Saturday, May 30, 2009

[PHOTOS] TOHO Mobile QUIZ - Who Owns this?

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Credits: DBSKnights + Delusion

[INFO] YUCHUN - Thank You Blog (English Mail)

Thank you Mail (YUCHUN)

First of all I Realize of Faith that what you've gave to 5 of us.

That special "Faith" makes us more special,tight Membership. And potentialities of improvement.

I'll say thank you for the blessing to drop the nightmares we had.



Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
OMG! an english Mail From Yoochun XD


Lost in Yoosu World Again~

Credits: DBSKnights + intoxicaki + HeyJJ

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[VIDEO] Mirotic Beatbox


What a funny guy! I like him~

[TRANS] Text Messeges in Stand by U PV

For those curious about what the text messages in Stand By U mean.. :)
In order of appearance:

Work seems to be as busy as ever...?
I really want to meet you...

Are you busy...?
Working during the weekend too?
I really want to be with you...

It's useless already?
I'm lonely. (T/N: Means really sad/desolate.)

It's too hard...


Message deleted.

Translation by
shared by locofruitcake@livejournal

Ah, how is it possible?! It makes it even sadder! Hi5 Emoticon

[INFO] JAEJOONG top 5 Guy's in Sleeveless B-pass Magazine

Guys Sleeveless ranking~

"What.... Sleeveless?"

"Of Course! My Arms are totally Smexxy"

"Even Spiderman Thinks so~"
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back then no. 1 in white
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + as tagged

[INFO] DBSK Top 10 Shop list

Credits: DBSKnights

[PHOTOS] Yoochun Photoshop + Jaejoong's friend

A Fan Photoshop Yoochun's Face, in this "Artist" Body Who is the Original One~ does anyone know?

Credits: DBSKnights + Mickybaidu + Toink@soompi

[PHOTOS] YOOCHUN Timeout Gelato part 7

Credits: DBSKnights + MicyBaidu + as tagged

[SCANS] Tohoshinki; Fantasy☆Star 04-09

I demand! the Boys wear Pink!

Credits: DBSKnights


Shabekuri 007 Arita Likes Yoochun~

Someone Shouted SARANGHAE YOOCHUN Really Loud! then he smiled and said Thanks!


From channel-a, this model was asked whose her type in Tohoshinki she said "Yoochun-san"

Twins or the other Likes Yoochun~ from Star King

Someone Shouted Yoochun's Name, then he waved and Smiled Back~

2008 Kingsbrunch~

SHINee Says Thanks to Yoochun for words or encouragement and Buying them Foods

With Jaejoong's Mom~

with Changmin~

Yoochun's Fanclub President in Elementary (Happy Together Friends)

With Suju

with Kyunhyun

with Teacher

with Jaejoong

Boom and Micky

Tablo and Micky

Totally popular with the Kids

Micky and Junjin + Minwoo

MNET School of Rock


Over the Mountain Across the river

the Old people kept telling Yoochun how Pretty she was more, prettier than her daughter~

With Fans

Credits: DBSKnights + MickyBaidu
I added the Captions, I relied on my Memory so it may not be 100% correct~