Friday, July 3, 2009

[PHOTOS] JAEJOONG - The Secret Code Tour part 2

Credits: 我家浩王爱九爷 @TVXQBaidu
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[PHOTOS] Sponsor; Junsu - Colonize

I think this One is Taken from bangkok?
(coz' i have those Posters They were giving them Out After the Con)

Credits: DNBN
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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki - Message After Music Station

Credits: DNBN + Music station
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[INFO] Tohoshinki - Tokyo Dome Memorial goods

Two major performance at Tokyo Dome Memorial Campaign

★ a series of campaigns
Score at the old CD DVD for purchase
☆ 1,500 Get a Poster at least one
☆ 3,000 + Poster at least one case presents a single path
* New "Stand by U" will be excluded.
* I will buy one and only one person
* Posters are subject to multiple types
Poster * Please note parking is limited so advance our path.
* Posters, so we divided the number for each performance on a path together, first performed in 7 / 4 does not lose all benefits.

★ The first two campaigns
* At the "Stand by U" in commercial products with DVD, CD free with purchase only the plastic back
* "Stand by U" on the memorial board at Tokyo Dome will be excluded.
With * DVD, CD only a buck a piece for each plastic gift cards
* Vinyl is back, will present at the first. (End up無KUNARI)
* Vinyl is back, the first day, so we divided the number for each performance a 7 / 4 does not lose all benefits.

☆ For autographed posters draw was conducted in the performance arena, in the Tokyo Dome concert Please note no implementation.

Credits: hotaru@DNBN +
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Some of the Goods~

[PHOTOS] Changminnnie!!! is Sick T_T - Tokudane Premium

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Take Care of yourself! Changminnie!, Tohoshinki Fighto! changmin Fighto, Tokyo Dome Fighto!
Credits: TVXQBaidu + ourchangmin
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[VIDEO] Tohoshinki - Music Station Stand By U Live

Credits: Kamael/vishockJJ + DBSKnightsBlog7
Oshiri pen pen Borupen~

[INFO] Tohoshinki Oricon Daily; Single/Album; Stand By U 3rd Day

*1 嵐 42,575
*2 東方神起 12,725
*3 flumpool *4,013 25
25 東方神起 (share the world)

25 東方神起 The Secret Code

94,838 + 24,946 + 12,725 = 132,509

Credits: 멀티레모니아 + 프리지아@DNBN
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[INFO] Tohoshinki - 4th live Tour The Secret Code DVD release Date

Price: ¥ 5,800 ($58 USD + no shipping fee) [tax included]
Release Date: 2009/09/30 2 each
Item number: RZBD-46326 / 7
Label: rhythm zone


  • Maybe Ray Case Specifications
  • Vertical Booklet Specifications (8 P)

【More information】

  • Undecided more information

Limited Edition Visual Content】

  • National Arena Tour Digest Video
  • off-shot video (scheduled)

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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki - Premium Showcase Omotesando part 4

I wnt to Here... TT___TT Life is so...
Credits: HeyJJ + Jjworld + Herowings + 在啊花 @ TVXQBaidu
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