about Tohoshinki, too.
JJ: Oh, sorry Yunho-san.
YO: Can we talk about us two again?
YH: Oh~~~~~~~~ you came to the same point again.
JJ: lol
YH: Really, do you have anything else to talk about?
JJ: Concerning the new single, we have another information, very important!
YH: You still have some?
JJ: Yes, we do!
YH: lol
JJ: Yunho-san, you actually know the news, too!
YH: Oh, yeah.
JJ: I have a very important topic to speak about.
YH: Yes…yes…….
YO: lol
YH: Ok, ok, I understand… Speak it out!
JJ: Yes, I’ll start. The new single to be released on September 30, its Yoochun and me, there is another new song in it.
YO: Wow~~~~~~~~~ (&clap)
JJ: One more new song!
YO: It’s a hot song!
JJ: It’s the first time we introduce the song in Bigeast Station,
YO: The two songs are both titled tracks,
JJ: That new song is
YH: Yes
JJ Titled “Shelter”
YH: Yes???
JJ Shelter. We want this song to be on-aired for the first time during this program.
YO: Wow, wow, wow, wow~~~~~~ Shelter!
JJ: You’ll be pierced to the heart by the title.
YH: First of all, what does this “Shelter” mean?
JJ: Shelter……..
YO: Shelter means, a place where you are hiding.
YH: A place where you are hiding?
YO: You can’t see anything, you can’t hear anything…
YH: Oh~~~~~
YO: A place where you can rest.
YH: A place where you can rest?
YO: “Hide” may be nearer.
YH: Oh~~~~~~~
JJ: Only yourself…
YH: The toilet? lol
JJ: A place especially of your own, a very special place where you can be healed.
YH: Ah~~~~~~~ a place where you can be healed.
YO: Where is the special place for you, Jaejoong, is it the toilet?
JJ: lol
YH: My bed, I think.
JJ: This studio.
YH: Really???
YO: You shouldn’t make lies in the middle of the program!
JJ&YH lol
YH: What kind of song is this? It’s interesting that Hub-san and Yoochun made the lyrics, was arranged by Jaejoong , and was composed by Junsu and Jaejoong. Oh, it’s complicated, but it is really a good song.
YO: What are the important parts of this song.
JJ: Oh, the rap.
YH: Rap?
YO: lol
JJ: Rap is one of the best parts of this song.
YO: Well, to be serious…until now, the bridge for Tohoshinki’s songs were only melodies, but for this song, it’s rap and melody.
YH: Oh, so on the same timing… the rap and melody overlaps?
JJ: The first half of the melody is made by me, and the climax was made by
YO: Junsu.
YH: Oh..
YO: So…the climax is…
YH: Ahh~~~ I overheard Jaejoong and Junsu speaking inside the car. I was laughing out loud!
YO: I thought it became a hot song since it started in Jaejoong’s style,
JJ: And then the climax is suddenly cheerful, and after that, it again becomes serious. The atmosphere of the songs changes time by time.
YO: The melodies in Junsu’s head is moderate..
ALL lol
YH: So I would like you to hear the song. Jaejoong, please introduce the song.
JJ: So, shall we get going? The new single to be released on September 30, Jaejoong and Yoochun from Tohoshinki, both titled tracks, [Shelter].

(T/N 130 2/2)
YH: Here we have information from us, Tohoshinki. First of all, a new single, the both titled tracks from Jaejoong and Yoochun, [Colors ~Melody and Harmony~] and [Shelter] will be released on September 30.
YO: Yeah!
YH: Please send us your comments of the song. Please support us!
JJ&YO: Please!
YH: And, Tohoshinki Live DVD [4th Live Tour 2009~The Secret Code~Final in Tokyo Dome]. The DVD will also be released on the 30th of September, you must check it out!
JJ&YO: Wow~~~~~
YH: Also, our radio program awaits your messages. Messages can be sent through our website www.jfn.co.jp/toho, www.jfn.co.jp/toho. The spelling of toho is T O H O. Our photos taken during the recording can also be found on the website, so please check it out!

