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This is in May Issue of CD-DATA
You can see their Previous Scans From CD-Data last Month

OMG this is our Banner~ but it's slightly Different~

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11 東方神起 「The Secret Code」
47 東方神起 「T」

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2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」Lovin' you:CD+DVD

10 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」
12 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~」
17 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3」

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More Money For The BOYS! and More Fame...!

This is all from their endorsing~

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We're no.1 92.00 Thats High Ne! and the Difference with the second is pretty Great~
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Tohoshinki Guested in Shabekuri 007 Ikemen Special~
And they're guesting is the main higlight for the last week of April!

When Asked Who is the Most Erotic in Shabekuri

Everyone Pointed to Mr. Arita~

Yunho: Because of the dark circles under his eyes

Jaejoong: and he seem to enjoy the night life

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The Korean-Thai Chamber of Commerce (KTCC) conducted four rounds of surveys between 2/27-3/26 asking 489 Thais who their favorite Korean actor, actress ,and singer were. In the end, Thailand picked Bae Yong Jun, Song Hye Gyo, and WG as their favorite Korean celebrities. Full results below:

Favorite Korean Actor:
1st - Bae Yong Jun (22.8%)
2nd - Won Bin (18.8%)
3rd - Kim Rae Won (13.3%)

Favorite Korean Actress:
1st - Song Hye Gyo (21.75%)
2nd - Yoon Eun Hye (20.4%)
3rd - Lee Da Hae (20%)

Favorite Korean Singer:
1st - Wonder Girls (out of the 371 ppl asked, 64 picked WG)
2nd - Bi/"The Rain" (61 votes)
3rd - Super Junior (56 votes)
4th - Big Bang (49 votes)
5th - DBSK (48 votes)

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Why only 5th?! Lol, at least, top 5 right?
Share The World by Dong Bang Shin Ki is the number 1 cable request. The popularity of the song is growing!

Fourth album released on the 3月25日『The Secret Code』 the 4 / 13 Day Oricon Weekly Album Ranking TOP3 in two weeks in a row it, and pushing the rise since 2008, the Dong Bang Shin Ki. The momentum driving April 22 on the 27th single "Share The World / We areー!" And is scheduled to launch, and already, surokgokin single "Share The World" is 4 / 15 Now Wired request (J - POP) is shining on my 1.

4 songs from the 2009 Fuji TV's popular animated world 『ONE PIECE』 broadcast of the opening theme was there, 4 / 9 on record chyokeu (Japan's mobile phone music delivery service company Daily Chart in their history and raengkeuin choegogirokin 3 above, as a fan of TVXQ 『ONE PIECE』 attention of the fans has also peojimyeo.

7 also determined in the first Tokyo Dome 2days show, literally, I drop gisein TVXQ birds. 5 in 250,000 people nationwide arena tour will be used <东方神起4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code ~> will be held

I read this direct translation over and over again and I believe that I finally understand it.
This news is basically saying that the new song, Share the World, by DBSK is becoming the most requested song in cable channel. The popularity of the song is increasing and they stated that DBSK's 4th Japanese album are also a success! Yay! They also mentioned the concert tour and Tokyo Dome. I'll post the better translated news once someone translate it. But it does make sense right?

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25th March MondayTitle: Oh yeah

Today, after school ended, I went to the store to get the equipments for the baseball game. After we carried out all the equipment, we ate some snacks before starting the game.

We did gymnastics, then running, short distance, catch-ball-toss. We also did bba ting(?). And after doing a little more of that, coach told called it a day. Originally it should end at 7.30pm but now that I look at the time, it has been 4 hours.

I’m feeling really good. Oh yeah

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scary how fans can get hold of his diary. but junsu sure has nice handwriting!
He messed up the lyrics! He was so cute after realizing he messed up.
It's supposed to be this
"And all the powers of Hell itself"
But he sang it
"Upon This Rock of Hell Itself"

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It's from Xiahtic intro.
Yunho & Junsu had some dance battle in that intro video.
Both of them danced in the rain and Junsu looks so smexy with black wife beater and also some white fur on his left shoulder!(Sorry Yunho!)
Watch it here

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From the Nanjing concert -

You can actually SEE what's happening in this one. And damn, does Junsu look hot...

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Remember the photos from the Yoochun Used Room Service post?

Well, it turns out that these are actually photos from an AUCTION site - someone is selling this stuff. What shared:

TVXQ’s used items from the hotel they stayed at in Nanjing, China for their “Mirotic” concert appeared for sale on the internet recently. After TVXQ checked out of their hotel in Nanjing, the staff charged a fee to let fans get a glimpse of the individual member’s rooms. The hotel staff then sold used items from TVXQ’s rooms to the highest bidding fans. It’s unclear whether the items up for sale on the internet are leftovers that are being sold by one of the hotel staff, or if they’re items that fans are reselling. -

Room list (list of which rooms TVXQ and the tour staff were staying in)

Yoochun’s hotel registration

Concert schedule

Junsu’s mini bar bill

Jaejoong’s empty bottle of Hennessy

I don't think I ever want to be a celebrity. Not like that, anyway. Oooph...

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I had this thing since Morning~ but... I had to reboot and restore My Laptop~~
Aishh~ its so Hard i need to Clean My Laptop~

Download Here :

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I want to Print this thing OUT~ it's so CUTE!

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It’s been a long time

April 14, 2009 16:00:30
Theme: Sunday

It’s already spring. Everywhere is full of cherry trees blossoming

And I’m a 32 years old now. Thank you for your comment message.

April is a good beginning of new life.

New term for school, new company… there’s such feeling.

However, looks like there’s a slight change in the percentage of business happening.

Yes, TVXQ tour’s rehearsals and meetings are continuing.

I’m making limited-DVD for fanclub.

The DVD will includes Sekine “TSUTON” Tsutomu in Makuhari Event to be enjoyed by everyone.

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*1 関ジャニ∞ 「PUZZLE」46,726 
*2 湘南乃風 「湘南乃風 ~JOKER~」*5,361
*4 安藤裕子 「THE BEST '03~'09 」
*5 吉田拓郎 「午前中に・・・」
*6 松任谷由実 「そしてもう一度夢見るだろう」
*7 浜崎あゆみ 「NEXT LEVEL」
*8 剛紫 「美我空 -ビガク ~ my beautiful sky」
*9 V.A. 「 V.I.P presents ダンスホール・ラヴァーズ・シーズン6~カヴァーズ・ベスト」
10 monobright 「monobright two」
11 V.A. 「I Love You」

12 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

47 東方神起 「T」

[DVD Music]

2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」Lovin' you:CD+DVD

11 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」

13 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~」

20 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3」

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No Drastic Changes~