Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[ENGSUB] 090623 Mnet Wide Super100 My Boyfriend - Yunho

[ENGSUB] 090623 Mnet Wide Super100 My Boyfriend - #14 Uknow Yunho

[T/N : Translate from Chinese subtitles]

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[ENGSUB] 090623 Mnet Wide Super100 My Boyfriend - Junsu

[ENGSUB] 090623 Mnet Wide Super100 My Boyfriend - #5 Xiah Junsu

[T/N : Translate from Chinese subtitles]

Credits: vishockjj / XiahKing / layla@DBSKnights

[PHOTOS] JAEJOONG - The Secret Code Tour

(this is the original size)

Credits: DBSKnights + heyJJ + cocorohero

[FANART] strangenessmemory

I love fanart!

LOL, Junsu butt...

Credit: strangenessmemory

230609 Tohomobile - 11 days more to Tokyo Dome!

11 more days to Tokyo Dome! The boys must be practising hard now~

Credits: Xiahyu-ri + DBSKnights

[PHOTO] Stand By U PV - Junsu caps

Credit: XiuFace수안 @DNBN + XiuFace.com
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[PHOTO] Cool Magazine, June 2009

credit: xiahpalace + MR.TVXQ
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[NEWS] Moon Hee Jun Talks About Kim Jaejoong

Moon Hee Jun: "Even since Youngwoong Jaejoong still became H.O.T fan, he’s already attracting my attention."

Moon Hee Jun a former H.O.T member told his feeling about TVXQ member Youngwoong Jaejoong.
In one interview, Moon Hee Jun was asked about his opinion towards his hoobae (junior) "I have good relationship with all TVXQ members, but Jaejoong is the one who loves my music the most. I hope we’ll have this good relationship between us continues."

Moon Hee Jun revealed that before debuted, Jaejoong was one of H.O.T fans. When H.O.T held concert, once he saw him among the crowd, Jaejoong instantly caught his attention. “Among all audiences’ faces, I only could see Jaejoong very clearly from stage, so I always noticed his existence. While in the other hand, we didn’t have that many fan boys, so among all those fan girls who were screaming our names, of course Jaejoong stood out. I didn’t know who Jaejoong was, at that time. I ever thought myself "is he a fan of mine?"

“After TVXQ debut, Jaejoong greeted and introduced himself as H.O.T fan. When I met his father, he said to me, "Jaejoong adores Moon Hee Jun a lot, he even has your poster on his room’s wall, listens to your song, and has a dream to be a singer too." From that point, I started to hang out with Jaejoong. We talk about music while are drinking. Surprisingly, Jaejoong has the same music taste as me, which makes us bonding even better.”

In the end Moon Hee Jun stated, "Just after TVXQ debut, as they’re still at the same company SM entertainment, our music were kinda similar. However, as time goes by, now they’re building up their own unique music."

source: Naver
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[VIDEOS] The Secret Code fancam - Nagoya,Fukuoka,Osaka

follow the magnae~! ^^

full version Begin. Jaejoong's last note <3

love junsu's 'beautiful you' adlib :)

jae-focused fancam. yoochun leads the dance part in this^^
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