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This is Hot I love the Whole Look here and Changmin *Faints*

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"Share The World" 2nd Day


*1 東方神起 「Share The World/ウィーアー!」 16,879

58,952 + 16,879 = 75,831
Sale's Comparison

東方  軽音(ED) ゆず   EXILE コブクロ ℃-ute 
20(月)   ---,---  ---,---  ---,--- **6,132 **2,196 **1,029 
21(火)   *58,952 *20,553 *20,960 ***,*** ***,*** ***,*** 
22(水)   *16,879 *15,794 *15,350 ***,*** ***,*** ***,***
추정매상  *75,831 *36,347 *36,310 **6,132 **2,196 **1,029 



*1 つるの剛士 「つるのうた」
*2 カーペンターズ 「カーペンターズ 40/40 ~ベスト・セレクション」
*3 류시원 「Ryu Siwon Single Collection」
18 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

40 東方神起 「T」


2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」Lovin' you:CD+DVD

11 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」
16 東方神起「2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~」20
東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3」

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G-dragon who has those weird styles, has finally decided, to Get a Certain TRUE Fashionita's Advice... *drumrolls*

"Micky Yoochun"

Can't Blame Him~ Yoochun is a Trendsetter, not the type who needs an eccentric Look to get attention, The type That you can't help looking at and say;

"He Looks Really Good and those clothes I want them and I'm a Girl Why is he so Hot!! I want to Ask Him where he bought those, I want him to Open his own Shop, Then I'll shop there Everyday! and Hopefully He's the Employee too so he can give me some Fashion Advice"

They Both have the same forehead~
but Yoochun has the Height and teh Smexy Voice and Smile

In Short I only Like DBSK
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This is Like a World Peace /Environmental Campaign~
"Share The World"

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This Angle Makes Jaejoong Look Taller

The Twins are Hot! Remind Me of Those Yaoi twin fantasies

Yoosu Dogs! Harang and Xiaky

Junho's Dog?

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Only Star Last Part
Is it Me or these Scans Have the Same Color as My Blog *wink* Unmei! Fate!
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"Share The World/We Are,'' the 27th single album by Dong Bang Shin Gi, one of South Korea's top pop idol groups and also known as TVXQ, shot to the top in the single daily table of Japan's Oricon Charts upon being released Wednesday.

Yonhap News Agency estimated the number of the albums sold at more than 58,000, much more than the second-ranked single that stood at about 20,000.

TVXQ's latest single, which had put the image of summer above all things, has been taking top spot on the music request chart run by USEN, Japan's largest cable TV network, even before its release, according to Yonhap.

The album's flagship song also has been used as an opening piece for a popular animation now being broadcast over Fuji TV since earlier this month.

TVXQ is a South Korean boy band quintet consisting of Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max and U-know.

Source: The Korea Times
04-23-2009 11:16
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What fans could do for their idols.

University student Kim did not start out as an avid fan of Korea's top male group TVXQ. In fact, she didn't like them at all.

"They were different and it was hard to understand what they were going for at first,'' the 19-year-old student, who wished to be identified by her last name, told The Korea Times.

But now, she is one of the group's biggest fans, flying out eagerly to Japan to watch them perform at a concert.

If you happen to find a crowd of excited teens grouped somewhere taking photos, reaching out for a glance with arms full of presents, it means a star is within the vicinity.

In the late '90s, fans were more humble and passive; they would memorize lyrics, follow dance moves and dress up like their favorite stars. But now, they have become more systemized and active, from publishing advertisements on daily newspapers to donating money under the name of their singers and actors.

"The Internet has helped a great deal in what fans are doing now. Agencies don't need to give out additional information as they used to in the past. Fans are quick and efficient, thanks to the Internet,'' Jung Sang-hee, from SM Entertainment, one of the biggest agencies here, nesting groups like Girls' Generation and
TVXQ, said.

Back when the Internet was not yet popular among the young, fans would call up the "mail box number'' through which agencies would offer schedules and other information about the stars, while the staff of official fan clubs would call up every member to inform them of an event or special schedule.

TVXQ has an official fan site, but that's not the only place where you can get information. Now, fans make their own, which are sometimes more effective and convenient,'' Kim said.

For avid fans, taking a photo or getting an autograph is nothing special. These fans are not afraid to spend their time, effort and money to heighten the image of their favorite celebrities.

"We collect money and donate it to the poor under (the member's) name. We gave out kimbap and bottled water during candle-lit vigils last year. On the members' birthdays, we celebrate not only with the members, but also the whole crew working with them and preparing food and presents for them, too,'' Kim added.

Some enthusiastic fans go further and publish advertisements in newspaper dailies, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and even bidding farewell to characters the stars play in television dramas or movies.

I cut it because it's not about TVXQ but if you want to read the full article visit AsianFanatics.

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Junsu Is so cute and you can even recognize him! even in Baby Mode~


Junsu's other Half~
Junho, #3 Best Looking Sibling on Section TV

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