Friday, June 19, 2009

Mu-mo Mobile Magazine - Tohoshinki CM

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Hehe i don't know if anyone see this picture before.
But Junsu look sooooo pretty here!

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YTN korean channel conducted an interview of Dong Bang Shin Ki fans in Argentina. The Korean Cultural Center in Argentina called reporters YTN housed in Argentina and they collected information and sent to the channel in Korea.
Special thanks: YTN channel & Korean Cultural Center in Argentina

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In Nagoya
Asiana airlines/ANA lost our baggage. So we were stuck at the baggage claims for some quite time.

→ Cameras aren’t really allowed at the baggage claims. That’s why my shots are pretty crappy. ;\

→ I was pretty much 5 feet or less feet away from Jaejoong, junsu, and yoochun when i saw them.

→ yoochun doesn’t really meet anyone’s eyes. he’s gorgeous, though. He was wandering by himself and i saw junsu in the hallway of the men’s bathroom.

→ junsu looks better in real life.

→ jaejoong is frigging gorgeous, no lie. and skinny. and tall.

→ yunho and changmin were too far away from me ): but idk. i made eye contact with leader-sshi and he smiled, anyways.


→ the airport staff were amused with me, because i squealed. and then one of the girls was like, 「なに?」 and then i was like.. 「東方神起のメンバーがここにいます!」 then she was like, “lol. /smile”
(her: what?; me: THSK’s here!; her: lol XD)

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lucky fan~

Bonus~ from Arrival

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OMG! too Sexy!
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