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They're so sweet, it'll give you a toothache:






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17 April 2009 from MBC ’selection TV’ revealed the poll made by people who are in entertainmet & media business in the topic “Top 20 most funniest celebrity family

No.1 - Kim Aok Jong (Haha’s mom). She was on the show MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ with the very funny image and she was in all her family activities that could make people happy and laugh (especially netizen, they really admire her)

No.2 - Choi Soo Jin (the older sister of Choi Soo Young of SNSD). She was in the show MBC ‘Introducing’s star friend’ in last Feb with the pretty face with the sining and dancing talent, made the netizen in love with her.

No.3 - Kim Jun ho (the twin brother of Kim Junsu) he firstly appeared (officially) in the show ‘Introducing’s star friend’

CONGRATS to the kim brother ^^

No.4 - Choi Hye Yoon (the older sister of T.O.P)
No.5 - No Hong Chul’s older brother
No.6 - Han Moo Young (Han Hye Jin’s older sister)
No.7 - Park Min Young (Lee Teuk’s older sister)
No.8 - Choi Jong Min (Choi Jung Won’s younger sister)
No.9 - Jang Kwangchun (The brother of the gag man - Jang Dong Min)
No.10 - Jo U-sung (Jo In Sung’s younger brother)

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To commemorate the 29th “Day of Disabled Person” (April 20th) and “Disabled Weeks” (April 20th - 27th), cable TV Onmideo’s public campaign “Sound of Hope” video has been produced.

The video will display Dana Danhee’s story, a girl with hearing disabilities who received artificial cochlea surgery December last year due to donation support by more than 30 fan communities under XiahSoul.

Danhee currently is able to communicate with words already, yet she’s still doing her language after-surgery therapy.

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*6 12 12 11 *8 11\12 東方起 「The Secret Code」

26 43 47 47 42 40\43 東方起 「T」


07  3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ 東方起 08/06 RZN
10  2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black〈初回限定盤〉 東方起 09/26 RZN
15  東方神起 HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3 東方起 03/12 RZN

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TVXQ announced on their website the "After Party & Stay Plan" to be held in the hotel next door to the Tokyo Dome:

7月4日(土)の東京ドーム公演のあと、AFTER PARTYを隣の東京ドームホテルにて、実施決定!
東京ドームホテル1泊2日の宿泊付! 7月4日(土)当日のライブの模様を、大画面でもう1度みんなで楽しもう!


主催:(株)JTB法人東京 法人営業日本橋支店
Until Portia comes to save me, here's what Google Translate gives us:

TVXQ 4th LIVE TOUR ~ The Secret Code ~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME AFTER PARTY & STAY PLAN decide! new
Saturday, July 4 after a concert in Tokyo Dome, AFTER PARTY at the hotel next to the Tokyo Dome, the decision implemented?
Tokyo Dome Hotel 1 night stay with two days! Saturday, July 4 a day rocked, now enjoy a large screen at all times!
Standing buffet, free drinks, to enjoy a night at Tokyo Dome!

Dates: 2009 Saturday, July 4
Time: 22:00 - 25:00
Location: Tokyo Dome Hotel
For more information please click here.

※ not participate in the artist himself. Please note that the.
※ You can even sign up your tickets for Tokyo Dome concert.

Host: (shares) JTB Corporation Tokyo Branch, the Nihonbashi Corporate Sales

Sounds fun, ne? All those crazy fans together in one place~ Wish I could be there!

For those of you who understand Japanese, you can read about the details here.

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^ticket box. The tickets came with this.

^photoframe & bracelet!

i envy bigeast~
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I read her blog and she said that her ticket arrived for the Kobe concert.
She got a premium seat so instead of getting a regular type of ticket they get a card with their picture in it.
Wow! looking HOT in those Leather Jackets~

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Article :
보건복지가족부 산하 청소년보호위원회가 서울행정법원의 동방신기 4집에 대한 청소년유해매체물 결정 취소 판결과 관련, 항소 절차에 본격 돌입했다.

청 소년보호위원회(이하 '청보위'ㆍ위원장 박병윤)는 20일 오전 머니투데이 스타뉴스에 "지난 15일 서울행정법원의 판결 내용을 우리 측에서 정식 접수했다"며 "접수 뒤 2주 안에 항소를 제기할 수 있다는 규정 상, 오는 29일까지는 상급법원인 서울고등법원에 항소를 제기할 것"이라고 밝혔다.

