Friday, May 29, 2009

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Song List for TBS Mirotic Concert Broadcast

1.HEY!(Don´t bring me down)
2.Are you A Good girl?
3.Rising Sun
5.Wrong Number
6.Purple Line
9.Love in the Ice
10.Don´t say Goodbye
11.挨拶 (Talk)
13.The way U are
14.Somebody to love
15.Crazy Love
16.Song for you

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OMG!!! So beautiful XD cassies are really into YUNJAE LOL... Hmmmm XD
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Sorry guys I went out~ and i bought SEOLLEIM Icecream shake!
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More Sizes
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A group who released a single which becomes popular anime ONE PIECE soundtrack, “Share The World/We Are!” on April 22nd and placed their singles 6 times on ORICON Weekly #1, TVXQ, makes news yet again. On July 1st, continuing from the hit last year “どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?”, a love song single “Stand by U” will be launched. Meanwhile, on May 29th 17:00 prior to the release date, a drama version MV of this single will be released for the first time through cellphone BeeTV “BeeMusic”.

Drama actor, Tanaka K appears at the music video as the leading role to experience such a hurting content of the MV. “Stand by U”, despites it’s still 1 month before the release, on May 27th won 2nd place for top request chart at J-POP, drawing a lot of attention to this broken heart single.

Furthermore, on May 1st BeeTV celebrated as their surpass 10,000 downloads thus by June 1st in the afternoon, decides to execute plan of registering with no charge as a possibility to see everyone’s wishes. While during May BeeTV has been holding lottery for 300 people to get “DoCoMo charger”.

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this Guy~! he's a prolific actor and famous too

Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong

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Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

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What is AwesomeStart? What’s the point? A “start page” (sometimes called ‘home’) is simply the first page you see when you logon to the internet – whether you dialup or just open a browser like internet explorer. If you click the little house icon in your browser (it probably looks something like the picture to the right) you return to this page. is a collection of free customizable “start pages.” The idea is you setup your own page with stuff you normally use when you go online – your email, your favorite links, and a Google search box, for instance. Once the page is set up, you “mark it as home” (make it your default start page.) That way, every time you go online you have a neat looking page with all the stuff you need right there.

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Right now there is currently only the Tri-Angle theme for DBSK, but if we request, they might put in more! And some pics of the boys, just so I don’t break the rules.

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The sale of CDs will be available at the concert venue. However, due to circumstances related to the venue, the sale timings will be changed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and seek for your understanding. Thank you in advance.
In addition, the lottery (T/N: draw) will be carried out without any changes.
Thank you in advance.

The sale will take place at the entrance of Fukuoka Marine Messe.
5/30(Sat) 14:30~17:20
5/31(Sun) 12:00~14:50

In the above-mentioned time, you can still purchase even without your tickets.
However, after the given time slots, those without tickets will not be able to enter the sales venue, and this applies for after the performance ends as well.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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JJ taunts Min with crab -
Min hangs up on JJ! Hahahahaha!


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Part 2! (Part 1 here)
Do you know the boys' drawing styles?
Who drew which picture?

The answers may surprise you~
Credit MrCKDexter@DBSKnights

It's an Old Video, and i felt as if i was not even born yet.... Coz' TVXQ made my Life... really Great~ and the time's i didn't know of them I felt like i was not yet born.~
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(based on the Hair Color this was taken later than the tattoo itself and look at Jaejoong He's Such a Beautiful creature, so handsome and smexxy! Tall... *drools*)

The Tatoo~
New View

Oh My There's also Something at the Bottom

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"The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor"
"A song will outlive sermons in the memory"
"Hope to the end"

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