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This was written by a member of DNBN.
This post has been praised by many fans as the best summary of wrong information being used by reporters.

Since this lawsuit is such a 'hot topic', the sheer number of articles that are coming out is massive.
It is difficult for even fans to go through every single article,
so most people will base their opinions on this topic from reading a couple of articles.

There is a lot of wrong information in these articles,
I write this to clear up a couple of errors.

However, since there is a vast amount of articles coming out even as I write,
it is impossible to address every single article or issue.
Therefore, I cannot say that I have addressed all of the issues that need correction.
But I will tell you of a couple that I have found to be important.

Even if I use parts of some reporters' articles,
does not mean that I am intending to criticize them, I'm saying this in advance.
I have no intention of criticizing or attacking the reporters who wrote the articles I am using.

1. TVXQ's solo activities=Disbandment of the Group?
There are a lot of articles regarding the solo activities of the members.
They point out that the two who aren't participating in this lawsuit are going into acting,
and there are so many unclear statements made by "representatives of the side", rather than the actual person.

There have even been articles where they have stated,
"Other than the two other members, the three members who have filed this lawsuit did not have plans for solo activities which adds more speculation to this case."

However, according to the news on Donga.com on July 30th,
the members who have filed this lawsuit also had solo activities planned.

YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will take on the Japanese market as a duet by the name of 'Jejung and Yuchun from TVXQ.' The two revealed their duet song at the Tokyo Dome performance in early July. The song, 'COLORS ~Melody&Harmony~' will be released as a single in September and the two members are planning to attend tv programs to promote the song. This song has been getting a lot of attention as it was chosen as the theme song for 'Hello Kitty''s 35th Anniversary.

Xiah Junsu is still considering his choices such as a solo album. A representative of SM stated, "Xiah Junsu was actually the first to embark on solo activities when he appeared in the 2007 mobile phone commercial 'Anyband'," and "He will choose between the Korean and Japanese stage and is currently decided what he will do. His activities will be revealed soon.

According to this article, SM already had solo activities for all five members lined up for the second half of the year.
The Japanese Unit activity 'Jejung and Yuchun from TVXQ' already had a jacket cover and was running quite smoothly.
Also, a SM representative gave testimony that member Xiah Junsu was also planning a solo activity.
We just aren't sure what will happen now, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anything reported about it before.

2. TVXQ's Vacation period Scandal
According to the official statement put out by the three members,
"Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoon and Park Yoochun have been going back and forth Korea, Japan and China ever since their debut in 2004 and have been getting 3~4 hours of sleep per night, except for one week in a year, to complete their schedules."

SM's new statement refutes this statement by saying,
"Regarding the schedules, we have always compromised performances for their health."

One article said,
"After completing their Tokyo Dome concert on the 5th, the members returned to Korea for approximately a month-long unannounced vacation."

It is incredibly hard to know the exact length of the vacation and the health of the members, but the article that states that TVXQ's break went as long as a month is wrong.
It can be seen that the truth regarding pre-announced vacations is closer to the members' official statement than SM's.

It was reported that the members received a vacation after their Tokyo Dome concert,
but the actual length of the vacation can be seen as 7~10 days, not one month.

If information from July 15th is seen, it can be seen that TVXQ's vacation officially started on the 13th.
SPORT HANKOOKI.com article

However, according to an E-daily article on July 23rd,
"U-Know Yunho, who has been busy going from TVXQ's Japan Tour to the 'MIROTIC' Asia Tour Concert, returned to his home last week to rest, but is currently in Japan."

This means that TVXQ's vacation went from the 13th to the 23rd, at the most. Which would mean that they only had ten days of rest.

There are other articles regarding TVXQ's vacation periods in 2007, 2008, and 2009.
But as the reported vacation periods differ slightly from actual vacation periods as the one above differs,
I won't put them up, but you can easily predict that the vacation periods were about the same as the one above.

3. After TVXQ's debut, SM was in a deficit for 4 years

According to an article reported yesterday,
"TVXQ has received 11 billion Won till now and have also been given luxury foreign cars. On the other hand, SM was in a deficit for four years after TVXQ's debut."
But, TVXQ's received amount of money and SM's deficit do not have a lot in common.

