Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well-known supporting actor, Park Chul-min became a valuable acting coach for TVXQ member, Jung Yunho, in his recent acting debut.

In the drama "Heading to the Ground" that airs every Wednesdays and Thursdays, Park Chul-min plays the role of a rather eccentric president of a sports agency, named Hong Sang-man, who has an eye for spotting diamonds in the rough. In the drama, he, along with Hae-bin (Go Ara) is working hard to get Cha Bong-goon (Jung Yunho) into the the pro-soccer leagues.

Park Chul-min revealed after seeing Jung Yunho on the acting scene, "The only thing I had known about him was that he is a member of TVXQ, but not really anything more. But because of his bright, healthy smile and the passion he put into everything he did, he made quite the first impression."

The thing that Park Chul-min focuses most of his advice on is the fine details of the acting. If it is pointed out to him that a particular part of his performance seemed awkward or unnatural, Yunho will make a note of it, have photos taken of his acting with his manager's camera, and will go through it all afterward. We can see that Yunho is currently displaying tremendous enthusiasm towards the project, as well as his acting.

Park Chul-min, stating that Yunho "has potential" and that he will "try to find a way to ensure the success of me and my good junior actor in the future," wished Yunho "Fighting!"

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