Saturday, July 11, 2009

[PHOTOS] DBSK At Beijing Aiport Part 1

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[INFO] Oricon Daily Single, album, DVD Charts


* 4 东方神起 "Stand by U"
25 东方神起 "Share The World /ウィーアー!"


35 东方神起 "The Secret Code"


* 9 东方神起 "3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~"
16 东方神起 "2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 ~ Five in the Black ~"

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[PHOTOS] Mirotic in Beijing Venue Part 4

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[NEWS] Mirotic in Beijing Live Updates Part 2

Dear Tammy will be reporting to us live in Beijing.
So nice of her right, but it wont be that frequently updated though cause we want her to enjoy the concert more then actually sms-ing us. ^_^

Please not that all sms are in Singapore’s time.

The Japanese in front of me was totally pissed off.
And Junsu is so pretty today. Too much eyeliner.
Oh and i saw Yunho walking on carpark.

The concert has ended.
Will be better if there is no screaming girls beside me. Hahaha.
Jaejoong totally owns Beijing.

Yoosutic is epic.
They grind together. [legra: O.o]

Changmin solo owns the stage!

Jaejoong solo.
He kept flipping his hair.

Chunnie’s love by love.
He spoke english!
N adilibs is totally love.

Hug, Yoochun looked damn happy.

Harudal, Yunho’s voice is perfect.

Saw Yoochun and Junsu’s mum.
Concert is starting now!

It’s raining and the stadium doesn’t have any covers

Dunno. Haha. They are sitting facing all the fans. It’s so funny.

*asking her why*

Inside the stadium already. Still not alot of people but there are loads of policemen. Haha.

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[WALLPAPERS] Mobile Wallpapers

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[PHOTO] Yunho Endorsing Giordano

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[PHOTOS] Yoochun mobile strap and YunJae-ness

Yoochun was spotted with a Bleach phone charm called Toshiro Hitsugaya
While as Yunho was seen wearing this jacket at the airport

Jaejoong was seen wearing it on the Mirotic album, LOLYunJae again

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[PHOTOS] Fanmade Signatures

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