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Popular Korean male group Tohoshinki had their concert at the Tokyo Dome on 4th July. It was the beginning of the final stop for their National tour, and it is their first time performing there since their debut (in Japan) 4 years ago. Their new single「Stand By U」which was released on 1 July, has already reached an amazing number of 300,000 copies shipped. It is estimated that the tour was attended by around 300,000 people, and their latest album has also passed the 300,000 mark. They have achieved the "Triple Three" of the music industry.

Coming from Korea in 2005, they challenged Japan's major scene (music industry) for the past 4 years. Last year, they made their first appearance in the "All-star Game" of the music industry, 「NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen」, and they achieved 6 ORICON Chart number ones. Tohoshinki has become a "hit machine".

They've accomplished a record that is comparable to the "certificate of good hitters" when famous batters of baseball games played in the Tokyo Dome achieve a Triple Three (Batting average 30%, Home-runs 30, Base stealing 30).

This will be the finale of the National Tour that began in May. Including the final performance on 5th July, the total number of 21 Lives would have been attended by roughly 300,000 people. Besides that, their latest album 「The Secret Code」have sold more than 300,000, and their new single 「Stand By U」have shipped more than 300,000 copies. Despite the recession in CD sales, the explosive numbers of their CD sales resulting in a "Triple Three" is proof that they are indeed Top Stars. It is definitely not a loss to have spent ¥3,000,000,000 in the total production of the national tour.

This is a quintet group that have perfected the "3 beats" of singing, dancing and speaking in Japanese. Nothing beats the image of the Dome packed with 50,000 people, drunk on the magnificence of the 5 "best hitters" on the stage.

The members, Yunho (23) was flying through the air, Jejung (23) and Yuchun (23) performed a duet that was shown for the first time. They used female dancers for the first time and screams came from the audience when there was body contact. In the talk corner, Junsu (22), pleased the fans when he used an Oyaji-gag, 「Benkyoushinai juku wa Harajuku」**.

The 5 members who looked around the Japan's largest venue kept saying 「It's amazingly huge!」. At the very end, as they stood and basked under the cheers of the fans, 「It feels like we've achieved our dream. I feel so blessed」, Junsu said with tears in his eyes.

**T/N: "The cram school that doesn't study, is Harajuku." Word play on "juku". ^^;;
***T/N: They make a lot of reference using Baseball terms since it's a well-known sport that is commonly played at the Dome.

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right on! time

Tokyo Dome! Blue! is so beautiful! nice Bigeast!

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Really fun (>_<) Without us notice, the time quickly passed by … (>_<) We’ll see you guys tomorrow!! - Changmin
The DOME stage we always dream about!
You guys’ big cheer is one which makes us succeed!
Really amazing (^ o ^)
Thank you, really!
- Yunho

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■ Thank you!
2009/07/05 (Sun) 22:26

Has ended safely and dome day!
The members stand on the stage of dreams, and excitement!
Thank you very much!

■ After the live ...
2009/07/05 (Sun) 22:22

Charisma Junsu too far!
Oh, the burger you ♪

■ Surprise!
2009/07/05 (Sun) 22:03

Members in a blue penlight surprise!
Very beautiful, and was surprised and impressed members!

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OMG! the Blue Sea! and Junsu's Burger and Yoochun face XD Tohoshinki! Omedetou!

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