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Author's note: This is probably one of my toughest and longest full translations of Bigeastation and probably my favourite one, this episode is too hilarious, a MUST READ! Sorry for the delay :)

Bigeastation 111 CM,JJ,YC

CM: THSK’s Bigeastation today, is hosted by Chang Min,
JJ: Jae Joong and
YC: Yoo Chun
CM: Ya~ Please guide us along!
JJ and YC: Please guide us a long!
CM: 4th Live Tour~ The Secret Code~ has finally started1
YC: It has started (A weird sound coming out from nowhere)
CM: This tour will be ongoing for 2 months, starting from now, so what do you two think?

YC: It’s fantastic (CM: Ah~~) Fantastic~
CM: What (Fantastic) ? What is it?
YC: Stretching our necks in anticipation for a year. We can finally spill out those excited feelings from our hearts. [Oh, so he’s a giraffe, I see…]
CM: Yes~Yes~But this has just started~
YC: You’re right, starting from the beginning, from the beginning~
CM: So you’ve spilled everything out from your heart? Eh?
YC: From the opening song, it’s going to be fantastic all the way.
CM: And? So you’ve expressed everything out already? But you can’t~ [He really has no manners ^^]
YC: No, I’ll rest after expressing all at one go till I’, tired, then I’ll continue.
CM: So it’s like this~ Jae Hoong arh~
JJ: Ehh~ That~ I can feel that our fans have grown~(CM: Yes) The warm reaction from the audience is definitely unlike the usual response~
CM: Ya~~~
JJ: We’ve received lots of support!
CM: This is really great~
JJ: Yes~
CM: We’ve mentioned many times that, like the name of our tour, there would be many secretive performances and items lined up for our concert.
JJ and YC: There’s a lot~
CM: Our listeners sent letters to us, pleading us to reveal a little about the mysterious performances~
YC: Ah~~~
JJ: Ahh~~~
CM: There’s lots of letters!
YC: Can we just reveal a little?
CM: Just say a little~~~[ Why do I feel that Shim Chang min isn’t like his normal self today? Haha o>_YC: Why do I feel that Chang Min is making casual remarks? Haha~Haha~ [He definitely is…]
CM: I’m not~
YC: Are you really that lonely?
CM: Yes, yes~ Lonely~Lonely~
YC: Hahahaha
JJ: If it’s like this, then we’ll…
YC: What should we say~
JJ: We can reveal secrets on which songs will be different…
CM: What~
JJ: Performance~ Stage ~Singing, or like what would be happening~
YC: So…
CM: Hurry and say~
JJ: That~Sorry!
CM: Yes
YC: THSK, isn’t just one person….Ahh!! (CM:Ai ya~) How do I say this, I’m sure you all will understand~
CM: Ah~Every member~
YC: Every group member~However,it’s not just us… [No idea what he’s trying to reveal though]
CM: Ya~Let’s stop for now!
YC: Ah!
CM: Ya~ You can’t say! You can’t say! [Lol…-_-]
JJ: It’s not just the 5 of us!
CM: Ya!
YC: Wa ah!
JJ: ah! [In a big mess+ I’m feeling that Chang min will really turn mad if this continues o.0]

YC: 50 people?
JJ: It could be 20~
YC: Yes~
CM: Then (YC: Hahaha), there are still many more secrets~ (YC: You’re right) That will be revealed if you come to our concert~
JJ: It would then be revealed~
CM: Everyone who will be watching the concert, please anticipate~
YC: Yes, please look out for us~
CM: THSK’s Bigeastation, let us hear the first song for today~ THSK’s~
All: Share The World

[*THSK’s Mentality*]

