Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Has already appeared LIVE at TV Asahi’s “Music Station” ♪
The song was “Stand by U” ~ (^ o ^) /

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THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME. The stadium was completely full and the red sea looked great.

I was really surprised when they came out and did their solo’s.
Junsu with Xiahtic, Yunho with Checkmate, Changmin with Wild Soul and Soulmate with their new song ‘Colors’ written by themselves.
IT WAS SO GOOD. I can not even stress how much I loved it.
Changmin did really well! I think it could have been my favorite solo performance.
Soulmate’s duet was just O.M.G.
And HoSu’s dance performances = totally sexy.

LITI! THEY PERFORMED IT LAST. My gosh, it’s my fav performance of LITI to date.

And I was with Changmin’s mother in the elevator! loooool. I didn’t know at first, but I thought she looked REALLY familiar, so I was going through my brain trying to figure out who’s mother it was. Yeahh, she still looks pretty young! And she’s not as tall as I thought she would be. <333 Tokyo Dome Song Order (I’m pretty sure this is correct):
01. Secret Game
02. We Are 04.
Take Your Hands
5. Stand Up!
06. 9095
07. Force
08. Purple Line
09. Mirotic

10. Heart, Mind and Soul
11. Wasurenaide
12. Xiahtic (Junsu solo)
13. Colors (Soulmate duet)
14. Checkmate (Yunho solo)
15. Wild Soul (Changmin solo)
16. Begin
17. Nobody Knows
18. Taxi
19. Forever Love
20. ‘O’ – JBH
21. Choosey Lover
22. Sky
23. Somebody To Love
24. Summer Dream
25. Survivor
26. The Way U Are
27. Share The World
28. Break Up The Shell
29. Stand By U
30. Kiss The Baby Sky
31. Bolero
32. Love In The Ice

And there were ments, videos in-between.

OH AND YEAH. The Jaechun duet is a ballad. =)
It’s super good, IMO! I hope they release it officially.

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another account:

The concert at Tokyo Dome was great! All the boys did really well.

Changmin, Yunho, and Junsu had solos and Jaejoong and Yoochun did a duet together.
Changmin’s solo took my breath away. His vocals was awesome.

I really like Jaejoong and Yoochun’s duet. The song was really good and I hope it will come out in a CD soon. ^^ The high notes they did was great.

Junsu perform Xiahtic and Yunho performed Checkmate. Both were really good and I’m jealous of the female dancers that got to dance with them. LOL.

The sad thing was that I was on the top so they were far away, until…they rode this car thingy and came to this mini stage in the back. It was great to see them closer. Jaejoong’s waist is really skinny!!!

After they perform Bolero, I thought it was the end and people in the back were chanting Tohoshinki and they came out again and perform Love in the Ice!! ^^ I was so happy. It was a great ending.

Afterwards, my friends and I went back to Tokyo Dome Hotel and we were in the same elevator with Changmin’s mom. OMG. I thought she was familiar until someone yelled Yunho’s mom and then I realized it was Changmin’s mom. She’s very pretty and elegant looking. Some of the fans shook her hands. I wanted to say hi but was scare that I would scare her.

I guess I’ll stop here.

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