Monday, July 6, 2009

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your smiling faces and encouragement is where I received the great power!

All the best! Thank you!

- Yuchon

Tohoshinki’s dream to hold a live at Dome! and you’ve been our power to the dream v (^ 0 ^) v

I’m so happy ☆

Take care (ㅡ▽ㅡ)/

- Junsu

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Tohoshinki is Ended to Beat Arashi for Oricon Daily Chart
According to the report released on July 6th by Japan Oricon Chart, Tohoshinki’s single “Stand by U” which became the 2nd place before finally beated Japan idol Arashi and crowned as the king of daily chart.

Released on July 1st on the same day as Tohoshinki, with more than 10,000 copies sold, Arashi was ranked first and Tohoshinki followed straight behind at second. However, thanks to the unfolding effect of Dome concert on July 4th and 5th, finally today Tohoshinki got his Daily Chart 1st.

SM Entertainment agency spokeperson said, “Today on Oricon Daily Chart, Tohoshinki is confirmed as No. 1. This is one opportunity to see how popular Tohoshinki in Japan.”

Tohoshinki’s single sales is rising to exceed 30,000 copies.

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Showcase Messages

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Kano Sister blogged on their Ameblo Blog “Abunai Sister” about how they went to the Tohoshinki Tokyo Dome Concert.
(Kano sisters blog is currently ranked at 7th place on the Ameblo ranking and there’s a lot of readers leaving good comments about the boys on this entry~)

I went to Tohoshinki’s Concert in Tokyo Dome.
My sister had a lot of homework left, with checking her interview manuscript, so I attended by myself.

DHC-san had invited both of us, so my sister was very disappointed.
We like concerts very much,
Since we know many foreign artists,
We attend many genre of concerts.

This was the first time attending a concert for an Asian artist (Japan included)
So it was very refreshing, and moving.

the “Jun juwa~~.”
a good sense of humor, and
Excellent singing ability,
It was Japanese, but there was a mysterious sound to it,
Dynamic, and perfect dancing,
Everything was very moving.

In the VIP room. With 3, very pretty people from DHC

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Techno singer Lee Jung Hyun said “In the past, when I first met TVXQ, U-Know Yunho said “Noona, I passed the SM Entertainment Auditions with your song “Peace!”

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There's already security~ XD I might Go Crazzzy! like really Crazyy

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6th Day! Sales of Stand By U!

*1 東方神起 「Stand by U」29,278

total: 180,834

16 東方神起 「Share The World/ウィーアー!」


22 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

[DVD music]

2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」sky:CDLovin' you:CD+DVD

*8 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」
13 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Five in the Black~」
16 東方神起 「1st LIVE TOUR 2006 ~Heart, Mind, and Soul~」
20 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3」

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