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[SCANS] Tohoshinki - Kindai + Junon + Ray Magazine - August

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Ray Magazine

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[INFO] 090723 3rd Asia Tour Concert Album TRACKLIST - MIROTIC [2CD]

東方神起 - 3rd Asia Tour Concert Album MIROTIC [2CD]
Label: Sm Entertainment
Sale date: 2009.07.29
Coutry of Production: Korea


DISC01. The 3rd Asia Tour Concert
02. HEY!(Don’t bring me down)
04. 悪女(Are you A Good girl?)
05. Rising Sun(純粋)
06. 楽園(PARADISE)
07. 虹(RAINBOW)
08. opening Ment
09. HUG(抱擁)-remix-
10. 愛 さようなら 愛(Love Bye Love)_Micky
11. それだけが私の世界_Hero
12. Upon This Rock_Max
14. Wrong Number
15. Purple Line
16. Balloon flies with memories
17. 風船(Balloons)-remix-

DISC02. The 3rd Asia Tour Concert
01. 弓張月
02. Love in the Ice
03. Don’t Say Goodbye
04. あいさつ
05. Xiahtic_Xiah
06. チェックメイト(Checkmate)_U-know
08. 注文-MIROTIC
09. The way U are-remix-
10. Somebody To Love
12. ハハハソング
13. Sky
14. Closing Ment
15. Song for you
17. Song for you-Studio ver.-

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[PHOTOS] Tohomobile 090723

the computer lover ^^

Hardworking JaeChun~~

little sleepy head <3

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[NEWS] U-Know Yunho’s One Day Service for Orphanage : 11 “Endlessly Impressive” Volunteers

U-Know Yunho on last July 18th volunteered at child care facility located in Nam-gu, Gwangju city, and did things such as cleaning and helped for basic services like preparing meal for one day. Together with 11 volunteers in total, they spent valuable time together with the children in the orphanage.

Without prior noticement, U-Know Yunho and other 10 people including his father were confirmed to visit the orphanage.

Earlier this year, U-Know Yunho was found to visited his juniors in high school almamater at Gwanggil and deposited 6 million won for student scholarship.

Similar with the scholarship donation he did before, this time Yunho also volunteered without notifying even his agency and contacted the orphanage staff secretly.

The orphanage staff said, “This is unprecedented opportunity for The children to meet an usual artist, therefore they were greatly surprised yet delighted for the visit of U-Know Yunho.

U-Know Yunho sang a song for the children. From beginning to the very end, anyone who saw that scene constantly embraced in big impression.” He explained the situation warmly.

Meanwhile, after TVXQ Japan Tour and Asia Tour Concert ‘Mirotic’, U-Know Yunho sent back to his busy days and currenly is staying in Japan after last week they returned home for rest.

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[SCANS] Tohoshinki - Ray "Love and Beauty Recipe" August

OMG! I love! this Photo!Hi5 Emoticon (Love, Colors and Melody)

Nice Paella~

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[PHOTOS] Xiah Junsu - Passionate Singing

Hi5 Emoticon Hold Your Horses Fangirls!Hi5 Emoticon
You have to Hear Me outHi5 Emoticon

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The Flying DUCKbutt Dolphin is MINE! *Hits*Hi5 Emoticon Hi5 Emoticon

JUNSU's Passionate Singing!~Hi5 Emoticon

Okay~ u caught me I just Like this Photos~Hi5 Emoticon

As Promised~ Junsu post He looks so Damn fine!Hi5 Emoticon

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