Sunday, September 13, 2009

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her sister is 174 cm (I'm Taller i'm 178cm like Jaejoong and Junsu)
Nice Genes~~ Beautiful Family~

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These are old
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Source: Bigeast Fanclub Magazine Volume 13
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*Switches with Girl* Kyaaaa~

When i first saw DBSK... with honesty and free from BIAS (i think)
and you all know Jaejoong is my fave.
(the Member were not lying)
I think he's the most Dazzling and Gorgeous Male I saw he has the sexy aura of a super model! no joke.

jaejoong and changmin had a different feel. Changmin is like a super model
Jaejoong is like a Vampire...that gorgeous male he dazzled me.

sorry i only look at 2 people.. most of the time.. its changmin and jaejoong
I want to see them again those GORGEOUS male!
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