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This is Jaejoong Junsu and Changmin? or is it yoochun? i know thats Yoochuns Hat? and The Shirt is CHangmin~

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Its Been almost a Year~ before Jaejoong wore it XD

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He was on his Cyworld Yesterday, and now~ he Vamped it out, he Changed the Background add BGM Music and put "What If..."

Park Yoochun's Music

While We Wait - by Jack Johnson

It feels right
It feels wrong
It feels like when you have it, then it’s gone
I want more
More and more
And if you steal the fire
Give me some
Cause the sun
Disobeys while it waits for a friend to arrive from the past
What holds us around, and around
While we wait.

Cayman Islands - by Kings Of Convenience

Through the alleyways to cool off in the shadows
then into the street following the water
there's a bearded man paddling in his canoe
looks as if he has come all the way from the cayman islands

these canals, it seems, they all go in circles
places look the same, and we're the only difference
the wind is in your hair, it's covering my view
I'm holding on to you, on a bike we've hired until tomorrow

if only they could see, if only they had been here
they would understand, how someone could have chosen
to go the length I've gone, to spend just one day riding
holding on to you, I never thought it would be this clear

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I love His Music...~ speechless at the moment, but listening constantly

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so, these are screen caps from a show called Sisa Magazine 2580, and those are apparently their signatures for whenever they got paid. sm is saying that the boys knew how much money they were getting each time they signed...
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Mel's opinion: JaeChunSu NEVER said that they were NEVER paid. In this post, SM proved that they paid DBSK but the question IS HOW MUCH DID THEY EARNED not if they get paid or not. Gosh, SM think before you speak. You're avoiding the question and not getting straight to the point. This proves you're hiding something!

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