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Summer is all about horror stories.
Everyone is a little cold right?!

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news just out.CREBEAU's cosmetic company WISHOP PLUS(?) had sent in the lawsuit against SMent on august 4th. SM.ent using crebeau's cosmetic company name as an excuse/blame for the recent contract issue with dbsk members. CreBeau is saying that SM.ent falsely put blame on the cosmetic shop being opened by the 3 members and had damaged the company's image and also loss in profit. Since Crebeau had nothing to do with dbsk contract/sment issue they will be suing SM.ent for using their name and etc etc.

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MBC new drama series “Heading to The Ground” captured the figures of Yunho and Ara enjoying a romantic date at Central Plaza’s fountain.

“Heading to The Ground” (directed by Park Sung-soo, script written by Kim Solji, Kim Yeh-ri) shot the drinking scene where the talented agent Kang Hae-bin (played by Go Ara) was somehow feeling disappointed thus drank a lot of alcohol and Cha Bong Gun (played by Jung Yunho) who has weakness in smooth talking failed in persuading his agent not to drink too much.

When the drunk Ara fell asleep and comfortably leaned on Yunho’s shoulders, Yunho as Bong-gun gave a stiff expression that raised a lot of laugh. Not long time ago, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho who acted as Cha Bong-gun also presented fantastic acting as if he’s not a rookie actor in another scene with Ara when he pulled a snack stall in the middle of rain and showed a delicate expression.

In meantime, this shooting scene for once showing Yunho and Ara for a short period of time stopped chattering and forget about their ordinary quarreling, revealed the intimate figures of the two which brought jealousy feelings among the staffs. Having small faces, tall body, and overall beautiful figure, the two Hae-bin and Bong-gun showed off extraordinary intimate friendship between them in a scene that is meant to create sparkling mood among audiences.

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Official comment from Tohoshinki Arrived!

Regarding 9/16 album release “ALL NIGHT LONG” that includes the English cover version of Tohoshinki’s greatest hit “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?” — “Make It To The End”

Specially for this song, official comment from Tohoshinki arrived!

“We feel a little different taste in this song being compared to Tohoshinki’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?”

This is STEVIE HOANG’s ver, while the other is Tohoshinki’s ver. There’s a different approach to the song.

Also, the great powerful attractive solo vocal which is also transmitted, that has completed everything.

In Tohoshinki ver. this song is sung by 5 people. From a view of immature person.

The song fits Hoang’s voice.

There’s a reverse charm in it that will touch your heart.”


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“This first debut, I want to carry it perfectly.”

DBSK member Changmin (21) has been concentrating on acting training for his first challenge drama “Paradise Ranch”. Recently DBSK meets crisis as in lawsuit case related to some of its members. During this lawsuit period, there’s been differences in both group and individual activities of the members, inflicts repeated spur in the drama preparation.

Just few days ago, after finishing a performance in Japan, Changmin returned home and when there isn’t any official activity, he’s fully absorbed to the debut drama training.

From Changmin’s assistant, “The series of recent crisis creates burdensome to him mentally, is true. But as acting has been his long dreamed challenge, makes a great motivation to him afterall. From now on, he’s going to be busy traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan. Even from his recent departure (in Korea) few days ago, he already portrayed an excitement about the drama preparation.”

“Paradise Ranch” is a co-production drama between SM Entertainment and Samhwa Networks and they have goal to broadcast the drama at the end of this year. A delightful story of romance is blended by beautiful music will show the fresh youth romantic acting of Changmin. The drama will enter its first shooting early next month

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I just checked out BlueFaith and found some slight changes...

As I checked his cy again this pm, oori YC also changed BGM to:

1. Kibun Joeun Seolleim by Piano i
2. Something About Us by BMX Bandits
3. The Reason by Hoobastank (Yeah, may fav ^^)
4. Bi o neun nal (rainy day) by Lucite Tokki

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Another fanmade video that brough tears to my eyes T.T

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86 gif Photo, This is just a preview

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FileName: Jaejoong AADBSK 3 {DBSKnights + AlwaysJJ}
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I'm in the process of Dling the teaser, its too slow
For Now Watch the Teaser Here

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