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Great Dong Bang Shin Ki!

A chart which aims to measure the popular members in each male group has been running on line.

The chart shows the popularity position of internet cafe of individual member in groups: 2 PM, 2 AM, TVXQ, SS501, Big Bang, Super Junior, and FT Island.

And all TVXQ’s five members’ fancafes have swept the top 5 on chart for domestic (South Korea) and Asia counts. (click to read more and rankings)

More than 300,000 members joined Junsu fancafe, boasted his individual fancafe to be the first on chart. The second to have most members in his fancafe is Yoochun. Jaejoong followed behind, and continue with Yunho and Changmin.

In this chart, TVXQ successfully knocked down other local male group and gets its winning. TVXQ is the only group whose all 5 members get more than 200,000 people in each fancafe. Junsu and Yoochun hold 330,000 members and 310,000 members respectively. Both Jaejoong and Yunho get 230,000-ish members in each fancafe while Changmin holds 200,000.

G-Dragon of Big Bang which occupies 6th place get over 110,000 members

On top 10 the line up asides from 5 members of TVXQ and G-Dragon, there are Super Junior’s Heechul, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and SS501’s Hyeon Joong.

This chart aims to grade all fanclub’s recent most important member of each teen group and is up both in Daum and Naver which are the biggest portal site in South Korea.

Of course, netizens can not just connect the result of this chart directly to the scale of each group member’s popularity, as the number resulted is not released officially and the counting is not done physically (T/N: just an estimation). Even some fancafes’ members called the chart as an “absurd chart”.

Nevertheless, this popularity measurement chart still gathers a lot of netizens’ attention.

The uniqueness of this chart is to measure the popularity of each member and not the group. Especially to see the recent trend spreads, that there are many member solo activities being held.

One admin of a large fanclub said, “Young generation nowadays tend to prefer individual activities of a member than in the group. Thus, it becomes so natural that idol group’s members also put their solo activities first above the group activities. There is recently a case that a fan of an individual member overwhelmed the group of his/her favorite member.”
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T/N: The author is calling the boys' family as if she was married to Yoochun, so I've changed some of the ways she called them so as not to offend anyone... ROFL!

Around 1:00 pm in the afternoon, I reached the Beijing Hotel where the golden foyer is, at that time, there wasn't anyone around yet... There were some fans and people were still inside the venue, adjusting the lights. And here I am, standing right in front of the CreBeau advertisement board.

At this time, there was a nerve-wrecking rehearsal. The lady standing at the far left was the translator and also the one who attended to me before in the company (T/N: This person had been to the CreBeau Beijing Company for a little tour). This time, she's doing a translation on what Junsu's dad is saying.

Not much people yet, so at the other foyer, I took a photo with Junsu's dad ^^ I said a bunch of English, trying to tell him I'm a fan. Junsu's dad shook my hand, took a photo and said that I could start calling my friends in as the event is free to enter.

Entering the venue, I ran to the back to take a picture of the whole place.

Such a handsome Junho. Today, Junho is especially handsome in a clean suit. When he came out from the waiting room, everyone held their breath. He is too handsome~! (drooling) And he was much skinner, compared to the time when he was filming for his Korean advertisement.
I sat at the VIP, the fourth row (There are four sections in all in all. Fans are to sit at the back, media / press in the middle). All family members, directors, etc. are sitting at the VIP first row. Yoochun's mom turned back for a while.Yoochun's mom side-view~Left - Junho, center - Mom, right - DadOn the picture, it says "Junho and Yoochun's mom."

Junho is really tall, his face is small ^^
I love Junho's new hairstyle.

AAAAHHH~ Close up!Oh the tongue........... I'm fainting.........

During the celebration, everyone cheers with the champagne and I rushed up to quickly take a photo of these glasses.In the end, Junsu's mom gave me an autograph... Hehe, when I was there, I brought along four MIROTIC (Ver. C) albums and a pen. Before it started, everyone was sitting down, waiting. I couldn't resist the urge and I ran to the first row (Yoochun's mom must have gotten quite a shock, since I was doing it right in front of so many people, I must be crazy = =), kneeling in front of Yoochun's mom, she gave me a autograph right away, adding a "Yoochun's mom" (at the end). I bowed with thanks as my heart was filled with flowers^^ Mother........ Take me home.

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