Sunday, May 31, 2009

I believe this was for Dating on earth~

Man! I Want to photoshop my Face in that Girl
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Tai Tai ♪ I feel ashamed (T_T)

(T/N: he’s still ashamed to do his TaiTai move in FBS Night Shuffle, lol. I think all members keep on teasing him eversince)

With everyone’s cheering, the songs turned very nice (^ O ^)

Thank you!

- Junsu

Fukuoka is really hot!

Because Junsu is back again, we can do the best stage!

See you again!

- Yoochun

Fukuoka does not only have very delicious food, the cheer from you is hot as well

I’m so happy!

Love! Fukuoka! See you later ~ ^ ^


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Sorry Guys~ I'm Having the Lazy BUG

Everyone. I’m JEJUNG

I enjoyed myself doing live in Fukuoka these past days!!

Yunho and I were so sorry for not be able to come to Fukuoka the last time… (T/N: for TSC promotion)

However, finally I come and taste a lot of delicious food here (^ ○ ^)

Being able to meet staffs in Fukuoka is also delightful (^ ◇ ^) o

The most important is

I can meet all fans in Fukuoka \ (^ ◇ ^) /

These two past days are really enjoyable ~

Thank you, let’s meet again~\(^o^)

TAITAI! Thailand Thailand!

(T/N: TAI TAI is from FBS Night Shuffle, he’s imitating Junsu. And I guess he just connected TAI and Thailand together. The same when he connected XIAH and Malaysia – Indonesia back then, lol)

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“Japan has the most wonderful and clear scenery than any other country I ever visited!”


Yoochun is the 5th member of Bigeast.


Jaejoong really love to train his muscle, but now he seems to try holding back to do so (as his fans dont like him to be too muscular)


When debuted, Changmin felt stressed as he’s the youngest,

But now everything become easier as he seems to be the oldest in the group.


Yunho’s face is turning red as soon as he starts to drink!

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Who owns This?

Answer -- in read More~
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■ Lets go!
2009/05/31 (Sun) 16:03

So Fukuoka is the first two performances!
Lets Go!

■ with the production ...
2009/05/31 (Sun) 15:46

JUNSU is taped.
And hear the cheers of the people were saying and outgrow the pain JUNSU (^ ^)
Please support hot today!

■ I quit ・2
2009/05/31 (Sun) 14:56

YUCHON gentle massage to give JUNSU!
Or so someone thought, in the way of the trainer actually (>_<) Continue to yesterday, I stopped YUCHON ...

Credits: DBSKnights

Hamburgers. Pizza. Ddeokbokgi. Black pudding. Sundae. Kamaboko. Kimbab. Bibimbap

Spaghetti. Jjajangmyeon. Sweet and sour pork. Dumplings. Kkanpunggi. Capsicum Donburi

Tofu. Sobulgogi Donburi. Omelet rice. Rabokgi. Jjajangbap

Champon. Jjolmyeon. Seolreongbap. Bulgogi. Bulgalbi. Galbitang

Galbijjim. Sashimi. Hoedeopbap. Squid. Octopus. Salmon. Shrimps

Kimchi stew. Miso soup. Tempura. Udon. Sweets. Drink. Ham. Cheese

Cake. Sandwich. Yakitori. Dalgalbi. Chicken. Pork cutlet

Candy. Fruit. French fries. Daljjim. Daldoritang. Gulbi. Potatoes

Sweet potatoes. Chestnut. Quails eggs. Duck. Haejangguk woogeoji. Curry

Meatballs. Soup. Yukgaejang. Bread. Cookies. Noodles. Kimchi fried rice

Fried rice. Twinkies. Gamjatang. Seafood stew. Mushroom stew and ice cream.

Sushi. Tofu stew. Tofu fries. Buchimgae. Bindaetteok. Gimchijeon. Scallion pancake

Buchujeon. Gyeranjjim. Gyeranmalgi. Boiled eggs. Tuna. Rice cake. Tteokguk

Beef. Kimchi. Yubuchobap. Dumpling soup. Kim. Crabs. Yukhoe. Gejang

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he must be really hungry at that time~ lol!
Xiahky and Junsu

Jaejoong and Vick

Yunho and Taepoong

Yoochun and Harang

Changmin and mandoongie

even my Brother who is a Innocent bystander, Thinks so! They really Look a like especially Junsu and Xiahky~
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Smexxxy! JUNSU!

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Forgot to post this~
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■ Fukuoka Day 2!
2009/05/31 (Sun) 11:51

Under a blue sky晴RE渡TTA surface, Fukuoka Day 2 started!
Goods sold will start soon!
For visitors, but please be careful because the hot body!

■ Fukuoka Audience ...
2009/05/31 (Sun) 12:56

We started the sale of live photos!
For visitors, please check us ♪

■ At the fan club ...
2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:11

Campaign is a membership site!
OFISHARUFANKURABU Bigeast to those who join us at the "hand-written message card member" for free!

■ during the rehearsal!
2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:28

Even while doing the same menu every performance, the members all or nothing.
We fight among members a place to get out!

■ The end of RIHA ...
2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:46

The remaining stages are YUNHO!
The drum is practice ☆
Able to demonstrate to you some day ...!

■ Lunch is rice ...
2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:53

BIBINPA manager's hand!
Recipe, the egg and沢庵bloom and sweet-sour pork with kimchi and tofu hemp婆(laughs).
Considerable volume (*_*)
Members, the taste? When asked, delicious! He says.
This will also live in today頑張REMASU (^ O ^)

■ love mischief!
2009/05/31 (Sun) 14:12

Gaufrettes and if they enjoy a coffee,,,
割RA was half YUCHON (-.-;)
Gaufrettes vanilla is sold exclusively at I ☆

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Couples and DBSK Interaction! XD!
Credits: DBSKnights + narutoo115