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/N: AniSummer = Animelo Summer Live 2009

Last weekend, I went to 2 festivals.
2 festivals in 6 hours, as expected, going to a festival is like going to "war".
This was a similarity that I felt at both stops.
Also, there was a secret project that was held, and the fans' support could be felt.

T/N: I think he is referring to Bigeast's silent 'always keep the faith' project.

First up, on the 22nd, Saturday. I attended a-nation, which was held at Ajinomoto Stadium.
This was the 5th time for this particular fest this year.
The secret guest was (you might have seen him on tv and variety shows), Tetsuya Komuro.
After such a long time, he performed with the piano and guitar on stage.

Although the TV shows reported about Tetsuya Komuro a lot, I had the impression that on that day, more than half the arena was filled by Tohoshinki fans.
When I entered the arena, the audience area was filled with a pea-green colour, at first I thought "It's still so early, the empty seats are a pea-green colour",
but after looking carefully, I realised they were the colours of bath towels. On the bath towels, there was the logo for "Bigeast" on it.

Since it's the name of Tohoshinki's fan club in Japan, I think it's one of the goods used by the fan club, and distributed by the fan club.
In the audience seats at the arena, fans holding on to the pea-green towel were everywhere.
Of course, there were people who were holding on to the Tour Goods towel (which has a rainbow pattern), but there were an overwhelming number of people holding on to the bath towel.

It seems (in my opinion) that Tohoshinki's fan club (Bigeast), were carrying the bath towels and using it to express their feelings and message along the lines of
"Whatever may happen, we will always be here cheering you on".
(Bigeast fans, did you guys discuss this beforehand? Or did you do this based on your own decision?)

On another note, J-pop and Anisong (T/N: Anime songs) use lights in a completely different way.
Basically, for J-pop, battery-operated LED lights are used and waved about.
LED lights are also often sold as official artiste goods.
(incidentally, anisongs use flash spheres)

Tohoshinki's colour is red. At their concerts, the arenas are always completely filled with the red colour.
a-nation's symbol colour is blue, so usually the arena would be filled with blue colour.
However, when it came to Tohoshinki, the red colour would appear and fill Ajinomoto Stadium.
The green bath towels together with the red penlights; it was a touching day.

[T/N: Following was non-Toho related, so I didn't translate those.]

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09/08/28 20:55

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mu-mo shop is starting to sell a-nation BEST SELECTION HIT micro sd since early this month

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● Hitomi Shimatani “Perseus”
● Ami Suzuki “Reincarnation”
● GIRL NEXT DOOR “Seeds of dream”
● AAA “MUSIC!!!”
● Do As Infinity “Na-Ha Today is Sunny”
● BoA “forever”
● hitomi “WORLD! WIDE! LOVE!”
● Koda Kumi “Run For Your Life”
● TRF “Live Your Days”

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Special feature of the popular male unit group, “TVXQ” will be carried on
August 29th and 31st, 2009, by daily sports.

It will feature the five members appearing of “a-nation09″ (sponsored by daily sports company) which will be held in Osaka Nagai stadium on the 29th and the 30th, 2009.

The great shots with the forceful charm of TVXQ will be delivered. Please anticipate these articles and make a purchase. It will be on sell at the train station stands and the convenience stores of the metropolitan area; Kanto, Kansai and Shikoku.

Those who live out of the metropolitan area, please purchase from the → back number page.
(T/N: I believe these can be purchased only in Japan, sob…(;_;) )

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