CM: Next is our [TohoMentality] segment, or rather, a mentality test. Following the different questions, we will answer honestly and thus we could be revealing our unknown characteristics, so please be careful guys~ [What a ghastly tone…]
YC: Alright~
CM: Let’s start, Yoo Chun, please begin~
YC: Alright, I’ll start first~ Radio name Shiori will be providing us with the mentality test.
CM :Yes~
YC: The question is [ When you lost your way in a forest and starts to feel helpless, someone you know appeared to help you, so who wiuld this kind-hearted person be? Please choose a member.]
CM: Choose a member?
JJ: From THSK?
CM: Yea~~I choose Yoo Chun.
YC: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!OH really? [Notice his fading out voice]
CM: This is kind of unexpected.
YC: This is really good~
CM: What’s wrong?
YC: No, it’s really good~
CM: What? Ah? [Erm…]
YC: What about Jae Joong?
CM: This is getting suspicious~
JJ: I choose Yoo Chun too.
YC: Yahahahahahahahaha!!!!! [ He’s really a professional in laughing xD]
CM: What in the world is happening?
YC: Is it true?
JJ: YC won’t be the one rescuing me but instead, I feel that he would be one stuck at the same place with me.
YC: But the question asks on the person who would rescue you.
CM: Yea yea~
JJ: Then I would choose Yoo Chun, Yoo Chun. [Hey, whatever happened to Yun Ho? ^^]
CM: So what’s the result?
YC: The answer is [To you, this is a person who is good to be ordered about].
CM: Hehehehehehehehahahahahahah~~~Which means that YC is someone who we should be ordering about~AH~Ahahahahaha [The recording studio has become a laughter- congested studio…Though I gotta admit~This is funny~ XDDD]
YC: Good to be ordered about?
CM: KEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ [I wonder if he’s better than Yoo Chun in laughing? :P]
YC: Alright~
CM: This is so convenient~~~
YC: The next letter~
JJ: I’ll read out the next letter~
JJ: “Hitamo loves Yoo Chun”
CM: Is this a radio name?
JJ: Yes, it is.
YC: Ah~ radio name ah~ I got a shock~
CM : I thought this was a mentality test question~ Ohh!
YC: Me too~
JJ: The radio name is, “Hitamo loves Yoo Chun.”
CM: Please read out then~
JJ: Okay. The question is [ If there were rings from number 1 to number 100 and you have to choose one for your girlfriend, which ring would you choose?]
YC: Rings with numbers?
JJ: Yes yes yes, 0 to 100.
CM: Yea~~~~~
YC: Ya, this is difficult~
CM: I choose 0~ [Wow, he’s really quick to answer the question]
YC: Ah!
CM: I choose 0~ What about YC?
YC: Me….
JJ: I recommend number 50.
YC: 50?
CM: No. 50~JJ’s recommendation is No.50.
YC : JJ’s recommendation~ Ya~ This is too risky~ I would really like to choose 0, but 50?
JJ: I think 50 is good.
CM: Fifity? So it’s fifty?
YC: Then I’ll follow JJ”s recommendation. [Poor child~ You’re under control of your soulmate, ohohohoho~]
CM: Fifty? YC choose fifty?
YC: 49.9~ [LOL!]
JJ: Ahahahaha~
YC: no no, 50~50~ JJ’s recommendation is 50~
JJ: Let’s reveal the answer then~ The answer is [the number oyu choose would be the number of times you cheated on your GF] [listeners would be clapping hands and secretly smiling]
YC: Which means, I should have choose 0! [Hohoho~ How can he not trust his own choice! :P]
CM: Which also means that YC should choose no. 100~
JJ: Man, you have good taste!
YC: What is t with this-[ I can see that he’s feeling frustrsted, haha^^]
CM: We’lll stop here for today.
YC: Ah? CM, aren’t you going to read out?
CM: I didn’t get the message (haha CM, you ‘re so cutee!)
YC: Ah? Oh I see.
YC,JJ: But don’t push the responsibility to the staff!
CM: There;s not enough time! [Oh really?]
YC: Hahaha!
CM: We’ll stop here for today, so how do you feel about[Tohomentality]?
JJ: It’s fun!
YC: It’s fun! But a little…
JJ: It’s fun! [sure it is~]
JJ: YC cheated on his gf for 50 times!
CM: 50 times!
YC: And I’m alos good for being ordered about, haiz~
CM: We welcome everyone’s letters to provide mentality test questions. Previously we had the [Tohomentality] segment. Let us listen to songs now, THSK’s~
All: [9095]
CM: This is part of THSK’s advertisement. Firstly 2A new single [STW/we are!] has already been released! Please support us! YC: Please support us!) Then, the 4th Live Tour~TSC~ has already started, we’re anticipating to see you guys at our national tour which would be ongoing for 2 months! (JJ: Please look forward!) Let’s get high together! (YC: Ya~~ JJ: Let’s get HIGH!) Our programme welcomes your letters, the address is www.jfn.co.jp, toho (repeats again) * toho is spelled as T-O-H-O. (YC: Yeah!) There’s also photographs of us while in the recording studio~
All: Please look at them~

