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Q: What would you do on a holiday?
A: I would just laze around. (laughs) Because we’re always busy, to rest myself, I would just not think of anything and rest.

Q: Please teach us a Korean phrase you recommed.
A: Sagija- (Go out with me). I think this is a good word to use because it’s easy to pronounce for Japanese people. This is a must-use phrase when you want to confess to a Korean boy.

Q: What spot do you recommend in Korea?
A: COEX Mall. It is the biggest shopping mall in Korea. Even though Myondong is famous and somewhat similar to Shibuya, it’s not as great, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Q: What’s your favorite gesture in a girl?
A: When she sits with her legs in a slanted position. I like it when a girl sits on her chair and arranges her legs in a diagonal way. Neat and beautiful

Q: What’s the difference between girls in Japan and Korea?
A Although their [Japan] appearance may be showy, their interior is pure. They’re grateful when they receive something, and when they try to tell you these feelings. Girls in Korea are shy and hide [these feelings].

Q: What do you think are the best features of Yuchun?
A: His sad eyebrows. I feel that his eyes droop down a bit and his eyebrows seem sad (perhaps giving him an overall blue feeling?) And then, I like his strong shoulders and collar bone. I like his thick lower lips too.

Q: What do you think is similar between you two?
A: The way we’re both passionate. We both like others, and are easily touched by things- that’s where we’re similar.

Q: Which clothes do you like best on a girl?
A: The clothes on the upper left corner on pg 254 in the October issue of ViVi. All the western-styled clothes are really cute in ViVi. If I was a girl, I would want all of them. The all-in-one is especially cute.

Q: What tye of girl do you like?
A: A girl with personality. Personality over face (not sure b/c I couldn’t see the scan v. well). A glance that I will remember and go straight to my heart…

Q: A message for the fans!
A: I love you?

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The lists of the places where you can make a reservation for RED and LAVENDER Hello Kitty dolls.

Wondering why you have to make the reservation for RED and LAVENDER???

Maybe this is the answer.

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Girls' Generation is fully supporting TVXQ U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho)’s acting debut in “Heading to the Ground.”

Girls' Generation had participated in SM Entertainment sunbae Jung Yunho’s drama “Heading to the Ground.” Taeyeon and Sunny took charge singing “Is This Love?(1)” from the “Heading to the Ground” OST

Last September 16, the broadcast of the third episode had the song from the soundtrack, “Is This Love?” sang by Taeyeon and Sunny, made known to the public for the first time, showing the two members’ singing ability. Using a melancholy ballad to express the warm feelings, as Cha Bong Gun who is unable to complete a task due to his rampaging character, and the encounter with his manager Kang Hae Bin who realised his dream as a professional footballer, this process expressed their reluctance to part.

For the first time, Girls' Generation “Motion” was added in the third episode ending track. This was also one of the tracks they prepared secretly in the period of their schedules. “Motion” is a cute, lively track and filled with rich voices by Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny and Seohyun. It is also an atmosphere-turning theme song for “Heading to the Ground”.

Meanwhile, the “pure woman” poster in the drama’s dormitory is also a photoshoot by Girls' Generation Yuri.

Weaving his dream, Cha Bong Gun entered FC SOUL(2) and at the same time, also getting into the famous flower boys' ‘S4’ dormitory, and will continue to expose a variety of episodes. In the drama, Yuri’s poster and also Yuri making an appearance of the defender Cho Phyen-Ki’s girlfriend, will also be screened.

(1) Original title might be slightly different.
(2) It's really 'FC SOUL' and not 'FC Seoul.'

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Q. In Jejung's eyes, what colour represents Yuchun?
JJ: It's white. Because he is a very pure soul, and also because the colour white has the possibility of becoming any other colour. Yuchun is the kind of person that has the ability to accept, as well as change.

Q. In Yuchun's eyes, what colour represents Jejung?
YC: Black. Jejung loves black the most, and he's really suited for black. Compared to any other colour, its stronger. This kind of Jejung has a powerful feeling, and he also loves the dark night, so he's really too suitable for black.

Q. In the lyrics, there's this line "If you can't sleep at night". If you have insomnia, what will you do to pass time?
JJ: Although I'm the kind that sleeps really late, but I fall asleep very easily. Occasionally, if I find that I can't sleep, I'll just keep listening to music until i fall asleep.
YC: Usually, after I lie down, I need to spend some time trying to fall asleep, and to ensure that I get a good sleep, I need a good pillow, and I have the wear the eye mask! Also, to ensure that I don't get hungry in the middle of the night, which might cause me to be unable to sleep, I eat a lot at night.

