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Nearly 90% of NHK Hall was filled with TVXQ fans. The whole place was dyed in red with the TVXQ penlights!!
In fact, this time, MJ view application number was more than 79,000 which was the highest in MJ history!

We fans enjoyed the fluent Japanese words from JJ and YC @ Music Japan.

JJ: "Although we have performed at Area in the past,
it was the first time for us to perform at the dome,
I was worried if the place would be filled."

JJ: "But a lot of people come and I was impressed and moved."

About a new song.

JJ: "When we were talking about showing our solo performances at the dome,
we asked if we could do as a duo not as a solo?"

JJ: "Then we formed a unit!"

JJ: "Two of us wanted to make a music piece to be able to sing together with our fans!"

YC "I made harmony and a melody was made by JJ." (?!)

JJ: "Hahaha, it is as simple as that."

JJ: "YC is harmony and I am a melody." lol.

MC: "JJ is harmony, and YC a melody?" lol.

YC: "No it is reverse!". lol.

MC: "Please leave your message to your fans".

They looked at each other wondering who is to speak.

JJ: "There must be fans here who could not come to Tokyo Dome.
Then, for those of you, it is the fist time for you to hear our song."

JJ: "Please enjoy hearing it here today. "

YC looked like he did not know what to say.

YC: "Though the fire seems to be hot, I will do my best."

There was the pillar with the fire torch on the stage. ^^

Then they sang.......
Very beautiful... ^^

They exchanged an eye contact with each other many times.

When they finished singing, they turned to the left side and vowed and waived hands
then they turned to the right side and vowed and waved. They looked very cute together.

Once again, I was reminded that I love them too much.
I will always love you~~~TVXQ!!


Source: Japanese fans
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Credit: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Amazing fan videos O.O
Ack, I wanna learn how to make these kind of videos

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During the shooting of NHK

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Top 10 of Tohoshinki
1.Tohoshinki(1) 50,637
2.Yuchun(1) 17,680
3.Jaejung 13,997
4.Tohoshinki(2) 13,232
5.Junsu 12,310
6.Yunho 10,511
7.Changmin 9,952
8.Tohoshinki(3) 8,462
9.Yuchun(2) 5,920
10.Tohoshinki(4) 4,667

credit to mixi.jp, mickyfan.com
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For MIXI only... girls...

Guys, this is just sharing an information from MIXI. No one is saying who's popular and who's not. DBSKNIGHTS IS A SHARING WEBSITE. Please do not blow things out of proportion and think we're siding anyone. Please be OPEN-MINDED. This is only one website that doesn't include ALL BIGEASTS. Please do not ask DBSKnights to stop posting any kind information because WE WILL REPORT ANYTHING that concerns TVXQ.

DBSKnights will take further actions toward these issues.

Please Be OPEN-MINDED and THINK, do you actually think all Tohoshinki Fans are Registered in MIXI, of course not, Bigeast members are over 180,000 and this numbers are barely even there.

MIXI is a Site where you need to pay, usually MIXI users are 20s-40s Female, no teens and no grandmas {yunho fan ^^}

so we see here, is only a site number of toho fans. nothing MORE!


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TVXQ fans are planning to report SM Entertainment to the Fair Trade Committee for the violation of the Law of Fair Transaction.

DNBN, a TVXQ fan site, announced these plans on their notice board on the 6th under the title 'Information such as the Date and Time of Submission along with Updates Regarding the Fair Trade Committee'.

DNBN's side stated that, "The second round of petition collection has successfully ended," and "We will be submitting the petitions from the second round along with our report of SME to the Fair Trade Committee for the violation of the Law of Fair Transaction on the 9th at 1:30 pm. After wards we will be submitting these additional petitions to the Seoul District Courts."

Following this statement, DNBN also posted, "As stated in the certification of contents sent to SM Entertainment, if the agency does not reply to us by the 8th, we will be submitting a compensation of losses request form to the Fair Trade Committee on Wednesday the 9th at 1:30 pm and will be submitting additional petitions to the Seoul District Courts on the same day."

DNBN also plans to publish a newspaper advertisement supporting TVXQ. It said on the website that, "On the 10th, we plan to publish an ad in a newspaper," and "So that everyone can see it, we ask the fans to buy the newspaper in the evening."

It can be seen that the fans are taking many legal actions against SM Entertainment, the agency that is currently in a dispute with members of the 5-member idol group TVXQ.

On the 2nd, DNBN sent SM Entertainment a certification of contents containing 1222 names of fans who want compensation for the physical and mental damages acquired due to the cancellation of the SM Town Live '09 concert.

Also, TVXQ fans collected 121,073 signatures and submitted them on the 20th to the Seoul District Courts along with a petition that opposed the unfair exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and TVXQ, and submitted a petition to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 28th.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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Their Concept~ Yoochun with Scarf and Jaejoong with a Checkered thing
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★Jaejoong&Yoochun Only
『WHAT's IN?』
TVXQ that Only Zoom In Knows 【unlimited CS Special Edition】
More Details Here | http://www.nitteleplus.com/

27:20~28:14 Tokyo 『Monthly MelodiX!』★Jaejoong & Yoochun Only new
※With Interesting talk with Nankai Candies
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