[I really want to know]
CM:[ I really want to know] will start now~ Everyone can ask any questions in this segment and THSK will answer them. We received lots of letters today, thanks everyone! Let’s start reading them out now, beginning with YC.
YC: Oh~
CM: Please~
YC: Do I start first?
CM: Yes, you do~
YC: Radio name : [Some Japanese words I don’t know, sorry~]
JJ: Jjiang ___ [actually means “ Just like this” in English]
CM: Jjiang ___
YC: 25 years old and has a question to ask JJ.
JJ: Okay, I’m JJ.
YC: [I heard that JJ doesn’t like his gf to wear very short skirts, what about short shorts? And if it isn’t JJ’s gf, will you dislike other girls wearing super short skirts?]
CM: Ah~~~~
JJ: No, it’s definitely not like this.
YC: Not
JJ: Yes yes, not like this.
YC: kekekeke~
CM: Not
YC: Hahaha~
JJ: keke, CM said that just now.
CM: 9^_^) Yes it is.
JJ: Super short skirt~ it looks sexy.
CM: Do you like it?
JJ: Yes
YC: Do you like super short skirts?
CM, YC: Do you like them or hate them? We really want to know!
JJ: Hahaha~
YC: Like or hate?
JJ: Actually I like them.
CM: As expected.
YC: Ya~~
CM: Super short skirts~ JJ likes girls who wear super short skirts.
YC: Did everyone hear that~ woohoohoohoowooho~ (=_=||)
JJ: Aren’t super short skirts for girls to wear~ What I mean is my gf~ I dislike it when my gf wears a super short skirt in front of other guys.
CM: And letting other guys see~
JJ: Yes, I hate it when other guys look at her.
YC: I hate those kind~ where they wear super short skirts up to the stage and not being careful, accidentally exposed herself.
CM: Accidentally~
YC: Accidentally~
JJ: Should be more careful~
YC: I’m worried that this kind of stuff will happen.
JJ: Yes~ I’m only worried that this kind of stuff will happen to my gf.
YC: Yes right~ It’s not that I dislike super short skirts.
JJ: Oh yes~
YC: So charming, Jae Joong, so charming! Charming!
CM: He’ too perfect~~~
JJ: Everyone thinks that way~
All ;AH!
CM: Can I read out the next letter?
YC+JJ: Of course!!!
CM: radio name “babababang”
YC: (n_n) What’s this?
JJ: Hahaha
CM: Looking at this, I suddenly thought of that~
JJ: Hahaha~ Babababang
CM : It must be that Babababang [Probably some destiny symphony the 3 of them sing together] It must be that. This is a letter by a male.
JJ: Oh really?!
YC: Oh~Not bad~
CM: [It’s my first time writing a letter to you because I have a problem. I’ve always been dancing and two years ago, when I saw Yoo Chun san dancing, I’ve become Yoo Chun’s fan ever since. (JJ: Ah~ That’s good~) A handsome and sexy dance.]
JJ: So handsome!
YC: hahahahaha!
CM: [The hairstyle is also very fashionable really admire him]
JJ: Handsome guy! Handsome guy! [Oh…my…gawd…]
CM: Yup~
YC: Thank you!
CM: [What I want to tell you all is, I’ve recently gotten a girlfriend.]
YC: Ya! Congrats!!!
JJ: Congrats!!!~~~~
CM: I’m envious~ [ The coincidence is that my gf is also a loyal THSK fan]
JJ: AH~~~~
YC: This is incredible!
JJ: Thanks!!!
CM: [And she is also a fan of Yoo Chun]
YC: YAA!!!
CM: althought this is great news for you, but calm down please.
YC: Alright.
JJ: Alright~
YC: Hehehe~
CM: [She’s always telling me that YC is very handsome in front of me.]
YC: Of course~
CM: [Everything she talks about is related to YC and this makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I’m jealous at times like this, so what should I do? If this continues, I’ll feel strenuous facing my girlfriend.]
JJ: No~ This can’t happen!
CM: [Can THSK give me some suggestions~]
JJ: I’ve got a lot! A lot!
CM: Although it’s a letter that makes us feel happy…
YC: But (JJ:You’re too noisy!) must be…
CM: Yea yea!
JJ: Calm down YC!
YC: If they’re lovers,isn’t this better for them?
CM: Calm down!
JJL But you’re the one who’s interfering into their relationship!
YC: Ahahaha!
CM: It’s Yoo Chun~
YC: Didn’t I said just now? This can’t be helped~
JJ: You’re right~
YC: Sorry
JJ: I have lots of suggestions~
CM: Like?
JJ: Finding out good points of other members and tell them to your gf.
YC: No no, this won’t work.
JJ: But this happens because his girlfriend is too addicted into YC.
YC: No, look, the two of them can watch our concerts together, buy our albums together and listen to our songs together. It should be the guy who’s supposed to be more understanding.
CM: Yea yea~ But this listener need not worry~ (JJ: Yes) This babababang (YC: HA~ Babababang) will forever be with his girlfriend~
YC: Ya!!!
CM: This is something that YC can never accomplish.
JJ: Never accomplish~
CM: Can’t accomplish that~ (YC: babababang~)
JJ: Yes
YC; What and what~
JJ: To his girlfriend, you’re not the guy who she likes but rather the celebrity who she likes.
CM: You’re right.
JJ: The guy she really likes…
YC: If I’m the guy she really likes, then what will happen?
JJ: Isn’t he Babababang san?
CM: Babababang~ (YC: Hahaha~) Don’t worry too much because YC actually has many bad points that has not been revealed yet.
JJ: Yes~ Well, we’ll have to thank Babababang san anyway~
CM: Thank you!
YC: Take care~
JJ and CM: Babababang
JJ: You’re really a nuisance~
YC: Ahahaha
CM: We’ll end this here for today, [I really want to know] segment, this segment welcomes letters from you all asking any questions for THSK to answer.
YC: Oh yes~Alright~
CM: THSK’s Bigeastation, let us listen to the last song for today~
YC: The sad song~
YC: [Wasurenaide]
JJ: Woo~~ [Suddenly I miss Yun Ho… =( ]