As TVXQ matured and grew, so did SM Entertainment.
Even if you search 'venture' in DNBN, you get these three articles.

SM Entertainment, Karaoke venture started...the agency's stars collaborate
SM Entertainment, Fashion Business venture started
SM Entertainment, Musical Business venture started

If you search this on various portal sites,
you will find that SM has been growing into and investing in many fields.

If you take that into consideration, you'll be able to conclude exactly
where the money the SM artistes are earning in Asia is actually going.
You will also be able to see that tying SM's deficit to TVXQ's salary is quite a stretch.

Also, in accordance to the statement put forth today,

the luxury imported cars were in fact registered under SM's name, not the members'. Sejong's side stated that, "It is true that the members received cars as presents from SM after an awards ceremony. However, they were all cars registered under SM's name, not the members' names. Therefore, they do not and did not belong to TVXQ."

Sports Seoul article

This article points out the numerous flaws in SM's statements so please use it as reference.

#4. The Cosmetic Company

SM has linked the cosmetic company with the lawsuit in both of their official statements.
This isn't something worth talking about, so I'll make it short.

Please check Sejong's official statement.

"SM keeps stating that the cosmetic company the three members invested in is the core of this lawsuit, but the investment the members made has nothing to do with this case. The cosmetic company SM keeps bringing up is a company that is planning on opening a branch in China and one that the three members decided to personally invest in, it has nothing to do with their work as celebrities. Think about it. Why would TVXQ give up everything they've worked for till now for 100 million Won they invested in a cosmetic compnay that is opening a branch in China? It is completely illogical. The core to this case is the unlawful exclusive contract, and SM is trying to divert the attention away from that by bringing up a cosmetic company that has no relevance whatsoever."

If you read this, you'll know that there is nothing scandalous about the cosmetic company.

However, if you stil have doubts, I'll put in a parody of this situation.

If a working man wants to hear himself be called CEO, Manager or Director,
he should just open a fried chicken shop near his house.
Then he will go from being a normal working man to a chicken billionaire.
Just invest 100 million Won in a chicken company and you too can become a chicken billionair opening branches in China.

It's like this kind of situation. I hope you get where I'm going with this.

5. Official Fan Club Cassiopeia

In many of the articles coming out these days, TVXQ's official fan club is mentioned a lot.
There have been claims that the representatives and leaders of Cassiopeia have been getting together.
These claims are all wrong but the articles about them just keep coming.

It seems the reporters know more than the actual fans do, but
There are no leaders or representatives for TVXQ's official fan club Cassiopeia
All the interviews with Cassiopeia's leader are false.
All the claims that the representatives of Cassiopeia got together to assemble a candle protest are false. Every single one of them.

TVXQ fans are coming together on fan site and fan cafes to discuss the situation at hand, but there are no official representatives or leaders in Cassiopeia.

These are just some of the errors I have found in articles.
The amount is small compared to the vast number of misleading articles.
But with these few, I hope that whatever is wrong is set right.

Oh, and last but not least.
This post does not reflect the opinions of all of the fans.
These are my thoughts on what I've read and the information I have seen so far,
this is not an official statement made by Cassiopeia

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YoungWoong Jaejoong's Twitter has been caught in a fake identity scandal.

When the continuance of TVXQ was questioned after YoungWoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun, through the firm Sejong, released their official statement regarding the unlawful contract with SM, and SM released a rebuttal back, YoungWoong Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter page that afternoon stating that, "TVXQ will go on as it always has." But some TVXQ fans are stating that, "YoungWoong Jaejoong's Twitter does not belong to him but it belongs to a fan using a fake identity."

The fans who gave this statement said, "YoungWoong Jaejoong's Twitter is fake. The Korean fans already know this and see this as a problem. It is probably a hardcore fan who is using a fake identity." They also said, "It seems that the person wrote 'TVXQ will go on as it always has,' because they were worried about the continuance of the team."

