Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice Shirt, "you Need me I don't Need You"

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Whose BETTER than us NOW?
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My Internet is so SLOW! today I failed twice too~

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Visit their site for more information :

Actually, I also signed up for this one because I really love their idea and I love making cranes. I think this is a very sincere project that I believe the boys would appreciate. So please sign up and show your love!

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You gonna watch it? Because I am :) I'll try to remind you guys once again a week before the broadcasting.
From a while ago, but very cute~

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Those crazy kids~

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Dong Bang Shin Ki raised their best popularity when the group made their first appearance at NHK Red & White concert last year.

Recently through voice mail, Dong Bang Shin Ki members revealed, “when we first went to Japan 4 years ago, being in Red & White concert was our dream”.

“NHK was a good experience and left us with incredible feeling. If we have an opportunity to perform again there, we’ll make it even greater performance.” the members confessed their feeling.

Meanwhile, NHK Red and White concert broadcasted every December 31st in Japan, and it’s the highest honor for a singer to be invited there. In our nation (T/N: South Korea) BoA is the best female solo singer, while Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best male group.

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TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki is in the latest issue of "Duet Magazine." This is supposedly a big deal because the magazine had only put Johnny's Entertainment groups in the magazine, and having TVXQ in the issue will make it the first time a non Johnny's group is in the magazine.

Johnny's Entertainment is known for putting pressure and oppression on other companies but there's a feeling that they're making an exception for TVXQ. The reason being that TVXQ is huge in the asian market with the "World Record" fan club of over 800,000 registered fans, and Johnny's wanting to expand into these asian markets in the future. They want to have friendly relations because they don't want to be seen as rivals and it'll be better for them image wise with a friendly relationship.

TVXQ is doing big things in Japan at a very rapid pace, just a year ago they weren't allowed on certain Music Shows or Magazines (limited to Johnny's), but now they're breaking down all those barriers. It's good to see them grow and be more accepted in Japan. Thanks to BBang, tvxqlover, tinbum for the tips.
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Eyes On U



Together TVXQ


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