Q. While you're carrying out your activities as a duo, is there anything that you discovered about the other person for the first time?
JJ: While the 5 of us are carrying out activities as Tohoshinki, Yuchun is often the one who slows us down! However, when we're carrying out activities as a duet, I was surprised to discover: Yuchun is actually so serious?
YC: While carrying out the activities as a duet, I realised that Jejung is indeed the older brother. He constantly guides me in different aspects, tells me to do this or do that, and always enthusiastically gives his opinions. It allowed me to see Jejung as a leader.

Q. The lyrics also had the phrase "thank you". So, what is the phrase/word that you use the most? What kind of Japanese phrase/word have you liked recently?
JJ: I think the phrase I use frequently is "thank you", I really like it! Up until today, we've always been receiving everyone's support, so this feeling of gratitude is precious to me. Also, the Japanese word I liked recently is "隠れ家" (T/N: Kakurega - hiding place/refuge"). Since it's a secret place, its a place where I can be at ease. How do I say this, it feels cool.
YC: I've been saying "I'll do my best" a lot. It's the kind where you shout it out in order to fulfill different goals and wishes. Also, its a phrase that gives me courage. Recently, the Japanese word that I remember, that also became my current favourite, is "絆" (T/N: Kizuna - bonds/fetters). It sounds good when you say it, and it also gives you a heartwarming feeling.

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Junsu~~~~~~ Kya~~~~~~!!!!! I talked to JUNSU~~~!!!!!

I was in Korea from last Saturday until Tuesday.
I went to Junsu's dad's pizza shop, oh my, please listen to it!

Junsu came to the shop and he shook hands with all the fans there and he even talked to us!!
I could meet Junsu, his father and his mother, as well!!
Can you believe it?!

My friend went from Osaka to Korea last week and met Junsu at his dad's pizzeria,
and she shook hands with Junsu himself!!

He dropped by his dad's pizzeria on the 14th and he shook hands with his fans.
I am too envious!!

When Junsu appeared, I felt like I was floating on air.
My heart was beating like mad and I was way too excited!!

He was wearing a black cap, a black mask,
a black short-sleeved polo shirt and jeans.

He looked really cool. He was much more handsome in person than on TV,
even if he was wearing a cap.

When I said that I came from Osaka, Junsu asked,
"Osaka? When did you come here?"

There were many fans at the pizza shop and his dad lead him to greet each table,
and all the fans there could shake hands with Junsu!

When I was leaving the shop, just in time, Junsu returned from the bathroom and
we made eye contact and we bowed at each other.
I was overwhelmed and overjoyed!
I still shake whenever I think about it.

(TVXQ with Hitsumabushi)

My friend told me that she met Junsu at his dad's pizza shop and shook hands with him.
Wow! I wish I was with her!

She said that her heart was beating so fast, and without saying hi,
she said "Hitsumabushi!" to Junsu.
Then Junsu laughed just the way he laughs on the TV.Ukyankyang.

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hitsumabusi de himatsubushi by Junsu

(Junsu's Oyaji Gag: "Himatsubusi" means "try to kill time" in Japanese)

Bigeastation 123 Part 1 - Hitsumabushi/Psychology Test (Robots, Greetings, and Enemies)

My friend from Fukuoka went to Junsu's dad's pizza shop, and she met Junsu there.
She said to Junsu, "I went to Fukuoka for TSC Tour,
and I heard you say, 'tai tai tai (sea bream),'
Junsu said, "Oh, please forget about that."

Junsu talked in Japanese to the Japanese fans, and he was very tender and kind,
and his laughter was just as he laughed onstage at the Fukuoka Tour.

Junsu looked healthy, well and happy! laugh.gif

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Junsu Tai Tai

(T/N: Tai is the name of the fish:
About Kyogen:

T/N: And this is what this fan saw at Fukuoka. She is too lucky.

Other fan account:

Junsu, Yuchun and Jejung seem to have sung at a wedding ceremony together.
How lucky those guests were!


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I AGREE! JUNSU! is VERY! HANDSOME! and COOL in Real Life, he's SMILE! is freakisly Charming!

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