Friday, June 26, 2009

[INFO] Items at Omotesando Premium Shop

handkerchief towel
600 yen, $6 USD

bag charm key holder
1,500 yen, $15 USD

the Shoyu Koto voice strap
1,500 yen, $15 USD

Japanese biscuits
1,000 yen, $10 USD

the figures
15,000 yen, $156 USD

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I want the shoyu koto bottle!

[VIDEO] DBSK arrived in Dusit Thani Hotel

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Jaejoong and Junsu saw SYC banner and smiled! ^^

[INFO] Stand by U Expectations in Oricon

1.) 453.90 sales (Arashi) Everything

2.) 105.70 sales 東方神起 Stand by U

3.) 68.70 sales flumpool MW~Dear Mr.& Ms. ピカレスク
4.) 40.40 sales Gackt Flower
5.) 40.10 sales ℃-ute 暑中お見舞い申し上げます
6.) 25.10 sales 阪井あゆみ(사카이 아유미)×twenty4-7 STRONG BODY
7.) 23.50 sales John-hoon Blue Moon
8.) 20.80 sales 土屋アンナ(츠지야 안나) Brave vibration
9.) 19.70 sales Kalfina storia
10.) 15.70 salesAZU I WILL

This result is a survey of what Oricon members agreed upon. About 400 random members of Oricon chart were asked which single they would most likely buy.

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[INFO] New items for sale for Tokyo Dome

Bath Towel
3, 500 yen
$37 USD

Final in Tokyo Dome Pamphlet
2,500 yen
$27 USD

1,000 yen
$11 USD

New shirt!
3000 yen
$32 USD

Dried Laver
2800 yen
$29 USD

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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong in Incheon Airport to Bangkok

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[PHOTOS] 090626 Yoochun & Yunho in Incheon Airport to Bangkok

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Portia is currently on the plane right now! Hehe, lucky girl :)

[TRANS] Rumor About TVXQ's Dissolution

The managing company of Korean popular idol group, TVXQ, commented on the rumours about TVXQ's possible dissolution.

SM Entertainment commented, Now, in relation to the rumor of dissolution, we recognize that it has been around, but it is completely groundless and in relation to the current activities that TVXQ has, they explained, TVXQ is now carrying out activities according to their schedule, and they have returned to Korea yesterday where they carried out the rehearsal for the 3rd Asia Tour, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand.They emphasized again that the rumor of dissolution is groundless.

TVXQ is expected to leave Korea for their concert in Thailand, tomorrow morning.

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I told you guys it's not real. Do you think us Cassiopeians will let a disbandment? No. Never.

090626 Incheon Airport [to bangkok]

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[NEWS + PHOTO] TVXQ Saipan Storybook


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Best Male group TVXQ traveled to Saipan for their storybook "Please Be Mine" which will be simultaneously released this coming July 15 in Japan and Korea.

SM Entertainment together with SBSi, visited Saipan this January for the TVXQ DVD series "All About TVXQ Season 3" where the members went to see beautiful landscapes.

There is the emerald sea Saipan Beach (Ladder Beach) where the members are enjoying a game of TVXQ Mini-olympics, then the story unfolds to a quiet and secluded scene. The members stayed there for 6 nights and 7 days.

It includes a total of 300 pages including the interviews, the content consists of the rich, colorful charms of TVXQ and Saipan. Seems good enough to eat.

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[PHOTOS] Yoosu - Tokyo Friend Park 2

I also have the habit to stick out my tongue when aiming for something. Does it really help?!!

Credits: Xiahyu-ri / DBSKnights

[PHOTO] Micky stalker

A rather artistic stalker photo of Yoochun
taken this evening in Korea
Credit leebbeuni
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[NEWS] Lucky Draw Event for DBSK Meet&Greet

A small press conference was held at the CentralWorld today about the Mirotic concert in Bangkok. In addition, 30 fans were selected in the lucky draw event to meet DBSK at the Meet&Greet on June 26, 2009.

Stage set-up on the day before (June 24, 2009)
Credit: SharingYoochun
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[PHOTOS] JAEJOONG - Stalker in Japan {4th Album Promotions}

Japanese Stalker photos, are very rare, even for other famous artist. Dang these stalker Photos, look great!
Credits: DBSKnights + Herose + HeyJJ