Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nino of Arashi hosts a radio program on Baystorm FM. On the April 5, 2009 episode, he recounts his experience of appearing on Music Station with BoA and Tohoshinki plus some tidbits backstage.

Summary of radio host:

Basically Nino is saying that it’s amazing that BoA-chan is debuting in the US. First it was Korea, Japan and now America. A while back, he met BoA-chan on Music Station and she said that she had just came back to Japan & that it was difficult. Nino said that BoA-chan & Tohoshinki seemed like they were having a really fun conversation in Korean but they would answer each other in Japanese with “hai” & “soudesu ne”. On this ep, Nino also said he’s trying to study English as well.

Ninomiya met BoA in the states and is jealous of her because BoA is active in 3 countries( Korea, Japan, and also in the US). However, he says that BoA is very exhausted. Also, He enjoyed listening BoA and TOHOSHINKI’s conversation in Korean, and hears “Hai!”(which is “Yes” in japanese), so he thinks “Hai” is also “yes” in Korean, but he realize it isn’t, and is “Yae” in Korean.
Finally, he says it might be confusing if there are some Korean words that sounds similar, but means different.

Listen here.

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Joongshim! can punch you 100x and you would love it!

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these are for promotional means, to attract foreign buyers`
well its Jaejoong!

OMG so cute!

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Jaesu is such a cute couple`
Gwangju Hope concert and sparkling Concert in seoul

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updates on Yunho's possible acting gig.

according to forsake34@lj, the drama in question entitled "You are Handsome" is actually a remake of zettai kareshi aka absolute boyfriend where yunho and minho will each play the two male characters of the manga, naito the robot and ashimoto soshi. no words on who will be playing who though but let's just say that yunho will make one sexy-as-hell robot lover who loves no one else but you XDDD

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I watched the japanese drama, before, it's really nice i love it, XD, but i was heartbnroken coz' i was rooting for mizushima hiro, not the robot, BUT YUNHO is much more handsome! than the japanese male lead, but i think Minho is a bit too young.

and BTW the Drama requires YUNHO, to be halfnaked...50% of an episode based on the japanese drama, coz' well he doesnt have clothes, when u first meet him, the girl gave him her clothes, instead LOL, and it was small XD i think he perfectly fits the Absolute Boyfriend better than the japanese Lead. Plue the drama requires the robot to do a lot sexy stuff, i can't say it but check out the drama or the manga.

i bet korea will even remake, hanakimi. or a lot of japanese dramas, soon, considering the success of BOF.

Info About Absolute Boyfriend:
So my brother was telling me about a Jaejoongie look a like... he screenshot it for me~, it's so cute! jaejoong might actually be the inspiration`

This is Dragonica Online, like most Online game's its from Korea~

Jaejoong really looks straight out from an anime or manga~ XD

My Brother's Name is VsualShock XD

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