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*1 関ジャニ∞ 「PUZZLE」46,726 
*2 湘南乃風 「湘南乃風 ~JOKER~」*5,361
*4 安藤裕子 「THE BEST '03~'09 」
*5 吉田拓郎 「午前中に・・・」
*6 松任谷由実 「そしてもう一度夢見るだろう」
*7 浜崎あゆみ 「NEXT LEVEL」
*8 剛紫 「美我空 -ビガク ~ my beautiful sky」
*9 V.A. 「 V.I.P presents ダンスホール・ラヴァーズ・シーズン6~カヴァーズ・ベスト」
10 monobright 「monobright two」
11 V.A. 「I Love You」

12 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

47 東方神起 「T」

[DVD Music]

2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」Lovin' you:CD+DVD

11 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」

13 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~」

20 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3」

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No Drastic Changes~

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Wow Jaejoong Is so THIN here Compared to NOW

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The front part about 'new life' is talking about people who are starting work, or starting school (April in Japan is a time for a lot of things), and it's about DBSK's messages to these people with a new beginning.

From 0:38 onwards~

'New life' is...

Junsu: Exciting. It's a mix of a lot of expectations, as well as a lot of worry. It's a mix of emotions that you yourself can't understand, isn't it? But for a human that's something that needs to be overcome, and as long as you have courage, and the confidence to go forward, I think that everything can be done. I want those who are starting a new life to be excited and looking forward to starting it.

Something that you want to start from this spring on...

Jaejoong: From now on, I want to start writing a diary.

Changmin: Aah!!~

JJ: I've told Changmin this, but I've tried to write it for up to a year, but after that, time-wise, it's a bit hurried and we're too busy, and I wasn't able to write in it. But starting from spring, I want to write everything in a diary properly. And then, I want to read it again one more time and reflect on things.

Goal for this year's spring...

CM: Japanese friends...

JJ: You want to make Japanese friends, right?

CM: I have that goal in mind.

JJ: Really?

CM: Yes, yes~

(T/N: and they go with their Oohs and Wohs~ haha)

JS: That's a good idea.

CM: I want to work harder on it.

Things you felt upon visiting a new place...

Yoochun: I might feel differently sometimes based on the time period, but if it was for a couple of days, or three days, I can relax and have fun. Once it gets to a month or two, I get more and more uneasy. But for most of the time, I have fun. Maybe you can say that it's exciting...somewhere along those lines...

CM: He sounds like he's losing confidence!

JS: Towards the end his confidence level got lower and lower..

Memories of Spring (April)

Yunho: I recall the time we first came to Japan because it was also in April. At that time, it's like how we are right now - our Japanese skills are still not good, and at that time,we weren't able to speak Japanese. There were many times where our Japanese failed, like how we mispronounced 'Arigatou gozaimasu', and I remember having a lot of difficulties.

What do you want to give people who are starting a new life?

CM: For a new life...I think there'll be a lot of people moving to start living on their own. Hmm...

JS: Strength? (T/N: I think what he means here is to help with moving the boxes, etc.)

CM: Strength...that's important. But, I'm not talking about that. (T/N: poor Junsu~) Practically speaking, I think daily necessities would be important, for example toilet paper...

YC: Ah, that's good!

JJ: Ah, I think that's the best! Once you move..once you move...paper (?).

CM: Toilet paper? Toilet paper is important.

Things that you'd bring when you move...

JS: My savings.

YC: Realistically speaking, that's true.

JS: I'd probably be saving up long before just for the sake of moving.

YC: How much...

JS: Yes?!

YC/YH: How much have you saved? (T/N: look at Chunnie's face, haha)

JS: I can't say that!

An experience where you tried and it turned to be in vain...

YH: Previously we went to the different cities for our promotion,and JJ and I went to Nagoya. There I did a radio program, and I went with a feeling of 'I really need to work harder!' and I started off with that mentality in mind. But in the middle of it, I kinda drifted off...

JJ: Recently, he's been making a lot of mistakes with Japanese...

What you do when you have a worry...

YC: Being with the members...but when I'm alone, I blast rock music as loud as I can when I go for a drive...

JS: Listen to it while you drive...

JJ: As you (T/N: JJ kinda fumbles on his words here)

YC: The cinema...

YH: You're in bad shape aren't you~

JS: Are you ok?

YC: I'll go watch movies alone, and if it was a funny show I'll laugh out really loud.

JS: On purpose right? (The rest are in agreement.)

Something you can't do without when you start something new...

JJ: For me, it's my ring. If I don't use my ring I feel uneasy. I'm ok without the earring, and without the necklace. But without the ring, I feel really uneasy... ah, I'm not wearing my ring now!

JS: Are you feeling worried now?

JJ: Somehow I feel that way... It's not like without my ring I lack confidence, but it's because I'm always wearing it.

JS: I understand how you feel. (T/N: look at the stare that JJ throws JS here, hahaha.)

JJ: When something you always have isn't there, doesn't it get a bit lonely? It's like missing a part of your body, that kind of feeling?

Talk about the album (8:08 onwards)

CM: For the title, 'The Secret Code', doesn't it give you an impression of a secret, or a code number? However, what we meant was that, if you have interest in knowing more about Tohoshinki, our doors are always open (T/N: he means, you're always welcome to do so.) And in order to open that door, the key or the code to it is through our songs, or our music videos, and it's all found in our album. So, please enter Tohoshinki's world!

What do you want to say to the people who are starting a new life through this album? (8:56 onwards)

CM: For those starting a new school year and a new life, isn't it good to start living together in Tohoshinki's world? (T/N: to start the new life together by listening to Tohoshinki's music) Please listen to the album!

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he looked at the camera around :10~ and i went to heaven ^^ lol
love that smile afterwards

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For those who had been waiting for the re-stock of 2nd asia tour - "O" DVD.
It would be on sale again in Yesasia starting on May 5th, 2009

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Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho! Where are the other members?!

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cute fraternal twins. :)

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The Boys Seems Very tired~ But they did well And I love the Whole Atmosphere
Wanna Go to USJ!

Ahh BEGIN is not included NO way love that SONG!

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