Saturday, May 16, 2009

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I want to go!! /floor /omg
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Eveyone, Jejung here

Cool and crisp weather, Another live tour this year in Sendai is really Good.

Today, It's really Great .(^^)

The power of Everyone's Cheer〜 Junsu is almost Better Now\(^o^)

I will Try my best tomorrow too!〜

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Jaemin Couple.... after this, *punches* /XD

Changmin! Doubled! major /no /blush HoTness!

read More! and Meet Changmin's Twin!
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wallpapers /hmm

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■リハーサル中!(In the middle of rehearsal!)
2009/05/16(Sat) 15:34

We had a great rehearsal just now!
The members paid great attention to details and confirmed everything.

■グッズ売場は… (Sales of goods...)
2009/05/16(Sat) 15:50

There's a really long queue!
The sales booth is really heating up.
You're hot, Sendai!

■東方神起ダンサーズの… (Tohoshinki dancer...)
2009/05/16(Sat) 16:43

This is 50-san!
Before the show we had a comment from the dancer at the dressing room.

'I will be focused until the end and give my support!
Changmin is really serious when he's doing sports..'

He's remembering Changmin's serious face! (laugh)

■二人は仲良し(The two of them are good friends...)
2009/05/16(Sat) 17:03

Fooling around with Junsu, Changmin is pretending to be timid.
Team Chansu is also on good terms today!

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Full volume! 2009/05/16(Sat) 14:44
This is today's lunch menu!
When you mention Sendai...the members will be delighted at the nasasakama! (popular dish in Sendai) We'll power up and work hard!

City of Forest - 2009/05/16(Sat) 14:39It's the first day in Sendai!
It's a bit cloudy at the concert location but everyone, please blow it away with your enthusiasm!♪

Hmm... They seem to write quite a bit about food, don't they?
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Haha - this is why the members call Yunho "Careless King" - always losing stuff. He writes lyrics on his hands!

This is why the English-speaking fans call Yunho "Dork"
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Yunho saranghae! LOL...

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