Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anyong hasaeyo, MUSIC JAPAN is the Anglo-American director. (Britain and US)

Monday, May 18, Very Busy Recording in NHK Hall
This is what, Audiences of MJ are Best at, more than 50,000!
Thank you!

Next Sunday, 24 (Sun) 23:30 - The broadcast,
We hear some of the customers YATTAO IRASHI this
Also there to enjoy!

In this recording, TVXQ! Appeared

Line Up

1. LUNA (withお父さんのmr.マリックも出演!)
2. GLAY (2曲热唱)
3. 真野恵里菜
5. hitomi
6. May'n
7. MiChi
8. LM.C
9. ミヒマルGT
10. 水树奈々
11. サンボマスター
12. いきものがかり
13. 郷ひろみ
14. 東方神起

Credits: DBSKnights +Music Japan
Minjiscm for line-up

I can Spot a TVXQ fan, within 1 mile radious, those Audiences are definitely Toho Fans, Towels, lightsick etc.Hi5 Emoticon

That's How Famous Tohoshinki is now!

If u remember I posted about this sometime ago, unfortunately there's no Video~ available back then, but! Yatta! there is now

This is from "MONOMANE Gran Prix Tournament"
(Monomane- impersonation)
What are the signs that you're very Popular?

People Impersonate you on TV
Hi5 Emoticon

Credits: DBSKnights + 08panda

U got it First! from DBSKnights *winks*
part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

Credits: miehime0921

With Japans top artist and Tohoshinki Rhythm Zone senpai's Exile~

Credits: DBSKnights +Mr. TVXQ

More Airport Photos! Hi5 Emoticon
Credits: DBSKnights

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQ Baidu

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQ Baidu + Ichigo + TVXQ Family

Credits : DBSKnights + Max Baidu + Our Chang Min + Ordinary Days