Monday, May 4, 2009

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Junsu's Original Message




English Translation

"Hello everyone in Kobe, this is Junsu.

I wanted to look great for the first day of the concert tour, but during the last rehearsal I hurt my leg, and made you all worried. I'm really sorry.
I'll do my best to recover and show you the complete Tohoshinki as soon as possible!


Japanese Translator: Rinayunho @ GOE;SS
Editor: badstar
Message: Lolly88 + DNBN
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01 Secret Game
02 Share The World

03 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
04 Take Your Hands

05 Stand Up!
06 Beautiful you
07 9095
08 My Destiny

~Video VCR~
10 Purple Line
12 Heart,Mind and Soul

13 忘れないで

~Video VCR~
14 Begin (Yoochun Played the piano)
15 Nobody Knows
17 Foever Love
18 Box in the ship
19 "O"-正・反・合

~About the dancer ~
20 Choosey lover
21 Sky
22 Somebody To Love
23 Summer Dream

~ About the band ~
24 Survivor

~ Video ~
25 The Way U Are
26 Break up the shell

~ MC ~
27 Stand By U
28 Kiss The Baby Sky

~ MC ~
29 Bolero(Junsu Stood up)

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OH NO! no SHINE....! I love SHINE and No Last Angel! no LOVE in the Ice~

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"Everyone at Kobe, Secret you want to know what my Secret is?" - JUNSU

"I'm very happy to be in Kobe this year too! The tour sure was lots of fun, wasn't it?" - YUNHO

"Everyone at Kobe, are you fired up yet~? We are (fired up)~^^!!" - YOOCHUN

"I eat lots of delicious food in Kobe~!!" - CHANGMIN

Japanese Translator: checkerzelda @ GOE;SS

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saw this on baidu







means that at the beginning of the concert, staff made an annoucement saying Junsu has got his leg hurt
that he couldn't even manage to walk
but Junsu still insists to perform therefore they have made some changes to today's program


new updates:





he is sitting on the wheelchair to perform...

oh boy, please take good care of yourself.....T___T
feel so bad when I saw this...that reminds me of Jae at the Rising Sun concert...

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PLEASE BE A RUMOR!!! please!! Im so sad.. TT__TT BTW Baidu is so Up to date I mean where do they get INFO!
WOW Premium Seat!

Yoochun Backstage

Curly Hair! XD like mine

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LOL The Chart for artist Product is Full of TVXQ i bet its all the way up to top 20! from The Secret Code tour~
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My first post. Pls tell me if I did anything wrongly.thx!


* 7 东方神起 "Share The World /ウィーアー!"


15 东方神起 "The Secret Code"
22 ravex "TRAX"
42 东方神起 "T"

[DVD Music]

11 东方神起 "3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~"
14 东方神起 "2nd LIVE TOUR ~ Five in the Black ~"
18 东方神起 "HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3"

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
The Concert is starting now, it's ongoing *sighs* Im so Jelaous I want to see!

Yunho's Message...
Something about doing their best in this year tour concert and KOBE~
I need a miracle!
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Take Out With Full Credits

I Cut these up myself... So won't it be weird if we have the same exact... Cut's? So Don't Even think about it~
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All About DBSK 2

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YUNJAE forever!
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JS - My roommate.. He stacks his clothes on his bed. He himself doesn’t sleep on the bed and instead sleeps outside on the living room floor. He gives his one and only bed to his clothes, which is an unfortunate thing. The question is, does he sleep on the floor because he’s too lazy to clean it up? I hope he quickly cleans up his bed, and as he is my roommate, I want to sleep with him, Youngwoongy-hyung. Just please. Let’s clean up. A little bit.

JS - It’s because it’s unfortunate. Really, there are two beds in our rooms; it’s what Youngwoongy-hyung and I use together. There are two beds, but they’re placed together (side-by-side)
*To Jaejoong* Say something.

YC - I went over to their house a day before yesterday, and I went to Junsu’s room, and he was doing something. And I asked him, “Hey Junsu, who sleeps over there?” And Junsu, who was on the computer said, “the clothes sleep there.”


JS - Seriously! His clothes sleep on the bed and he sleeps on the floor. I just don’t get it!
JJ - It’s because..
Host -Because you don’t want to bother cleaning it up
JJ - No, no, more than that. I have a lot of clothes, and there isn’t enough closet space to put them all away. There are clothes Yoochunnie left behind before he moved out, and there are other managers’ clothes too, and I can’t just throw them away.. And so they just kept stacking up, and it isn’t organized
JS - Once, I said let’s sleep together, I really want to sleep with you, so let’s clean up. And we did clean up! . . . . . About 5 days later, everything went back to the way it was before.

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It was also confirmed that Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun renamed their shops. Sha is now Belle while Mic is no Kiss. Crebeau Belle is suppose to mean beauty and using it will make you beautiful. Crebeau Kiss means falling in love with CreBeau Cosmetics.

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