Sunday, July 19, 2009

[VIDEO] 090718 Cute Soulmate Playing

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[RUMOR+PHOTOS] Junsu's New Hair???

Saw this in XIAHBaidu.
They think this is it, its not Very clear, and No one Knows for sure...

I'm In The "I doubt it" party

Last 2008 During, Purple Line days
Just Showing you~ LMAO

its Like...?? Aren't That from PPL days TOO??? Well At leas we See Junsu, ~

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[PHOTOS] 090719 JAECHUN - in Korea Stalkers

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[INFO] Junsu with new hair color?

The recent top search keyword in Korea:

Junsu and his new dyed hair color.

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[FANCAM] The Wrong Number NGs

First it was Yunho at Seoul:


Then Jaejoong at Nanjing:


And now Changmin at Beijing!


Whose embarrassed reaction did you like best? Hahaha~

[INFO] Weekly Arirang PopMatch Vote

DBSK vs. Shinhwa

Shinhwa is now leading by double the votes!
The voting period ends today, so let's VOTE!

Click HERE and cast your vote now!

[PHOTO] 090719 Soulmate Stalking

aww..jaechun hug<3>

cute jaejoongie twirling~

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[VIDEO] 090717 Tohoshnki - Tokudane Premium {interview + TSC Final In Tokyo dome}


OMONA! its so Cute at the End, Yoochun asthma attack, ??? and Cute Jaejoong in mirror, YUNHO striped his jacket, and the camera caught when he noticed HAHAHA so cute~

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[TRANS] 090719 J-POP Artistes' Large Scale Concerts - Audience Ranking, First Half 2009

Number 11 - Tohoshinki
15 Performances - 188,712*(The Dome concerts were not considered as the dates were after June)

*For this chart, large scale concerts refer to concert arenas that can hold more than 10,000 people.
*The dates taken into consideration for this chart is from 2009.01.01 - 2009.06.30
*Numbers might not be exact representations of the actual figures due to seating arrangements at the arenas.

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DBSK Fan Spotted!

4:15 - 5:42

Taiwan survival game, the winner get to win 10 thousands dollars(NT). The girl unfortunately pick the death stick and have to leave the game. Then another males contestant actually give up his stick for her (instead of her leaving the game, he will be leaving instead). The host interview her about why she want to join this game and what do she want to do with the money if she won. She answered  that she want to go and meet her idol. The host then ask her who is her idol, her reply... Tohoshinki. The host pretend to be angry. LOL!

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[PHOTOS] SMTown Live 08 - Changmin 1 year ago...

changmin looks really handsome, ne? ^^
Cant wait for this year's SMTown Live!

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[FANCAM] 090710 Rehearsal at Mirotic Beijing

[INFO] 090718 Oricon Singles Daily - SBU #10

Back up in the top 10, woo-hoo!

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[INFO] 090713 Tohoshinki - Avex Ranking

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[PHOTOS] Changmin & Yoochun - The Secret Code Tour Final In Tokyo Dome

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