Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are Perf


20,000 people came to see and watch DBSK!! OMG
Last year it was 8,000 Ooooh!

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki at NTV Oshareism

Credits: DBSKnights33

OMG!!! here's the site
Ahh This has been recorded??? like maybe long ago i remember the news..!!


Airing on 03/22 Sunday 22:00 -23:00


Ah Neomu Gyeowo!

Credits: + TVXQbaidu

[VIDEO] 090314 WE!TV THSK comment

[PHOTOS] YOOCHUN in USJ white Day Live

Credits: + BeyondYuchun + DNBN

[PHOTOS+INFO] Max Matsuura Blog Update USJ White Day Live

English Translated Version here
The following Trans. are from google Will change if a better trans. is available


MTV’s White Day event at USJ Osaka

“MTV White Day Live with 東方神起 at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN”

it’s a LIVE event.

Since the rehearsal time in the morning, rain was continuously pouring down.

We already thought the possibility to stop the event.

It’s for the safety purpose!

If the stream wasn’t normal

there’s possibility the boat couldn’t take off to the LIVE stage.

For this time, artist J-Min who is also from the same management

appeared as the opening act

The high power of Tohoshinki’s songs resulted in warm applause from their fans today

Tohoshinki’s pre-release album single (first press limited edition)

Finally now it’s out on sale!

Tohoshinki & J-Min after the show

J-MIN is also Korean but she debuted in Japan Avex, she sang the Opening for the Boys, So they said it has been raining in the morning... but glad the weather Cleared up!! I want to be SPIDERMAN! Blog

[WALLPAPER] DBSK Tarzan Desktop + Cellphone




Credits: + DNBN

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki @ White Day Live USJ

WOW O.o So Many People! Will they renew there USJ ambassador thingy LOL jaejoong! so cute!

Here we can see Cassies and Bigeast working together... They have Japanese members, who get photos like this, whenever i go to Korean DBSK fanclubs, they have Japanese option or something...Ahhh I want to join those fanclubs too TT__TT
Credits: + HERObaidu +JJworld

[PHOTO+TRANS]] Tohoshinki @ Bokura No Ongaku


Finally it’s recorded after waiting for 4 weeks!

Tohoshinki’s appearance will broadcast next Friday night, on March 20th at 23:30

This is our longest recording!

The schedule starts in the morning at 9 am up until 7 pm

It’s a 17 hours marathon recording by 4 different circumstances!

The first song of them was “Bolero“, it was awesome!

Jaejoong was looking at the stage’s set and he said “This is the best set ever.”

then he laughed with a deep voice.

Then as Jaejoong started with the 2nd song, it’s a cover performance of song…

Lion Heart” (T/N: Lion Heart is one of SMAP’s hit)

All 5 members made an exquisite chorus to that song

He also talked to Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, (T/N: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is a SMAP member)

then Saiko took all these 4 pictures, you can see all members were checking the recording seriously of their 2 completed performances →

Even for now on

We love you

The first performance…

will continue…~

They're Going To perform LION HEART
Here's the Youtube Link of the song
This will air on March 20 12:30 AM
Which is already March 21, Ahh same time as ECO-Live Sendai Broadcast TT__TT +DNBN +SharingYoochun

[PHOTOS] DBSK @ Music Fighter part 2

Visual Shock
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here's too many and there really BIG
Go here DNBN link
Credits: + DNBN +TVXQbaidu