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[NEWS] 090329 Tohoshinki just hit #1 in online ranking [Search engines in Japan]

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Tohoshinki just hit #1 in online ranking

If I'm not mistaken, they are #1 most searched in search engines in Japan for today.

1. Tohoshinki
2. Sato Takeru
3. Ai no Ri (popular reality show on lovers)
4. Kamiji Yuusuke
5. Maeda Atsuko
6. Arashi
8. Dieting
9. Miyavi

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I always check AVEXgroup rankings... and TVXQ is always no. 1 Everyday!

[VIDEO] HongKong News - Subaru Movie Promotion Event



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[PHOTOS] Mini-panel Exhibition in Yamano Music part 2

Every Store has a different, Look~
part 1 here

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[DOWNLOADS] JAEJOONG - Bigeast 3rd Fanclub Event Photobook E-Book version {InfinityHK}


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[TRANS] Tohoshinki 6th member TSUTON

On tonight's "Music Lovers" broadcast, 6PM, March 29th (Sunday), 2009.

Tohoshinki, including a new "TSUTON" group member, will open tonight's "Music Lovers" (TBS) broadcast with their hit song "Summer Dream".

"TSUTON" is the word used to describe father fans, and nowadays these fathers go as far as to produce fan events, they are "more fans than fans", says Sekine Tsutomu.** The producer of a program on which Sekine performed his Junsu impersonation knew of him, and interviewed him in April of last year. After that, the producer and Sekine appeared togther on "HEY!HEY!HEY!" (Fuji Television) and their friendship grew. Because of Sekine's strong request to become a member for one night, Tohoshinki decided to collaborate with Sekine on the last section of their choreography for their "Summer Dream" performance this time.

In addition to this live part, the original five members will perform three songs in front of Sekine, "Why Did I Fall In Love With You?" "Purple Line", "Bolero".

** Fans of Tohoshinki whose daughters are fans. Sekine is saying that these fathers are such fans of Tohoshinki that they even work in producing the fan events, and are fans more than the fans of Tohoshinki themselves.

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This is Just SEKINE-san Saying He Just Want to be part of Tohoshinki, just oncee. Remember he said this is What's Your Dream Special, (back in January)

MC: Do u guys Have any same dream as the guest?
Sekine: I do, I want to Dance with Tohoshinki
I already thought of a Name "TSUTON"
(sorry this is Just From My Memory)

Also he said The same thing in HeyHeyHey Guesting with Tohoshinki last January 26

TSUTON is His Name
his Tall he can't let the average height to be lowered...he said his 181 cm (LOL)
He can't speak Good Japanese
And His not that interesting than Junsu
(sorry my memory is lapsing)

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki Mezamashi TV Comment

[VIDEO] LOTTE Event Wrong Number + Mirotic


[iNFO] The Secret Code album 5th day Oricon Chart


22 東方神起 「Survivor -090325 4th Album "The Secret Code" Pre-Release Single-」


*4 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

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[News] 090329 TVXQ ‘MIROTIC’ is Not a Sexual Expression

TVXQ ‘Mirotic’ remains a decision of the English-speaking professor argued, “not a sexual expression"

[Gimhyeongwoo nyuseuen News]
Youth Protection Commission (cheongbowi) received a decision from the harmful media TVXQ song order - mirotic

MBC ‘News’ in 28 days’ Dong Bang Shin Ki is the immorality? Disorder and remains the standard of the .. ‘is a controversial topic in recent popular culture, broadcasting, and criteria for the review said.

The TVXQ ‘Mirotic’ lyrics became part of the problem in the song are ‘I got you under my skin’, ‘Red Ocean’, and ‘Crystal’ deliberation by the comparison with the opinions of English-speaking professor said.

Examination of the ‘I got you under my skin’ that demanded an answer ‘to you, infatuation, not expression’ said the generosity.’Have’ in the middle of the phrase was not ‘-’ is that it is not a representation of the tolerance will be a symbol of promiscuity. Examination of the “For All the Right almost always takes” the sperm of men with crystal. A woman’s hymen was interpreted as the Red Ocean. Representation of the sexual act to the end that review said.

The ‘Crystal’ ‘Red Ocean’ is about expression of the sexual implications, but it’s not exactly hard to get to know the sex.

Notice the current government decided to cancel the youth remains SM Entertainment’s lawsuit “We can feel reasonably sure what the criteria should be” the “in a different answer to this you can review the case itself, based on the surveillance tapes are. But that does not will it to continue would be a minefield “he said.

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I dun mean anything here… but if you can’t really understand the article above… it’s understandable since the trans is directly taken from on line translator without further edit.

Well, to summarize you… there’s a talk show in MBC News last night, with topic: “Is DBSK really immoral?” with the direction to MIROTIC banned due to its lyrics last year.

There were some speakers that night: music critic, English-teaching professor, etc… who were asked for advice about their point of view in MIROTIC ‘harmful’ lyrics: “I got you under my skin”, “Red Ocean”, and “Crystal”.

There were some pros and cons about it, of course.. yet the English-teaching professor (who should be more reliable since the questioned lyrics are all in English) didn’t agree that those lyrics could be pointed out as having a sexual meaning…

His opinion somehow kinda helped to force Commission of Youth Protection to take their banning out of MIROTIC (as you know that SM is still registering a law suit related to the ban in court)

And.. happy ending~ lol

[WALLPAPERS] DBSK .GIF Cellphone Wallpapers

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[PHOTOS] YOOCHUN @ Oshareism

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Can't resist too CUTE! + a little bit of Yunjae
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