Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jung Yunho
as right now I can remember more about Yunho than Jaejoong (I’ll dig up more about Jaejoong later on)

Remember what Yunho wrote in his site about Jackson passed away? He wrote.. “blah blah blah May you rest in peace, Smooth Criminal!”

Well, ‘Smooth Criminal’ is absolutely one MJ’s song which has a lot influence on Yunho’s solo CHECKMATE. The suits, the choreography… what I told to my friend about the difference of XIAHTIC and CHECKMATE was, “In XIAHTIC, Junsu was like a bad guy on street trying to seduce sexy women. While in CHECKMATE, Yunho was like a young handsome businessman trying to seduce his secretary.”

They made change in the opening of CHECKMATE in first day and second day. The first day, it started normally, just like one you always see in all video. While in second day, the performance started with spotlight shone Yunho’s back up dancers one by one while Leadersshi finally appeared by hanging on the air with that carriage they use for Hey! performance.

Just as Junsu, Yunho also lipsyched the song. Yet, he’s seriously sexy!!! I mean, the song will have less sexy effect if that dancer lady was not around, really. So I dont mind to see her there. I know it may causes explosive jealousy effect if you got Yunho’s touchy moment got captured like the last time, but trust me, none of their touchy moments lasted more than 5 seconds

This guy didnt really shine in vocal area if you compare him to other members, to see he’s mostly in charge in base note and rarely got main vocal role which requires difficult vocal technique. However, in dance area… he’s definitely the “it” member.

Yunho stood exactly in front of me for more than 5 minutes. I stared at his ass open mouth-edly without having an idea to capture it, lol *sorry!*. He also danced there, in front of me and my poor-almost-fainted eyes… to see how those muscles moved along with the dance, I can tell… if you happen to get punched or kicked by his hands and legs while he’s dancing, I bet you’ll definitely knocked out. He danced with power, no wonder those muscles never leaves him.

One sweet moment about Yunho I remember was in Wrong Number performance. During Jaejoong’s rap, Yunho was waiting for his part with his dancers behind, right? Well, at that time, I saw him checking the condition of his dancers, like “Are you okay?” “You’ll remember where you need to stand, right?” because I saw the dancers nodded and shook heads while he’s asking them. Yunho being the most caring member of TVXQ’s staffs is absolutely not just a rumor.

He also loved to goof around …………. and flirt around, lol. As I told you before, Yunho was the runner up of the most flirty member in the concert. He seduced his fans by smiling, pointing them, then touching his chest while he’s singing (I wonder how those girls can remain stood up after that ^^), Yunho also waved and smiled at us (me and everyone who stood around me). He made a peace sign when one of the fan trying to capture him with her cellphone (lucky her!). Playing with the official staff’s camera… And this one happened in front of me:

One of the backup dancer (who I need to stress here, WAS REALLY HANDSOME) kneeling down in front of him, and Yunho acted like he was blessing him (his palm on to the dancer’s head), ^^;;; but then Yunho kneeled down as well, joined both his palm (for showing respect/thankful), took the dancer’s arm, asked him to stand up

I dunno why, but I think Thai fans love to see YunJae a lot, and at some points, I guess Yunho just tried to satisfy them ^^;;; he huddled up Jaejoong and when Jae looked at him like “What are you doing?” Yunho just smirked XD. The Thai fans also screamed so loud when YunJae got their duet at Love in The Ice, lol. I wonder what was in the boys’ mind to hear that XDDD

mmmm…. I really cant think of anything hasn’t been told about Yunho here… sorry if I happen to miss a lot of facts, since just few hours ago I got fever so my brain may got clogged out ^^;;;;

One thing about Yunho to conclude everything:

He’s the most charismatic member. You may have known this, but to see him in real life, it has definitely different effect. How he lead his members, how he took care his dancers, how he serviced the fans… even if you dont know which one is TVXQ’s leader, by seeing Yunho, you’re going to know who’s the one.

And another one… it’s really funny to see Yunho trying to act cute when his manliness remains strong, lol. I was like, “Oh Yunho… please….” XDD

Sorry if I cant report a lot about Jung Yunho (and it will be worse when it comes to Jaejoong, I guess) since I only have two eyes and they’re already stuck on YooMin ^^;;;;;; But I hope you enjoy what you have read

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OMG! this Place is like a Paradise~

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