Monday, August 24, 2009

Second day at the Ajinomoto Stadium~
It was obvious that all five TVXQ members were having a really good time.
Their stage was just incredible!!

And it happened again today! The whole place was filled with the green towels of TVXQ!
When our TVXQ appeared onstage, the whole place turned to red mixed with blue theme of
a-nation which blended into purple. Once again, we felt as if we were standing in a TVXQ concert!

Ayu fans who were standing right behind us were saying, "TVXQ fans are amazing, would our Ayu okay?!"
But of course, TRF and Ayu fired up the whole audience at the end. It was really cool to observe that these young ladies after TVXQ's performance were saying, "Wow, no wonder they have so many fans. They can not only sing well, but their dances are superb on top of the fact that they are all so nice-looking. Oh no, I think I already like them."
"Me too!" said her friends. ^^

An a-nation blog site (T/N: I am not sure which site it is) mentioned that there were TVXQ fans clearing the stadium after the concert on the 1st day and they were being praised by their good act. I was so happy to hear about that. We should be good fans to support our TVXQ.

We were cheering Changmin who was standing right in front of us (Lucky us!). When he started to sing, his microphone was not working properly, but it recovered soon. He tried to switch it, but the stuff could not give him a new one. Maybe because of Changmin's microphone situation today that Jejung was the one who said "Next song is~~~" at the 2nd day of a-nation Tokyo.

As it was Jejung who said "Next song is~~~" we were not sure if we are supposed to scream "No!~~~~~~~".
We did not want to break Jejung's heart.

When it is not Changmin, we fans do not scream "No~~~~~~~!!!" in a really loud voice, which we felt that something was missing. ^^

Oh, I forgot to report that on day 1, the male fans of Ayu who were standing right next to us were shocked and stared at us when we TVXQ fans yelled "No~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!" (In Japanese, え~~~~~~; direct translation would be "WHA~~~~~T??!") to Changmin. They could not believe we fans were so uncooperative to Changmin. ^^ But then after they saw us laughing, they could tell that there were strong ties between us fans and our TVXQ.

It is our love to Changmin that we scream at him every time he says, "Next song is...",
A love-hate relationship, kind of like a long-time married couple? Hahaha

Junsu was so cute again today. He said " I love you~~" in a very unique way which melted our hearts.
Other stars' fans were saying "Wow, he is so cute and fun."
He looked very happy and energetic again today.

Jejung..... How come sweat which is supposed not to be pretty suddenly turns into beautiful sparkles when it is on his face and body?
We were speechless when we heard his sweet voice which is well-matched with his beauty.

Yuchun made many new fans again when he sang his part,
"Kimigaireba~~~~!" &
His unique husky and powerful voice was sexy as ever.

Yunho said "Are you having fun~~~?!"
Fan screamed "YEAH~~~~~~~~!!!!!"
"Wish to have more fun~~~~?!"
It was as if the whole stadium was screaming like there was an earthquake.

People around us were saying, "Wow, these fans sounds like they are one big family.
Going to a TVXQ concert should be fun!"
We were happy to hear that, but at the same time, we thought that TVXQ should hold
their next concert at least 5 days at the TOKYO DOME.

Yunho, as he left the stage with the members, he yelled "WE LOVE YOU~~~~~!!".

At the end of a-nation concert, Ayu, who is the queen of J-POP had a green TVXQ towel again
on the second day to clearly show her support towards our beloved TVXQ!

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With Keita Tachibana of W-inds~


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