Sunday, June 21, 2009

3rd Bigeast Fanclub Event

Junsu thought That Mona Lisa is Nude.
And So He Drawed it like this,~

But News article even says, that Da Vinci made the same art, originally as Nude. the Similar artwork, is found in a Library in Leonardo's birthplace seemingly unknown.

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Jun-chan so Kawaii~

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■ Thank you!
2009/06/21 (Sun) 19:50

Finished the arena tour! !
Everyone gave a hot cheer , thank you!
I'll see you ~ ☆

■ from Staff In Charge
2009/06/21 (Sun) 19:46
Want a nice cake!
Great inspiring members (^ O ^)
Thank you very ♪

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I have no idea why? when i uploaded the Photos it became Upside down...
Here's the Orginal link :

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Eco Uta Introduction
Broadcast date: June 21st
Time: 21.00 – 23.00
Channel: NHK 종합 TV

Programme Details
‘Save the future’ is the theme for Eco Uta.
Popular artist will be singing JPOP song and deliver the message through their songs.

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I want to say many thanks to all of you in Nagoya.

All local live stages has finally ended well today

It feels just like yesterday when we began the tour

Time surely passes very quickly T T

Everyone at the last day performance in Nagoya
you were all laughing together and we’re all so happy

Thank you really\(^^)

Now the remaining stages are the DOME stages~
The whole crews and members were talking about it a lot recently

Til the very end, we’ll work hard

Thank you.

from YUNHO

source: tohomobile
Trans : sharingyoochun
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34 东方神起 "Share The World /ウィーアー!"


48 东方神起 "The Secret Code"


* 8 东方神起 "3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~"
11 东方神起 "2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 ~ Five in the Black ~"

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20062009 - Music Fair - Tohoshinki
Talk part with Chinese and English Subtitles

Part 1 - Changmin talking about Junsu & JaeHo love & Yunho talking about Changmin

Part 2 - Junsu & Changmine talking about JJ & JaeJoong talking about Junsu

Part 3 - Yunho talking about Yoochun -

Credits: XiahKing / layla@DBSKnights

Credits: DBSKnights + MIKA+Toink3@Soompi + sharingyoochun
Who Owns This Earring?

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■ Let's go!
2009/06/21 (Sun) 16:06

Last day in Nagoya!
I'm going on willpower!

■ prior to production.
2009/06/21 (Sun) 15:41

JUNSU the taping of the foot, repeatedly checking YUNHO are part of the dance video!

■ unite?
2009/06/21 (Sun) 15:34

Dancers have been combined with the band TVXQ (laughter).

■ YUNHO in the dressing room ...
2009/06/21 (Sun) 14:51

We choose the word with a hard copy of the email Thanks!

■ At the fan club ...
2009/06/21 (Sun) 14:29

Dancers with the hope TVXQ (?)
Has implemented a new membership campaign!

■ after the rehearsal ...
2009/06/21 (Sun) 14:25

YUCHON in massage!
Earlier than usual today, so, so sleepy (^ o ^;

■ Oops ...
2009/06/21 (Sun) 14:23

Outside the venue, I started taking pictures of the band's members (laughs).
Thank you cheer!

■ Dancers TVXQ ...
2009/06/21 (Sun) 14:06

TVXQ live they are an essential part of the dancer's friends, who like the original T-shirt making.
I felt good in the cool!

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