Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Dear Readers,
I am sad to announce that two of our You Tube channels have been suspended.

We knew it wouldn't be long, but they found us so quickly! And most surprisingly, we were suspended for a fancam. Apparently Avex Entertainment takes offense to Secret Code Tour fancams, now.

SO -
Since the DBSKnights will never give up, we have created a new channel! dbsknightsblog3 will now be our main channel. Our new backup channel is

Please subscribe! We've got a lot of videos to upload so stay tuned for more~

Thank you all for your support!
The DBSKnights Team

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Focus on Jaejoong~

XD they Look so Cute here~
JAESU~ at the Back~ (So close these days ne~)

Poor Jaejongie Bitten by a Mosquito~


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