이에 따라 동방신기 측과 청보위 측의 법정 공방은 이달 말부터 2라운드에 본격 돌입하게 됐다.

한편 청보위는 지난 9일 임시회의를 통해 동방신기 4집 타이틀곡 '주문-미로틱'이 청소년에게 유해하다는 입장을 재확인, 항소를 이미 공식화했다.

지난해 12월 동방신기 소속사인 SM엔터테인먼트가 보건복지가족부 장관을 상대로 낸 청소년 유해 매체물 결정고시처분 취소 과 관련, 서울행정법원은 지난 1일 원고 승소판결을 내리며 동방신기 측의 손을 들어줬다.

청보위는 지난해 11월 말 동방신기 정규 4집 타이틀곡 '주문-미로틱'의 가사가 전체적인 맥락에서 성(性)적 선정성을 띠고 있다고

4집을 청소년 유해 매체물로 결정했다.

Rough trans:

Family Health and Welfare Committee under the Youth Protection case against TVXQ was canceled by the home of the Seoul Administrative Court. However, the committee filed another case appealing to a higher court.

Youth Protection Committee on 20 Hollywood stars on the news, "the last 15 days the contents of the Seoul Administrative Court's ruling, we said they received a formal" and "file an appeal within 2 weeks of receipt Award regulations may be, until the 29 to appeal to the Seoul High Court senior law dispute the cause, "he said.

At the end of this month, the Court will be launched between Youth Committee and TVXQ round 2.

It's repetitive, it keeps talking about how Mirotic is inappropriate for teenagers so I don't want to translate it anymore. It's absurd! I can't believe that these folks are still into this case when Mirotic is already over. I hope that the higher court also realizes that Mirotic is APPROPRIATE.

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“If you want an adventure, please just come to my house…” (JUNSU)

Yunho: the 3 previous albums being compared with The Secret Code, I think I can get the difference. The Secret Code, as it’s expressed from the title, has a deeper thought of Tohoshinki, a stronger ties with fans, this album is to be enjoyed by everyone.

Junsu: When we just finished the album, I can feel the stonger sense of Tohoshinki.

Yunho: If in our previous T album we had challenged to different genres of music, in The Secret Code, we expand the challenge to not only different genres, but also the depth of each element in each genre we pursue. From the lyrics and also music, I think people can see that from T, we already become a different adults.

Yunho: The new single, “Share The World/We Are!” is a theme song for our favorite anime, “ONE PIECE”.It shows different colors and concepts of Tohoshinki. When we finished the song, I feel a fun and breezy feeling, the song is so close to our generation.

■ After heard the song, it makes you smile unconciously. All of your voices are shinning with each own character. I can feel the new Tohoshinki.

Yunho: 』はこの間イベンで披露したんですけど、そのときにみんなでこぶしをあげて「ウィーアー!」ってやってくれてすごくうれしかったですね。

Jaejoong: In the music video making, we have challenge with action wire. It’s nice to enjoy the music while watching the video.

Changmin: The third track in the single is a ballad song that is also important, Asu Wa Kuru Kara. Asu Wa Kuru Kara was released when our listeners are not as many as now. As in connection with ONE PIECE, this song became ONE PIECE’s ending song in 2006. We strongly hope that many people listen again to this song! I feel love in this song.

■ Yes, it’s a famous magnificent ballad song. Alright, ONE PIECE has theme of adventure. If the members in this spring want to bury treasure map somewhere, which place will you choose?

Yunho: I would be Africa

Junsu: please just come to my house.

■ I’ll tell everyone to gather there, then

JUNSU: Oh, it will be difficult. I was just kidding (laughs).

Changmin: I’m going with forest. I want a quiet place to heal.

Yoochun: For me, the sea.

■ Tropical one?

Yoochun: No, Antarctica (laughs). I want to experience a real thrill, and to dare the cold.

Jejung: Me, Avex office. I think we definitely have something hidden in the big building.

Yoochun: Yes, the president’s office especially (laughs).

Yunho: Don’t tell us. Do not underestimate the great treasure that might be hidden there (laughs)

Junsu: Safe!

Jejung: Also, the staffs’ desks (laughs). Sounds like there will be a lot of things revealed.

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