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The first reviews are starting to come in for the first episode of Heading to the Ground, which aired today (I haven’t watched it yet, but I plan to), and the reaction is tentative and mixed. Most acknowledge that headliner and newbie actor Jung Yun-ho’s acting is still raw and awkward, although many give him credit for the effort.

You know, as I’ve followed the lead-up to today’s premiere, I have to say that Yun-ho has handled himself pretty well, given his situation — he’s sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place in choosing to take a principal role for his very first acting gig. As the leader of a highly popular idol band that is famous throughout Asia, it’s not likely he would have been able to shrink into the backdrop as a supporting character, but being Headliner #1 does make him a prime target for criticism.

And with each report that comes out, I’ve been impressed with Yun-ho’s comportment, and even surprised at how humble he’s being. (There’s modesty, and then there’s insulting yourself, and sometimes he veers closer to doing the latter.) For instance, after the Wednesday night premiere, he released his thoughts via his management agency: “I was excited but watched the episode with a calm mind, and checked [my acting] meticulously. I could see a lot of my own inadequacies, and deliberated carefully about how to improve.”

Prior to the premiere, he had spoken of his role as a growing experience for himself as an actor as well as his character. He said, “As my first time acting it’s very difficult and tiring, but I’m filming to the best of my ability.” He explained that he thought it was arrogant of him to evaluate his own acting at such an early stage, but said, “I rate myself at 0 points, and I’ll mature along with my Bong-kun character.”

The day before the premiere, Yun-ho left a message on the Heading to the Ground message board, greeting fans and asking for them to “watch with affection despite my weaknesses.”

Is the modesty exaggerated or genuine? I don’t think it matters; perhaps you’ve figured this out before, but the way to earn a Korean’s respect is to prostrate yourself and admit to your flaws — exaggerate them if you must — rather than to assert your pride. Confidence is good and all, but one step too far and the “hold your head up high and bear it” approach begins to look like arrogance. Much safer to take the humble route and let the highly critical public be the ones to assure you sympathetically, “Oh you’re not so bad.” (After all, who wants to slam the guy who’s only too willing to slam himself?) It doesn’t hurt that the guy has thousands upon thousands of fans rooting for him; he explained that he has been cheered up by text messages from fans, who somehow found out his cell number and have been sending him approximately 50 messages daily. (Apparently, fans weren’t positive that it was the right “Yun-ho” so they avoid calling outright, and instead send texts like “Heading to the Ground fighting!”)

As for the actual acting… “awkward” and “unnatural” are the most common descriptors, although others say cautiously that it’s “better than expected.” Since this is just the beginning, many comments are willing to cut the guy some slack and see how he improves.

Scenes from Episode 1:

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Twitter was asked to remove Jaejoong's so-called account and it was only today that the fan received an answer. If you go to, you'll see this page:

The account was suspended due to strange activity.

Note: This update was posted (even though 'herojaejoong' herself / himself admitted that the account was fake) because there are still quite a lot of people who think that it really was Jaejoong posting those tweets. If that account was fake, then so are the accounts of the other members. Please be wary of posers on the internet.

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I told you guys, TVXQ twitters are fake. Now, I want twitter to delete the other members' fake twitters because it create confusion between fans.

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[News En Reporter: Beh SunYoung]

From August 20th through September 10th, DBSK fans put an ad on one page of the HanGyuhReh newspaper.

The advertisement says, "They (DBSK) are not monkeys" along with phrases and such concerning DBSK members' lawsuit with their entertainment agency.

Also in the ad are the words, "Don't ask/try to find out", "Don't speak", "Don't expect answers" with a picture of a monkey tied up. Below that are the words, "DBSK are people with moral rights and decision-making powers."

Three DBSK members Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun), Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu), and Youngwoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong) are having some friction with their agency, SM Entertainment. They filed a lawsuit against SM last July 31st to the Seoul Central District Court regarding their unfair contract.

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Mel see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. I only believe in Dong Bang Shin Ki. Always Keep the Faith. Cassiopeias advertisements are always jjang ^^

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I wish i studied Music Majoring in Tambourine so I could teach him how to... (failed joke)

Yoochun: You Guys, Look I can Play it!
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Were off to a Rough Start Girls. BUT!
Please be Open Minded before Commenting
Boys Over Flower, had a rough start too, with 14% ratings, which jump to 21% in 3rd ep.

and this is just the start with news report saying how nice Heading to the Ground is

YUNHO & heading to the Ground FIGHTING!
Always Keep The Faith! SUPPORT! and LOVE!
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I'm a just a reporter i do not have a bias on what to report or not. its everyone's right to know the facts.

The first episode to Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ has been aired on 9th September. And YunHo’s acting has been said to be above expectations.

It is said that he has brought out 120% the charms of the character Cha BongGoon whom he plays in the drama, from the character’s defiancy to cuteness.

Even though there were some awkward acting for his first acting attempt, on the whole he has brought out Cha BongGoon’s charms out, proving his acting skills.

Also with that fact that the director to the show is Park SeongSoo, who has discovered the acting talents of other stars like Eric and Yang DongGeun, there is high possibility that YunHo will follow that trend.

And with this drama, YunHo has shown a different side to him as to the charismatic features he would show as part of Dong Bang Shin Ki. His character in the show – confident, blunt and fresh Cha BongGoon – is very popular amongst the female TV viewers.

Viewers have commented on online noticeboards, “Normally singers would get some criticisms for their acting when they first started out acting, but YunHo’s acting is above expectations”, “Even though I thought there were some points when he went over with it, he suits the character” etc

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I hold the same Opinion, we can see him improve more by the episodes~ hehe