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I can't Properly Watch HTTG online TT__TT too laggy
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So if the boys went to a Convenience store.. hehehe...they'll see this lmao!
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Happy Birthday Harang. Stay by Yoochun's side.

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We already posted a translation of InRed before,
but I like this one better~

JJ: I want to rent an amusement park and hold a LIVE there.

JJ: We always do activities as 5 people and it feels quite unnatural since now it suddenly reduced to 2 people and I'm very shy (*^_^*)...
YC: After the first time we performed 'COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~' at the Tokyo Dome concerts, we received compliments such as 'it's very cheerful, it's very easy to remember, it's very easy to sing.' (*^_^*) Although I am the sort who will waste quite a lot of time to compose songs, I did not waste much time composing this one. I think I only started composing it before Fukuoka's concert? It was done quite quickly while I was in the waiting room working on it on the PC, it approximately took 30 minutes to complete. You could say it passed quite quickly?

YC: No matter what, I would really want to maintain good relationships with the members of THSK.

The lyrics had ' Heading towards the world that is colorul within, running towards you'. This part has quite similar meaning with the 'Hello Kitty Colors'. Red = A close relationship, Pink = cute, Yellow = care, Green = hope, Purple = trust, who do the colors refer to, to the both of them?

JJ: Red refers to the members, pink is of course Junsu! Because every move of his shows very innocent cuteness whilst Yellow represents the FANS, green represents not a person, but Tokyo Dome. I really hope to continue performing in the Tokyo Dome. Purple is.. Kitty? I knew Kitty since I was young because it has an image that seems to be protecting you, and falling into your arms, that kind of trust~
YC: Red represents...the members whom I will continue to have close relationships with in the future. The cute pink represents the FANS, yellow refers to FANS who came for the Tokyo dome concert and spent that period of time with us, green is for my brother who is 18 years old, and purple represents the staff, not only trust, but strict as well, full of the both of them.. right?

A message for the readers in their 30s.

JJ: The female Japanese in their 30s are really naive and shining. Saying 'I really like Bae Yong-Jun' in front of their husbands after they get married will forever have a normal young girl image. That way, even to me, who is in the 20s, really gives a 'too cute~' feeling. If you're under stress, listen to 'COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ before you sleep, it would definitely help you.
YC: Now, start preparing yourself to enter the 40s. We created the song in order to give you the courage. It's oil. Please use it to ignite and increase the strength of the candles.

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At Miyaneya TV, Shoji Murakami, who created a joke "syoyukoto",
said that he was invited to a-nation 09 by TVXQ. In this show,
he mentioned that he thought he would be on the stage with TVXQ
but it ended without him being on the stage. lol (It is his joke of course.^^)

In the program he said that over 100,000 shoyukoto bottles had been sold out.
And when he mentioned about it, he was talking about his own shoyu bottle.
So, we can not know exactly how many shoyukoto straps were sold out.

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With JaeHoMin~
By the way, Changmin TOTALLY spoils the ending of the movie he introduces so if you want to see it, I suggest skipping 5:25-6:00.

Credit: yuulinaboojaejoong + kcyrse

Here's the song from the movie that Changmin introduces. I really like it!

Wild Child
by Enya

Credit: GOE;SS + windsoulx04

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