[Please answer me] Corner
YH: The next is the [Please Answer]
ALL [Me]
YH: Corner. Today we also received many messages, thank you.
JJ&YO: Thanks.
YH: Alright, let’s get started,
YO: Yes, me, Yoochun will start.
YH: Please start.
YO: Radio name “Michael”. “What is your character in one word? Please answer.me.” (T/N in a female like voice)
JJ: Ummmm
YH: For me, “Heeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr”
YO: What??
JJ: What?? That isn’t a word! Ridiculous!
YH: Yes, you can’t understand it. It means, you cannot understand me. lol
YO: Are you a mystery? Mysterious??
YH: Yes. recently, I am mysterious. I myself have forgotten my own character.
JJ&YO: lol
YH: I don’t really know. lol
YO: For me, maybe a little bit hard to understand, but “An apple that someone took one bite off”.
YH: Ringo (T/N apple)?
JJ: Why??
YO: Have a little bit of heartrending sorrow.
JJ: Heartrending sorrow? Oh, so a hurt apple.
YO: lol
YH: Ah, that’s good, good, good!
YO: lol
YH: What about you, Jaejoong?
YO: A beatifully scar , lol
JJ: Scar? Scar?? For me, “Artistic”.
YO: Ah, quite difficult…
JJ: When you open your lunch box, on the white rice there is..
YO: In one word, please! lol
JJ: “Umeboshi” (T/N plum pickles)
YH&YO: “Umeboshi?”
JJ: It means lonely. (T/N In the Japanese standard lunch box, there is always one Umeboshi sitting right in the center of the rice.)
YO: Sour.
YH: Gooooood.
YO: Sippai (T/N failure) suppai (T/N sour), suppai, suppai?
JJ: Why “Sippai”? Oh, is my character a failure?
YO: lol Suppai de sippai suru. (T/N Fail cause you’re sour.)
JJ&YO lol
YH: mmmmn Can I go to the next message?
JJ: Oh, yes, please.
YH: The reason is because the radio name is Umeboshi-san.
YH: “Jaejoong, I have a question. Jaejoong said many times on television and magazines that your favorite type for a girl is, a girl with beautiful hands. I am always wondering, do you like girls who only have beautiful hands (T/N in Japanese, te ga) , or do you like girls with both beautiful hands and faces (T/N in Japanese, te mo)?”
YO: Before you answer,
YH: Yes.
YO: Jaejoong, I think there is already an answer for this.
JJ: Why is the answer already there?
YH: Ah, please
YO: It’s already decided.
YH: Yes. You like “te mo” (T/N with both beautiful hand and face) girls, too?
YO: Of course! lol Jaejoong,
YO&YH Jaejoong, you have to be honest with this point.
JJ: lol Why are you two so excited?
YH: You can see Jaejoong’s character by his answer here.
JJ: Why are you so excited?
YO: “Te mo”, of course,
JJ: What??
YO: This program is full of humanism, so you have to be honest for yourself.
JJ: Yes, yes, yes. I would like a honest program, a humanlike program.
ALL lol .
JJ: Well…
YO: “Te mo” lol
JJ: Of course, “te mo”.
YO: Then, in the future, you should always say “te mo” when you are asked about your favorite type.
JJ: Because there is a reason! Umm.. how should I…
YO: Let’s go to the next question.
ALL lol
JJ:: When you are questioned, what type of girls do you like, I always, ummmm, think carefully about my favorite points, and… Oh, I know it is just an excuse,
YO: lol
JJ: Don’t yawn!
ALL lol
JJ: But it is an important point.
YH: Well, the time is running away, let’s go on to the next message.
JJ: Yes. lol The next message is from radio name “Umeboshi-san”.
YH&JJ You want to go through that again??
JJ: Radio name “Leo” san.
YO: Leo.
JJ: “To all Tohoshinki members, I am always very happy listening to your radio program.”
YH (in small voice) Thank you.
JJ: “When I was in the university, I went to study abroad for one year in USA. During that one year, I sometimes forgot my Japanese, or to put it straight, I had an experience that I could not immediately remember the Japanese words or Kanji characters.”
YH&YO ummmm
JJ: “Tohoshinki members’ Japanese are very good.”
YO: Yes?? lol
JJ: Do you have the experience that you forgot Korean words?
YO: Korean words, yes, if you are in Japan…
YH: Yes, I think that occurs sometimes.
YO: Junsu..
YH: Junsu
YO: Junsu forgets a lot of things.
YH: Junsu forgets Korean and Japanese
YH&YO At the same time.
YH: And he has his special language, not Japanese or Korean but, “Ah” “Uuu” “Ohhh” “Uuuuu” Ughuuuu”.
YO: It’s true! lol
YH: It’s short.
YO: Oh, Junsu is coming! lol
YH: It’s really short.
JJ: It’s outer space language, outer space.
YO: A creature from outer space.
YH: Yeah
YO: What was the question?
JJ: Do you have experience that you forgot your Korean words…
YH: Yes,
YO: Yes…
YH: Sometime you forget your words…
YO: Well, you know the words, but it doesn’t come right up to your mouth.
YH: Yes.
YO: Yes.
YH: Yes, it takes time.
JJ: Junsu speaks right up. He is forever speaking, but there are not many Japanese words in it. It’s only ‘I am “Aaa” “Ummm” “Aaa” “Ummm” “Haaa” “Hooooooo” , yes’ and its finished.
YH: Yes
YO: Junsu tried to come into the studio now…
YH: The manager..
YO: Yes, the manager forced him out…
YH: So, Leo-san, thank you.
YH: Junsu, shut up! So in this [Please Answer Me] corner, we are awaiting your questions that you want to be answered by Tohoshinki.
YH: Please send us a lot of messages.
JJ: Please!
YH: Now, let’s listen to today’s last number, Tohoshinki’s…
All: [Aisenai Aisitai].

YH: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, once again it is time to say goodbye. Our radio program looks forward to receiving your messages. "Please Answer Me," "How Do You Say It in Korean," "Toho Psychology," and "Love Story Lovin’ you" corners are waiting for your messages.
YO: Our homepage is www.jfn.co.jp/toho,
YO: www.jfn.co.jp/toho
YO: Please
YO&SU: click on the ‘mail’.
YO: TOHO spelling is
YO: Please send us lots of message.
YH: All right, what did you think of today’s program, Junsu?
YO: Junsu, why are you here?
JJ: Oh, I am so surprised!
SU: I heard the radio, and came running from my home. Please do not on-air my stories!
ALL: lol.
YH: Yes, that’s all for today.
SU: Finished.
ALL: lol
YH: Let’s meet again next time. Today the hosts are Yunho,
JJ: Junsu,
YO: Yoochun, and
SU: Jaejoong.
.All: Bye~


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Interview Here
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My idea First LOL I neeed this, so yoochun might actually smell me now thw problem is how to get close to him ~ seems like it really smells so good, I don't wear perfume coz' i have sensitive skin and my nose, hates it, i get all dizzy... i might give you a try!
Sept. 26 Music Fair~

From Boy pop Factory {broadcasted too on 10/20 and 11/8}

Credits: otogumi fuji + DBSKnights

The Kiss is real, they even talked about it~

another Yoosu Special
one of my favorite is from a previous post
A Yoosu Special; My eyes Only For Junsu


Yes More outcome

We go Eternal Love

Only Yoochun can go there... sorry gals *bricked*
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Yoosu Talking about their Kiss

All in a FANDOM~
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