CM: THSK’s Bigeastation, it’s now time for us to say goodbye~
JJ: Oh~So lonely~
CM: We’re awaiting your letters for our programme. [I really want to know]. [How do you say this in Korean, U Know?] [THSK’s Mentality] and [Love Situation-Lovin U]. Every segment awaits your letters so send them in to~
YC: Our homepage: www.jfn.co.jp/toho, so send in your letters! Toho is spelled as t-o-h-o~ Please send in many letters!
JJ: I got a shock~
CM: So how do you guys feel today?
JJ: Today~
YC: Ya~It’s really~
JJ: Revealed by others~
CM: YC’s true colors were revealed today~
JJ: Yes, YC!
YC: Hahahaha~ All because of the mentality test and the [IRWTK] segments…
CM: Everyone listen to me~ YC will cheat on his girlfriend for 50 times in his entire life! Oh?!
YC+JJ: Hahahaha!
CM: And he’s good to be orderes about~Oh?! He’s that kind of person.
YC: But I’m very happy to hear that my members will look for me whenever they need help~
CM: Depends on the situation~
YC: Ahahahahaha!
JJ: We’re just using you, cos it’s more convenient~
YC: Actually I don’t mind~
CM: And he also interferes into other people’s relationships, oh!
JJ: Yes~ Spoiling other people’s good things and cheating on his girlfriend for 50 times!
CM: This is bad~ So we’ll stop here for today!
YC+JJ: Ahaha
CM: We’ll see each other the next time then~
YC: Ok.
CM: We had THSK’s Chang Min,
JJ: Jae Joong and
YC: Yoo Chun
All: Bye!


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Trans: Leila Yoo Hae In :D

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