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I was looking at the pictures of DBSK at the Incheon Airport & I recognized the pair of headphones Yoochun was wearing at that time. He was wearing Audio Technica Headphones – the particular model name is “ATH – PRo5VA Stereo Headphones“.

The picture I am enclosing is 2 screen caps from your sight and a screen cap from the company website. I’ve seen different postings about Yoochun wearing Bose headphones & I just thought I’d share this.

The URL to the Audio-Technia site about information about this pair of headphones is ->

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090709 MJTV INSIDE TIPS – Tohoshinki talks about Stand by U and a-nation

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TVXQ members (JUNSU, YUCHON, JEJUNG, CHANGMIN, YUNHO) each signed autograph on a piece paper,

There are in total five presents for five people for the draw.

If you wish to have one, you must fill out the applicant form below, and please press the send button.

Application lasts to Sunday, July 19th

One person can only fill out application form once (several times applications are ineligible for the draw)

The winners will be announced and present will be shipped.

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OMG! Jaejoong is so HOT!!!!!!

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1 Hour Of Tohoshinki Goodness, I watched this earlier, In Japanese Channel ~

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

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We will Sub this! hoepfully we'll be fast~

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