Another fan added that, "YoungWoong Jaejoong must be going through so much emotional pain right now. How on earth would he be sitting in front of a computer typing this?" and agreed that a person must be using a fake identity. To register on Twitter, one only needs to give one's name and username. One's real name does not need to be used and there have been a lot of controversies about fake celebrity identities. Other fake identities were found to be impersonating Son Dambi and Huh Kyungyoung.

On a side note, TVXQ's fan club Cassiopeia has put forth a petition entitled 'Against TVXQ's disbandment' and till now (August 4th, morning) the petition has gotten over 19,600 signatures.

Reporter Kim Sangho

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On the 2nd of October, Korea's popular group TVXQ will be having their 3rd Asia Tour Concert 'MIROTIC' in Shanghai at the Hongkou Football Stadium once again. Although there are still two more months and the tickets have been on sale for only a week, most of the tickets have already been sold. Because of the astonishing speed at which the tickets were purchased even in the same venue shortly before, Mayday (a popular Chinese band) will have a hard time catching up with them. Many fans who weren't able to get tickets from the ticketing company are even willing to buy them online for about 3000-5000 yuan (USD438-731), which is about four times the original price.

The organizers also said that no more tickets are being sold at the moment. They also found out that in the past, other fanclubs would buy concert tickets for TVXQ's concerts, but they would not turn up in the end, leaving the front rows empty. The organizers said that they cannot stop this from happening and they are unable to judge who the people doing the "joy-buying" are. However, they remind fans to be rational and to not be used by others.

TVXQ's ticket sales exceeded the organizer's expectation and the China tour has caused the ticket sales to rise – Nanjing concert tickets managed to exceed 10 million within 3 days and the Beijing concert tickets were sold out in a week. However, Shanghai's concert stands out the most as the tickets were sold out in an amazing speed.

Recently, fans are not able to get tickets through official ticketing companies; they managed to find a lot being sold online at very high prices. This has caused many fans to be doubtful of the tickets being sold on the internet. One fan said that even at last year's China concert during May where the venue was smaller than the current one, they were still able to get tickets.

Even one concert ticket is difficult to get. All other outlets selling the concert tickets will definitely be overcrowded. A reporter managed to contact the head of the ticketing office, and the head told the reporter that even before the tickets were made available for selling, some fanclub organizers were already requesting to buy the tickets in bulk. He then went on to explain to the reporter that buying tickets in bulk like this is very common in Korea as Koreans don’t really like to buy them on their own and they prefer to buy in huge bulks.

"TVXQ's most crucial link is the internet. Cassiopeians have created many fanclubs and between each fanclub, all the members share a very close relationship. Once there is news released on the internet, every Cassiopeian in the world will know of it immediately. Even when the concert tickets have not even begun selling, fanclub organizers will contact ticketing organizers to order tickets. Thus, the fanclubs have a very large power over the purchasing of tickets.”

Even if there is a very well-known and popular group, it is not possible for all the concert tickets to be sold out within two days. Does TVXQ really have that many fans? If each fan really had to buy tickets, then wouldn’t there be many fans buying online tickets which are much more expensive? One fan told the reporters, “Yes, because all fans know that we want to be close to them and be near them, therefore they will deliberately increase the price and hence, we are somehow forced into buying them at high prices.”

The number of TVXQ's fans is relatively stable, therefore, there can never be a concert with tickets left over. However, there are some very hardcore fans that are professional dealers and will never allow there to be one empty seat in the concert hall, thus, they will manipulate people into buying that last seat in order for the entire hall to be filled up. “Cassiopeans are all mainly young teenage girls who are rather emotional, thus, it is relatively easy for us to pay in order to be able to support our idols. However, we did not expect that this has led us to being manipulated by others.”

Tickets will definitely be very difficult to get for this Shanghai concert. The organizers expressed surprise and frustration, and they are reminding the fans to be calm and rational. They also persuade fans to always buys tickets through legal ways.

This is the rest of the post

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-NOTE- 11 billion WON is approximately 9 million US dollars. A quick calculation, the members each made approximately USD 360 000 since their debut according to SM Entertainment.

