Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's been a long time since we came to Hiroshima, so I'm really glad we were able to have such a great time with everyone (^-^)
Thank you so much!!

We had delicious food and had such a fun time with everyone, it was really fun~ (O^O^O)
Thank you! Please continue to care about Tohoshinki~ (^^)V

Everyone in Hiroshima, thank you for the best time!
I was really touched by your heartfelt cheers!
Let's meet again!

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Everyone in Hiroshima, this is Changmin.
Today is the 11th performance, and it has also ended~ (^^)

Although I came here during the promotions, ate a lot of good food, and gained a lot of strength, but yesterday I ate Hiroshima's famous okonomiyaki and felt extra Power Up!

We've put all this energy into the Live today, and the atmosphere was really high!!
Hahaha (^∇^)
Doing the Tour is really such a happy thing~
Thank you everyone! \(^^)/

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This is actually from the blog entry of a worker from Bossa Nova, the accessory shop in Japan which Jaejoong frequently visits. Lucky staff you! :(


Many Tohoshinki fans have been visiting our shop recently, and everyone of them are really great people.
I was very happy to hear about some things about Jaejoong.
Speaking of which, he seems to be very busy recently due to the Live Tour.
The last time we met, Jaejoong once said that, going back and forth between Japan and Korea is really hectic.
When Jaejoong comes to the shop, he likes to choose the accessories he like and tries them on.
Shop in a happy and relaxed way. Jaejoong prefers silver.
(When he is shopping for accessories, he does not talk about work, thus he thought that I did not recognize him)
When we met for the second or third time, I greeted him "Long time no see, are you feeling better?"
"En? Do you remember me?" Jaejoong replied. When I said "You are Mr. Jaejoong right?", Jaejoong was very happy.
Jaejoong is very humble, he left me with a very good impression.
I look forward to seeing his career develop in the future. You are always welcome back to the shop.


This is a really mini picture of the shop-front:

If I go to Japan next time, I'm going to camp there for a year straight or something. Hahahaha.

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■ Thank you!
2009/06/06 (Sat) 21:54

Hiroshima Day 1, finished!
Thank you to everyone who came! !

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OMG so Cute and Hot!
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DBSK Endorsing, Collection~
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Twin Twin~~~Junsu! Junho (Twin fantasies Thanks Ouran!)

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