For comparison, the annual income for top Hollywood stars range from everything between USD 10 million to USD 200 million.-NOTE end-

The problem is not how much was given, but how the income was divided... And can only be solved if SM reveals TVXQ's exact income

Amidst the chaos that has ensued after TVXQ members YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu filed a lawsuit against their agency, the rift between the two sides is getting deeper as SM Entertainment revealed it's rebuttal.

There is a lot of talk about SM's official statement and many are skeptical about SM's statement that the amount given to TVXQ was 'a substantial income division.'

On the 3rd, SM released that, "TVXQ, till now (July 2009), have received 11 billion Won (9.2 billion Won given during the activities+1.77 billion Won given beforehand) and have also been given luxury foreign cars (bonuses that don't have any connection to the contract)." SM also said that, "The other side has focused solely on album sales even though TVXQ receive their fair share through events, CFs and other performances."

However, since the exact amount of TVXQ's income till now has not been revealed by SME, SME's statement has been met with skepticism and doubt.

Fans stated, "Even if SM did give TVXQ 11 billion Won, that is still less than 400 million Won per person each year," and "It is not plausible to say that this is enough when the group's immense popularity or influence is calculated," to show their reluctance to accept SM's statement.

In fact,TVXQ's album sales started off with their debut single 'HUG' selling around 195K copies and after eight singles and four albums, they have sold a total of 2,68 million copies in Korea alone.

In Japan, they have released 27 singles and four albums and sold a total of 2.34 million copies. According to the Japanese Record Committee, eight albums, 'Summer Dream', 'T', 'Beautiful You/Thousand Year Love Song', 'Why Did I come to like you? (Doushite)', 'Spell-MIROTIC-', 'Survivor', 'Bolero', and 'Share the World' have received the Gold Ranking (100K or more) and 'The Secret Code' has received the Platinum Ranking (250K or more).

Even when China, Thailand and Hong Kong is not considered, TVXQ has sold more than 5 million copies in Korea and Japan alone. Oricon Magazine, the official album chart for Japan, stated that in the first half of this year, TVXQ took eighth place in total album sales that earned them a total of 2.5 billion Yen (approximately 33 billion Won).

TVXQ's concerts also boast the best ticketing power and the income their live concerts bring in is probably a massive amount. Around 390K people attended TVXQ's Asia Tours, 530K attended their Japanese Tours and 120K attended their showcases. In their concerts alone, they attracted over 1 million fans around the world.

One fan wrote on their blog, "The most recent concert was their Japan Tour that ended at the Tokyo Dome which attracted 300K people. Even when using the average seat cost of 8000 yen (1 yen=1300 Won), that is still 2.4 billion Yen, in Won that would be 31.2 billion Won."

They also stated, "This is only taking the ticket fee into consideration. When you add up all the souvenirs sold during the concert and add this to the ticket cost, they must have earned at least 50 billion won."

After the Tokyo Dome concert, many Japanese news agencies estimated that, "If you add up all the money TVXQ earns in China, Southern Eastern countries, Korea, etc, TVXQ must earn around 100 billion Won every year."

There are other sources of income such as musical income sources of streaming, background music for homepages, downloads and ringtones, and commercials, performances, DVDs and photobooks, as well as a cartoon character venture, the amount that TVXQ has earned till now is almost out of this world. That is why SM's statement regarding money has become an issue.

In reference to SM's statement that "From their debut till now, we have paid TVXQ 11 billion Won," many fans are saying that, "It's not about the actual amount of money given to them, but the percentage of total income given to them," and "SM is putting forth a large number of 11 billion Won to make it look like they have been giving the members proper treatment pay-wise."

Fans also stated, "If the agency is so convinced that they are being fair and just, why is it that they aren't revealing the exact income of TVXQ? There are too many unclear parts in this contract that even the members did not know the contents of." They also criticized SM Entertainment by stating, "Because of SM's poor attempts at making TVXQ the scapegoat, more questions are arising and they are causing confusion."

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